How to Handle a Demotion

How to  Handle a Demotion

With the current economic climate preventing many individuals from experiencing career advancement, a few have been subject to job demotion – which is an alternate procedure to dismissing staff. Demotion has been a popular trend in weathered employees, in cases where employers feel that their staff is valuable to the company; however they are not valuable enough. In light of the unemployment, employees find it extremely difficult to leave their job and seek another one, as they cannot risk being without income for an indefinite amount of time.

Here are some tips on how to handle a demotion graciously:

Accept the Reality of the Situation

Previously an unheard incident, demotions have increased during the past couple of years due to a number of reasons related to the economic recession. So if you are facing a demotion, it is advised to face the issue like a professional and take it in your stride. It is likely to cause you a number of emotions, including embarrassment, shame, fear and demotivation, therefore it is important to accept the station and continue to perform your duties and responsibilities with integrity and professionalism.

Keep a Positive Attitude

So you were demoted, at least you still have your job! This is the attitude you should practice, especially during the first period following the demotion. There may be a number of reasons for the action, from lack of funds to pay salaries to company moving in a different direction. Regardless of the reason, try and keep a positive attitude about the situation and do not let the career change effect your personal and after work life.

Learn more Skills

A demotion is likely to provide you with an opportunity to explore different options, recognizing your strengths and weaknesses. Try and identify the areas in which you company is lacking expertise and make it your priority to excel in that field. A demotion can often lead to a promotion in a new field if you develop the right skills and attitude!

Look Somewhere Else

If you are prevalently upset and depressed about the demotion and are unable to stand the awkwardness of the situation at work, it is time to start looking elsewhere for job opportunities. The experience and skills you obtained in your previous position will prove to be an important part of your CV and cover letter. Keep applying for positions until you secure a job that matches to your abilities and skills.