Top 15 Habits of Rich and Successful People

rich businessman lighting cigar with $100 dollar bill

Wealth can be determined by the small actions you take each day. The habits of rich and successful people can help predict your chances and increase the possibility of becoming rich in the nearer future. Because these habits can have such a profound effect on your future success, we have created a list of the 15 most important ones!

1. Setting goals

A common trend among wealthy people is setting a broad primary goal to achieve like to become a millionaire. Every action they take moves them closer to this goal. But it’s not enough to set broad goals; you need specific goals that are actionable and achievable if you want to become rich. It might be to earn X amount of money by Y time.

Daily To-Do lists are also a key tool of successful people. At the end of each day, you need to reflect back on what you did and how this has helped get you one step closer to reaching your goals. Think of what you can do to improve your chances and make sure you set your goals for the next day on your To-Do list accordingly.

2. Practising active listening

Active listening is an essential skill for wealthy people; talking less and listening more allows them to understand what other people need. Develop your ability to listen carefully to other people, and you will be able to improve your communication skills and foster relationships, both of which are vital to success.

3. Eating healthily

Eating healthy will reduce the risks of heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and many other health related problems. Basically, millionaires have more time to achieve their goals if they aren't sick all the time.

4. Excercising regularly

Similarly to eating healthy; working out daily will increase your overall energy. Clarity, concentration, cleansing, enjoyment, longer life and stress relief are just a few of the hundreds of reasons why rich and successful people exercise daily.

5. Actively networking

Don’t underestimate the power of networking with a purpose. Connecting with other people and offering your help are one of the most common activities for rich and successful people. Make sure you are reaching out to others and introducing yourself so that you get yourself noticed and stand out from the crowd.

6. Not watching TV

Most successful people avoid spending more than an hour watching TV each day. Some don’t even watch TV at all. Why? They know they could be doing something that’s more productive than wasting their time in front of a box.

7. Reading every day

Reading is vital if you want to change the way you think as a person and increase your level of awareness. Successful people read at least 30 minutes a day, but they don’t read just any kind of books, they read books that help them with self-development and books that stimulate them mentally. READING MAKES YOU SMARTER!


8. Constantly improving yourself

Successful people always seek to grow and become better. Constant self-improvement is one of the most interesting habits that successful people pick up because they are proud of what they have but never satisfied, which results in them always learning new things and experiencing new situations.

Growing and helping others grow around them becomes a passion for those people and they realise there is nothing more important than pursuing a life that is constantly getting better. The truth is that there is never an end to what you can learn and this makes us limitless to the knowledge we can gain in our lifetime.

9. Thinking positively

Rich people view the world in terms of possibilities and opportunities, keep an open mind and are flexible to new ideas. They never shoot down an opportunity before it’s been given a fair trial, and they often have to rise above the pessimists in their life to make things work.

10. Saving money

Studies have shown that managing your money effectively can help you become rich. Wealthy people don't accumulate all that money by spending it frivolously. If you manage to control your expenses and save a percentage of your earnings each day, it is guaranteed you will be much richer than you used to be in no time.

11. Spending time with positive people

If you are a busy individual that spends a lot of time on achieving a certain goal, then you would already know that you have to sacrifice a lot of time socialising. That is why successful people prefer to have a short and sweet conversation filled with positivity. Spending time with people who are smarter and more positive than you means that you will adapt to their vibrations and emit a similar positive energy as them, which will help you dramatically.

12. Volunteering and being charitable

Unsuccessful people are selfish. They operate entirely on a quid pro quo basis and want something in return for everything they do. The Joker once said "if you’re good at something, never do it for free." That’s sound advice and all, but here in the real world it pays to be a bit more generous.Successful people give their time and energy freely. They know that the seeds they sow now will lead to more opportunities and greater rewards later. It's not all about getting paid for providing your services. It has just as much to do with building relationships, and helping others is often a reward in itself.

13. Getting enough sleep

Sleeping properly is probably one of the most over looked habits by the average person, although successful people treat and value sleep more than anything as sleep contributes hugely on how they will feel the next day. Sleeping enough helps maintain a healthy brain and emotional well-being of the person. So get your 8 hours of sleep daily!

14. Waking up early

Time is not infinite; there is only so much that you can achieve in a day. Successful people understand this, so nearly all of them get up early. Waking up just one hour earlier per day gives them that little extra advantage over average people to get part of their daily routine done.

15. Avoiding procrastination

Successful people are acutely aware of the procrastination trap, and they actively strive to avoid it. They know that without action, they will fail, so they get on with what needs to be done. It’s OK to be relaxed and laid back from time to time, but you’ll need to be pragmatic as well if you want to achieve your goals.

If you want to become rich and successful, you will have to improve your self-development as well as plan and manage your career more effectively. Taking up these habits will not only help you achieve your goals much quicker you will also get to enjoy the journey a lot more.

Do any of these habits sound familiar to you? Let us know in the comments section below…

This article was originally publsished in April 2015.