Great Reasons Why You Should Drink Chamomile Tea Every Day at Work

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Chamomile’s history dates back thousands of years ago, it’s been used as a remedy for anxiety and stomach upsets. Today, you can use it either individually as a tea, or combine it with other herbal ingredients, you can even steep chamomile flowers in hot water to enjoy its health benefits. Below are reasons you should make a habit of taking a cup of chamomile at work:

Antioxidant properties

The trip to and from work, as well as the workplace itself, expose your body to toxins every day. The repeated exposure increases toxicity in your body, thus increasing your risk of contracting diseases such as cancer. Drinking chamomile tea every day, which is rich in antioxidant flavonoids, enables your body to clean out toxins. It also strengthens your metabolism in fighting illnesses caused by increased toxicity in your blood.

Reduces anxiety

Anxiety in the workplace is common and it affects your ability to concentrate and perform your duties. Chamomile contains antioxidant that calm the brain helping relieve anxiety. It also helps treat nightmares, insomnia and hysteria helping you sleep better so that you are fresh and alert in the workplace. Making chamomile tea part of your daily routine helps calm your nerves, thus giving you the opportunity to perform optimally.

Fights the common cold

There is nothing worse than fighting a common cold as you try to meet deadlines, wow clients and impress your bosses. Fortunately, a cup of chamomile tea a day can help keep the common cold at bay while strengthening your immune system. It is a healthy, natural option that is easy and quick to make, with benefits that make your climb to the top smoother.

Relieves muscle spasms

Whether you spend your workday sitting, standing or moving around, your work routine can affect your muscles making it difficult for you to go on with your duties. In extreme cases, you may have to take a day off to rest. The good news, according to research, is that taking chamomile tea regularly raises the level of glycine, a component that helps calm muscle spasms. The compound also makes it suitable for use by women who experience menstrual cramps.

Other benefits

In addition to the above, taking chamomile tea at work can help relieve stomach-aches or treat an irritable bowel. Other benefits include protecting you from bacterial infections, better digestion; it is also a treatment for skin conditions, while it also makes your skin look better at work. You also get better blood circulation and blood thinning properties, preventing possible swelling of the limbs, which you can get from being in one position for long.

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You should make chamomile tea part of your daily routine as its benefits are cumulative. You can take up to five cups a day, as it is generally safe with no side effects, except for individuals with allergies to plants in the Compositae family. The fact that you can share it with your colleagues is an added advantage.