Almost 80% Find It Difficult to Remain Calm at Work Post-COVID

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Increased levels of ambiguity and anxiety may be connected to indecisiveness in the workplace, CareerAddict reveals.

NEW YORK, February 22, 2022 - CareerAddict, one of the world's leading online career resources, has accumulated data in its most recent study suggesting that 80% of workers find it difficult to remain calm under pressure in the workplace post-pandemic. The study, "Pursuit of Viable Careers, Post-COVID," collected insights through CareerAddict's career testing platform, The study's findings were analyzed by the CareerAddict team throughout 2020 and 2021.

Only 3% of workers surveyed expressed that they felt fully capable of remaining calm during stressful situations at work. Less than 10% felt completely comfortable taking decisive action or making work-related decisions, and characteristics of extroversion were found to be rare across participants. Increased levels of ambiguity and anxiety may be direct results of the forced isolation periods caused by the COVID-19 lockdown, leaving many workers unable to take decisive action in the workplace upon returning to work in person. 

"These findings were quite eye-opening to us, yet they're just a reflection of current behavior in society and within workplaces, which have been undoubtedly impacted by the pandemic and COVID measures. Workers and jobseekers of all levels are now having to make critical career decisions while considering uncertain financial, health and technological factors," said Christopher Thoma, CareerAddict's manager of operations. 

The study also found that 90% of jobseekers prefer autonomous roles post-COVID. With remote positions on the rise, the modern workforce has seen an increase in demand for roles that are reliant on efficient self-management models that also provide employees with the flexibility to tend to personal matters.  

There is a strong likelihood that cultural shifts, technological advancements, and recent global events, such as the pandemic, have combined to generate a more independent and individualistic workforce. A mere 16% of jobseekers and employees expressed that they truly care about teamwork in the post-pandemic work environment, and only one in 10 participants found themselves highly motivated by competition. 

"The lack of desire for teamwork and competition is concerning. HR and managers must adapt to this change in worker mindset. Our hope is that as work environments become accustomed to remote settings, and workforces of a physical presence regroup, the drive for collaboration will return and workers will want to pull in the same direction," said Thoma.

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