How to Get an Internship With Microsoft

Not many people know that companies like Microsoft offer internships. Most people seem to think that these positions only go to the boss’s children and the friends of high-ranking executives. Actually, they have a well-rounded internship program that can look immense on any future job application. Knowing about the internship is one thing and getting the internship is quite another, though.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how you should go about getting an internship with Microsoft.

Types of Internship

Microsoft is a varied company with multiple departments. Each of them requires different workers with a different set of skills. It also means there are a large number of different internships on offer. Microsoft understands how confusing this can get, so they’ve broken down the three main types of internship. Take note, this isn’t a comprehensive list as there are literally about thirty of them.

Technical Internship

A technical internship is for an individual who prefers to work in a technical department. This can apply to anything from software to hardware to game design. Technical internships aren’t just about being able to fix a piece of software, though. They’re also about being able to master technical writing and how to manage other technical experts.

Business Internships

The business aspect of the technology industry is what drives everything forward. You can’t make anything without a great team and a worthwhile business plan going forward. If you want to learn about marketing, human resources, and financing this could be the internship for you.

MBA Internships

MBA internships and business internships have a lot of similarities. The difference is the MBA internship focuses more on the managerial side of things. Whilst most internships in this category will concentrate on managerial roles, there are also positions for analysts and planners. They all have similar skills required from their candidates.

Getting Your References in Order

The first step to getting an internship with Microsoft is getting your references in order. You absolutely can’t use references that come from family members or friends. You require a personal reference from a co-worker or a manager at one of your previous workplaces. Microsoft wants to see that you have contributed in a positive way to the general work environment.

Don’t worry if you’re a student who’s never had a job before. Feel free to use volunteer roles as a source for a reference. Microsoft understands that the people applying for internships are both young and old. References from school professors are another good source to utilise.

Your Education

Every internship has a unique set of educational requirements. Some roles will demand a college degree in a certain subject. Take note that you will have to have taken certain courses. It’s not enough to have being educated in a certain subject. They will want to see evidence that you have extremely specific knowledge.

Remember, there’s a reason why Microsoft has split its internship programs into so many different sectors.

The CV

The CV is your crowning glory because it’s your only chance to say what you want to say before an interview. You can use either the Microsoft builder on the website to enter your personal information or you can send your own application. This is a personal choice.

Some people do have preferences for personal applications because they allow for a more personal touch. Don’t get hung up on this decision, though. What matters is what appears on the application, not the format in which it was submitted.

Just make sure that anything you do submit looks completely professional and has been crafted with one of the largest corporations in the world in mind.


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