How to Make Your Boss Love You in 10 Easy Ways

We all know how difficult it can be trying to impress the boss, and let’s face it, every employee deep down wants to impress their boss (even if they deny it)! Standing out from your colleagues is much harder than some anticipate, and as a result, they tend to fall into the background. This is the last place you want to be when promotion, salary raises and bonuses are being handed out! You need to be at the forefront of your boss’s mind and to do this, you need to make him love you. Not literally. But you do need to create an effective, positive and relatively close relationship between you and your boss if you want any chance of progressing.

No idea how to go about this? Fear not. I have compiled the top 10 most successful ways to make your boss love you!

1. #1 Don’t forget basics

You need to be on top of your game, at all times. If there is a new system in place or new software integrated, then learn it and fast. Be mindful of your manners and act professionally (even if you are having a bad day). You need to also bear in mind that workplace etiquette should be adhered to, no matter how high up the ranks you are.

2. #2 Don’t develop bad habits

Try not to allow yourself to develop any unsightly habits. This is anything from chewing your hair and biting your nails in meetings, to turning up late for work on a regular basis and interrupting your boss when he speaks. You need to behave appropriately, because if you begin to let your professionalism slide, it can become a bad habit.

3. #3 Shadow their style

Watch how your boss handles situations at work. Is he calm in the face of adversity? Does he joke with his staff and have an approachable persona? Is he strict yet fair? Whatever his style is, shadow it. Reminding your boss of a younger version of himself is a great way to build on your relationship. By no means “copy” what he does, and definitely avoid stalking his every move, but just be aware that if your work styles clash, it could be a recipe for disaster.

4. #4 Think for yourself

There is nothing worse than an employee who is essentially a paid dummy. If your boss wanted someone who agreed with everything they said, they would have bought themselves a parrot. You need to show that you have a backbone, and ultimately think for yourself. Don’t allow others to tell you how to think, what to do (unless it’s your boss of course, and how to feel. You are your own person and there is a reason why you were offered the job in the first place. Let your personality shine through, and if you have an idea that goes against the rest, voice it!

5. #5 Stand up for yourself

Don’t be a push over. Your boss won’t appreciate a weakling when it comes to hard negotiations and tough business decisions. And if you are to be his right-hand employee and progress up the ranks, you need to be able to hold your own and stand up for yourself.

6. #6 Go beyond what is expected of you

It is one thing to always be on time, complete your projects within deadline dates and to have an impressive work attendance; but, it is quite another to go beyond your duties for the good of a project or for the company itself. You need to show that you are reliable and dependable to your boss by going the extra mile at work.

7. #7 Exceed expectations

You need to exceed the expectations of both your boss and those around you. If your boss has no idea who you are or why you are so great, you need to create a “buzz”. This may mean that you need to exceed the expectations of your team members, colleagues, and clients. By doing so, your boss will notice you. Don’t rest on your laurels though; if you are impressing people with your results, then keep it up!

8. #8 Use your initiative in situations

Always use your initiative in any situation. If you have been told to do something one way, but you have found a more productive and cost effective method, then implement your idea.

9. #9 Don’t bring a problem, bring a solution

It’s great that you have spotted a potential flaw in a project or you have uncovered a problem that needs immediate attention, but taking a problem to your manager can also cause them stress. You should try to come up with a solution to the problem so that you can provide a way of overcoming the issue. This will also show you as a creative and intuitive problem solver!

10. #10 Take responsibility for your actions

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone owns up to them. A true sign of a trustworthy and honest employee is one who can take responsibility for their actions. Don’t be afraid to go to your boss to explain the problem, they will appreciate your honesty and transparency.

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