21 Best Jobs for People with Disabilities

Jobs for people with disabilities

Does it have to be like pulling teeth finding jobs for people with disabilities? Hardly. In fact, locating employment opportunities is easier than you think, particularly because of how much simpler it is searching for these positions and getting in touch with hiring managers. Remember, everyone has a unique blend of strengths and skills that can easily solve any challenge an enterprise faces.

But while the jobless rate for the disabled is approximately 8%, the economy and labour market are booming, and there are more positions available than there are employees to fill them. So, this is a prime opportunity to either gain new employment or change careers – the choice is yours.

Well, there are plenty of jobs for people with disabilities, even if you think they would not be acceptable for you. Unsure what they are? We’ve compiled a list of 21 of the best jobs for your inspiration.

1. Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative is a front-line employee for patrons, ensuring that everyone is satisfied with their products or services. The position also entails responding to questions, helping with concerns or complaints and extending helpful information.

Oh, and yes: it will also require some paracetamol and a lot of resistance to shouting back at someone who is giving you a hard time!

That said, what makes this career attractive is that it can be performed in person, on the telephone or online. The job is also unique because it can be found in a diverse array of industries, so you’re not stuck with handling textiles or answering questions about 5 Second Fix Liquid Plastic Welding Kit as seen on TV all day long!

2. Software Engineer

A software engineer is responsible for writing software using different types of programming languages such as JavaScript, Python and C++. In addition to coding, a software engineer will maintain, test and debug software using flowcharts, diagrams, code comments and documentation to ensure that the program will accomplish the intended tasks.

Really, every day you are on the cutting edge of innovation and ingenuity because you are developing the next great... Flappy Bird? Excuse us. We mean the next best business enterprise software that allows your typical small- and medium-sized business (SMB) to tap into foreign markets. That’s better.

3. Architect

An architect will produce designs and blueprints for new construction projects, redevelopments, public-works initiatives and alterations to current buildings. By tapping into their knowledge of drawing and construction skills for building designs, the architect will ensure that all buildings are safe, sustainable and function – and pleasing to the eye, too!

So, unlike George Costanza from Seinfeld, you really can call yourself an architect and impress others with your vision and creativity. But remember: if people are continually getting stuck in elevators or glass is falling out of windows, then we know who to blame.

4. Accountant

An accountant will work with businesses, individuals, non-profit organisations and public agencies to prepare, review and document asset, capital and liability entries by gathering account information. Also, an accountant will perform audits of financial transactions, recommend a wide array of accounting options and provide strategies to save money.

This may seem like a mundane job, dealing with facts and figures all day long. But if you have seen that dreadful Ben Affleck picture from a couple of years ago, then you can also be an assassin on the side.

5. Financial Analyst

A financial analyst improves a company’s financial status by assessing economic conditions, analysing the firm’s finances, creating industry forecasts, identifying emerging trends and outlining potential investment decisions. The most important aspect of this position is data. Every day, you are maintaining a database by inputting, confirming and backing up a treasure trove of information.

Again, this job is data-heavy, but it is rather exciting. Why? You are discovering companies on the rise and businesses on the downfall, and you are finding these businesses before the smartest men on Wall Street.

6. Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager will plan, coordinate, execute and manage various digital marketing campaigns to generate brand, product or service awareness. Employing SEO, social media, content creation and email strategies, you will also identify trends, analyse metrics and monitor campaigns.

It is important to point out that this position is not suited for everyone. It really does require a knack, skill and expertise. Just because you’re tweeting and liking does not necessarily mean you’re equipped for digital marketing. That said, if you have a background in marketing, then this is something to consider.

7. Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant includes a wide range of office duties that are aimed at receiving, managing and distributing information pertaining to the overall office. The most basic tasks involve greeting clients and visitors, answering telephone calls, maintaining and organising files and taking memos. Other advanced responsibilities might include handling billing, ordering inventory and hiring employees.

You may not think it, but being an administrative assistant means you’re the backbone of the business. You’re the glue that holds everything together. Don’t believe it? After a while, personnel will become so dependent on you that, after a single day away from the office, everything will be in shambles.

8. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer will produce still and animated images that will be utilised for digital marketing, television commercials, print publications, product labels and business signage. You’ll partner with clients to determine their requirements, specifications, budget and concepts, which then allows you to create rough sketches, drafts and proposals.

One of the best things about this position is that you can make a living independently and the work can be done remotely, including from home.

9. Paralegal

A paralegal’s primary responsibility is to assist attorneys in delivering legal services. But while paralegals are not permitted to offer legal advice nor represent clients in courtrooms, they can work for law firms, corporations, public agencies and other legal entities. That said, any and all work performed by a paralegal must be under the supervision of a professionally licensed lawyer.

Sure, you might not be living the dream of being the next assistant district attorney from Law & Order, but it is still a captivating position. You are working behind the scenes of cases, such as corporate tax fraud or cold-case murders from the 1960s. Believe it or not, but you will want a bag of popcorn every time you work on a new case!

10. Floral Designer

A floral designer will identify, cut, arrange and decorate live or dried flowers and greenery. Also known as florists, the position is customer service-heavy, helping patrons choose not only flowers but also ribbons, containers, accessories and products that can help make the flowers live longer. Floral designers will also check out shoppers, process transactions and take special orders (designing corsages).

Imagine being around flowers all day? It is as if you’re in heaven, surrounded by beauty and divine aromas. That is an enviable position.

11. Actor

With a growing demand for actors with physical and mental disabilities, being a thespian for film, television and the stage is a great employment opportunity. To attain steady work, an actor will need to sign with a casting agent or company, even if it is just part time.

