Top 10 Careers for Nurturing Types

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You are a nurturing type if you can’t stand somebody cutting down a flower, even if it is clearly drying up or if you keep checking on your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend after a nasty break-up.

Pursuing a career that matches your personality has a number of benefits. You not only get to perform your roles without much effort, but also find fulfillment in your job.

So, without much hesitation, here are some of best careers for the nurturing types:


1. Gardener

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Gardeners are responsible for cultivating shrubs, flowers, trees and other species of plants in a range of settings. In most cases, you will plant seeds in a flower bed and regularly water it until the seedlings germinate. Once the seedlings have reached a certain stage of maturity, you will carefully uproot and plant them elsewhere, and keep caring for them.

2. Nannies


Nannies care for young children, typically in the absence of their parents. They feed, bathe and dress the kids, as well as engage them with age-appropriate play activities. As a nanny, you will have the opportunity to influence childrens’ behavioral development as you may take care of them from when they’re a few days old to their teen years.

3. Sunday/Sabbath School Teacher


Some parents choose to send their children to Sunday school. As a Sunday or Sabbath school teacher, your job will be to teach the Bible to children, teenagers and even adults in a fun way.

4. Preschool Teacher

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Not everyone can be a Sunday school teacher, as the job requires nurturing types who are also deeply religious. But worry not if you aren’t religious, for you can become a preschool teacher. This breed of teachers work in childcare centers where they ready 3-5 year old children for kindergarten by equipping them with basic writing and reading skills.

5. Family Life Educator

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Families need to be closely-knit. But with work and other commitments, family members can find it difficult to sustain close interpersonal relationships. And this is where family life educators come in. Their job is to teach families –many of which are dysfunctional – to embrace love and unity, and help them learn how to handle family challenges.

6. Product Manager

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Apparently, non-living things can be nurtured too! Take the example of a product manager who oversees the development of a consumer product, often with a view of ensuring the developers/engineers equip it with all the features customers would want. So behind every great product is a hardworking and nurturing product manager.

7. Emergency Room Nurse

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Generally, all healthcare workers are medical practitioners with high levels of patient contact who have a nurturing personality. However, this personality type is more prevalent in emergency room nurses. Their role is to provide healthcare to ER patients, many of whom are brought in with life-threatening situations. The desire of ER nurses to help patients recover from their conditions and regain normal health is just incredible.

8. School Counselor

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Since classroom teachers primarily focus on providing academic instructions, the social and personal development of learners can remain unattended. It is for this reason schools hire school counselors, professionals who use their nurturing personality to help students develop into responsible and sociable members of the society.

9. Yoga Instructor

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The very fact that Yoga is a mental, spiritual and physical discipline makes a nurturing personality a must-have for an aspiring yoga instructor. This is because the instructors have a duty to design yoga lessons that can help participants to achieve a balanced mind and body.

10. Corrections Social Worker

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Incarceration can have devastating emotional and mental effects on inmates. Corrections social workers are the professionals entrusted with the responsibility of helping prisoners overcome emotional disorders, and nurturing or rehabilitating them into responsible people.

Are you a nurturing type and your job is missing from the list? Please share it with us in the comments section below!