Job Search Trends You Need to Know about in 2022

Looking for a job? Check out these job search trends for 2022 and find the right job for you.

Reviewed by Hayley Ramsey

Cover for Interview with Sophie Milliken on job search trends in 2022

Following a challenging few years with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the social circumstances have had a knock-on effect on the job market, with plenty of companies closing their doors or turning to a remote workforce, leaving plenty of people searching for a new job

We reached out to Sophie Milliken, Managing Director at SRS Recruitment and Employability Experts. She offered some expert advice on how to enhance your job search in 2022 and find a new position from the comfort of your home. 

Firstly, Sophie explains how job searching will change in 2022, resulting in it remaining exclusively online. She suspects that more job seekers will be looking for remote work with more flexibility.  

She then confirms that the pandemic has paved a way for different working scenarios with more flexibility. However, some employers may be keen to get back into an office space with a more collaborative environment.  

Sophie goes on to provide key tips that will ensure that you have a good profile for remote positions. She suggests you think about extra support that you might need entering a remote position. Besides this, think about your work set up and how you can be productive from home.

In terms of graduates looking for entry-level jobs, she suggests adding transferrable and soft skills to your CV to showcase your strengths. It’s important to show resilience and prove that you can handle difficult situations and bounce back from them.

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