Just think of it: one great, breakout performance could leave you being the next John Barrymore or Spencer Tracy. Though this might be a goal of yours, the reality is that you will be in smaller productions, but if it pays well and consistent, then no skin off your back!

12. Medical Transcriptionist

A medical transcriptionist will listen to recorded dictations of medical care professionals, transcribe the dictation and compose a wide range of documents, including diagnostic test results, referral letters, health records and operative reports. Every transcription needs to be signed off by a physician, specialist or another professional healthcare provider.

Like an administrative assistant, a medical transcriptionist is another crucial element of a healthcare setting. Without you, doctors would be frantic, mainly because they still have not been able to handle reading their own handwriting after all these years!

13. Market Research Specialist

A market research specialist will perform research in specific local, state or national areas to gather data of consumer preferences and voter opinions. Also known as a market researcher, this position involves gathering a vast amount of data to identify, study and analyse industry and societal trends. This specialist can find employment in a marketing firm, a polling organisation or a government department.

Just think of it: you will be the first to learn that 63% of Britons prefer original Oreos to the double-stuffed ones or that 73% really do want to tar and feather Russell Brand.

14. Government Desk Clerk

A government desk clerk will implement public policy in a bureaucratic fashion. The position typically involves distributing and gathering paperwork, approving applications, ensuring compliance and handing out tax identification numbers, personal identifications and licences. A desk clerk is a front-line worker representing one of the three levels of government.

What makes this job attractive is the job security and benefits. As long as you do your job well, then you can take comfort in the fact that you will be employed for as long as you wish.

15. Archivist

An archivist will work with multiple public and private organisations to assemble, manage, preserve and catalogue valuable collections, such as maps, manuscripts, sound recordings, motion pictures and online or offline records for posterity. An archivist will eventually specialise in certain roles, but they will transition between various individuals, groups and bodies.

No, you might not be the next Indiana Jones, but it is still a riveting position because you are dealing with the past every workday. Whether it is a Gaelic manuscript from 325 years ago or a sound recording of former US President Abraham Lincoln, you are intimately meeting history.

16. Receptionist

A receptionist is a front-line employee representing the business when a visitor enters the premise. The position consists of greeting visitors, answering the telephone, referring guests to certain locations or personnel and maintaining employee and department directories. Depending on the company, a receptionist will also monitor logbooks, follow safety and security procedures, issue visitor badges and post job advertisements.

Unfortunately, like a customer service representative, you might come across your share of uncouth visitors. This is just part of the job, and nothing like a delicious Venti Coffee Frappuccino with two scoops of ice, five pumps of frap roast, and double blended cannot cure.

17. Data Scientist

A data scientist will take volumes of raw data and transform that information into something valuable that can help an enterprise improve efficiency, sell better products or build digital tools to automate certain aspects of the business. The data scientist will also gather data from multiple sources and review and assess different elements.

This remains one of the top professions in today’s highly advanced and global economy, primarily because data is king, and companies are utilising every little bit of it. You are critical in this process.

18. Writer

A writer can handle any type of job, project or gig that requires some form of the physical or digital pen. A writing job can consist of multiple fields, such as news writing, blogging, marketing content, white papers, web articles, corporate reports and many more. What makes this position attractive is that it can primarily be performed from the comfort of your home, and you are always learning – two great advantages to being a writer.

It might be difficult to write the great American novel, Billy and the Cloneasaurus, but you can make a decent living writing articles about the economics of the trade war, lists of the biggest ethics scandals in the history of business or papers on Dogecoin. The opportunities are endless and, before you know it, you will be swamped with work.

19. HR Specialist

An HR specialist will recruit, screen and interview job applicants and then decide who to hire from the vast pool of candidates. These managers can also plan, delegate and supervise administrative functions and regulatory labour compliance. Other HR specialists can handle training, benefits, payroll and other employee-related issues.

Many applicants will immediately conjure up scenarios of disgruntled employees or staff members who announce they are quitting but will take the office goldfish. But it is not as bad as all that. Indeed, HR specialists are there to ensure the best and brightest are not only hired but also satisfied with their position.

20. Sales Associate

A full-time or part-time sales associate is required to provide an incredible customer service experience to anyone who walks through the company’s doors. This will consist of greeting customers, responding to enquiries, facilitating engagement with merchandise, encouraging customers to purchase items and operating anything related to the POS system.

Do you think the position of a sales associate is hebetudinous? It doesn’t have to be. If you treat every day like a scene from Glengarry Glen Ross, then you can easily climb the ladder of the store and eventually to head office. Maybe you can even be requested to become a partner. It is up to you to make this job challenging.

21. Web Designer

Instead of just visiting dozens of websites per day, why not create them? Some contend that the internet would be a better place if users learned to code and became familiar with a programming language. It makes sense: the average person probably interacts with at least 50 different websites every day. That said, why not consider becoming a web designer?

A web designer will create the design, arrangement and features of a website. A web designer will also collaborate with the development team, IT specialists and managers to update the website, prioritise needs and complete other website-related tasks. Because website development has evolved from 20 years ago, the position requires a strong acumen in computer programming, graphic design and SEO.

The economy is in the boom phase of the business cycle, so there are many jobs out there for the taking. In fact, there are more positions – salary, commission or hourly – to fill than there are people to occupy them, which also means some of the best jobs are available right now.

It is unclear when the bust will come, but you should prepare yourself for the coming recession, whether it is next year or five years from now. The best way to achieve this is to gain employment now and protect yourself for tomorrow’s downturn.