How to Make Dreads Look Good in the Workplace

Dreadlocks are a unique way to wear your hair, and they require a high degree of personal grooming. They tend to be associated with artists, but more people with dreadlocks are going into the corporate world. Most supervisors, colleagues and clients are likely to be uncomfortable working with you if you have dreadlocks because they are perceived as untidy and unkempt. Such unfair characterization might inhibit your progress at work, however, there are ways you can manage dreadlocks and make them appropriate in the workplace.

1. Keep your locks clean

Given the misconception that dreadlocks are untidy, the most important thing about maintaining them is cleanliness. Contrary to popular belief, your dreadlocks are washable. You should shampoo and condition them at least once a week to keep them from retaining dirt. In addition to this, dry your dreadlocks well so that they do not smell, and apply oil to give them a good luster. Remember to regularly visit the salon to get your locks rolled to keep growth from giving you an unkempt appearance. Locks are rolled more easily when they are kept clean.

2. Style appropriately

Dreadlocks can be distracting especially when they grow long. Long locks tend to swing around your head and face and it is important to keep locks away from your face, just as with conventional hairstyles. Generally, women enjoy more styling options as dreadlocks can be worn up or down. As a man, however, it is advisable that you hold them back in a ponytail as it neatly gathers the locks away from your face. Furthermore, if you’re keeping a beard with your dreadlocks, make sure it is trimmed neatly so that your overall appearance is appealing and suitable for the office.

3. Stick to required dress codes

Even if you’ve been allowed to have dreadlocks, it does not mean you are exempt from the office dress code. Have a nice clean-cut look to go well with your dreadlocks. When you stick to the formal office attire, you will find that more people accept you having dreadlocks in the workplace. Dressing well also deflects too much undue attention to your hairstyle.

4. Conduct yourself appropriately

You may find people failing to take you seriously because of your dreadlocks. However, maintaining a professional attitude wins the respect of your co-workers and supervisors during their interactions with you in the office. When you conduct yourself in such a manner, colleagues and clients are unlikely to judge you negatively or unfairly characterize you based on your hairstyle.

You can still have a friendly appearance with dreadlocks in an office environment. It is a personal choice and right to have any hairstyle you wish to have, however, it has to be within office rules and specifications. Wearing dreadlocks well in the office environment earns you a great degree of attention as well as respect because you’re able to maintain the expected professional standards while bringing out your unique personality. You should take advantage of this attention to show off your skills and capability to handle duties at the workplace.