Top 10 Highest-Paying Jobs in Sweden

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Sweden is universally known as a haven for social welfare and high living standards. The country, situated in Northern Europe, boasts some of the best benefits in the world. For instance, parents get 480 days of paid leave for each child, free healthcare, unlimited sick days, and subsidised daycare for their children. Despite high tax rates, workers in this Scandinavian country enjoy some of the highest salaries in the EU and great perks. So there is a lot of money to be made working in Sweden, especially if you have the right job.

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To help you figure out which are the highest earning jobs in Sweden, I have created this list based on data from Salary Explorer. Here are the highest paid jobs in Sweden:

(Salaries are displayed annually)

10. Mathematician

Salary: 696,000 SEK (£53,674)

Responsibilities: Mathematicians use advanced mathematics to develop and understand mathematical principles, analyse data, and solve real-world problems. 

Key skills/traits: Mathematicians require analytical skills as they need to be precise and accurate in their analysis of large amounts of data. They should also be able to devise new solutions to problems and propose solutions to people who may not have extensive knowledge of mathematics.

Education: Depending on the industry and employer, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in mathematics is required plus a few years of relevant work experience. If you are pursuing an academic position, you will definitely need a doctorate in a relevant area of mathematics.

9. Product/Brand manager

Salary: 720,000 SEK (£55,532)

Responsibilities: Product or brand managers are concerned with creating a lasting impression among consumers and improving product sales and market share.

Key skills/traits: Successful brand/product managers should have an instinctive feeling about future product concepts, demonstrate good analytical skills, be enthusiastic about their product area, and communicate excellently.

Education: A degree in Marketing or Business Studies in combination with business experience in product development or marketing is the ideal route to follow in order to thrive in this position.

8. Aviation manager

Salary: 756,000 SEK (£58,308)

Responsibilities: Aviation managers plan flight schedules, oversee aircraft maintenance, and manage staff.

Key skills/traits: This position requires candidates with very good leadership abilities, and team players with good communication and analytical skills, willing to keep up with aviation standards.

Education: Although this job can be pursued with only a high school diploma, some employers prefer aviation managers with current piloting licenses.

7. Project manager (executive and management)

Salary: 768,000 SEK (£69,873)

Responsibilities: Project managers achieve operational objectives; they’re responsible for preparing and completing action plans, implementing production, productivity, quality and customer service standards, resolving problems, identifying trends, determining system improvements, and implementing change.

Key skills/traits: A successful project manager should exhibit excellent critical thinking, problem-solving, delegation, influencing, leadership, and organisational skills.

Education: A qualification in project management or equivalent and extensive hands-on experience in a project management capacity is a must.

6. Managing director

Salary: 798,000 SEK (£61,548)

Responsibilities: Managing directors oversee the overall management and performance of the company, and report to the board of directors. They are also responsible for establishing new business contacts and developing strategic marketing and sales plans to boost profitability and efficiency.

Key skills/traits: Professionals in this role should be results-driven, be able to interact with clients, and have a strong business development acumen.

Education: This position requires candidates to have at least a bachelor’s degree, preferably in a business-related subject, while a graduate degree would be a plus. On top of this, employers often require technical expertise and experience relevant to their specific company or industry.

5. Enterprise architecture manager

Salary: 840,000 SEK (£64,741)

Responsibilities: Part of enterprise architecture managers’ main duties is the provision of complete operations services for application management, custom development, and business process outsourcing for clients. They also plan, design and implement solutions that deliver and analyse information efficiently for competitive advantage.

Key skills/traits: For this position, knowledge of Major Enterprise Architecture Frameworks such as TOGAF, FEA(F), and DoDAF, as well as key architecture governance models, is a must. Enterprise architecture managers should also be able to work independently and manage multiple task assignments.

Education: A bachelor’s degree in the company’s area of specialisation is required plus 6+ years of relevant consulting or industry experience.

4. Physician (haematology/oncology)

Salary: 888,000 SEK (£68,440)

Responsibilities: Physicians (hematology-oncology) provide direct patient care specific to subspecialty in the inpatient and ambulatory clinic settings.

Education: For this position, it usually takes a four-year degree in medicine, followed by three-year training in internal medicine, plus another three-year fellowship in hematology-oncology.

3. Creative director (advertising/graphic design/event management)

Salary: 960,000 SEK (£87,277)

Responsibilities: A creative director is very important for building a creative environment in an agency where great ideas need be born and can thrive. They need to inspire excellent work and uphold the quality of a department’s output. This professional needs to be aware of all the commercial aspects of running an agency and sometimes be responsible of steering the creative identity of the agency and keep its creative reputation strong.

Key skills/traits: Professionals in this role need to have outstanding creativity skills, be excellent in communication and presentation skills, extensive knowledge of graphic design and other digital software and as a director they need to also have strong leadership skills to hire, oversee and develop their creative team.

Education: For this position you would usually need a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, fine arts, typography, visual communication or in a related subject. A postgraduate degree in any of these subjects may be definitely considered as an advantage. Most importantly, you need between four to seven years of experience working in advertising, design or marketing sectors.

2. Chief investment officer (executive and management)

Salary: 1,000,000 SEK (£90,710.26)

Responsibilities: The chief investment officer is a job for the board level head of investments within an organisation. His purpose is to understand, monitor and manage the company’s asset portfolio, devise strategies for growth, liaise with investors and recognise and avoid any potential risks.

Key skills/traits: They needs to have exceptional creative analytical capabilities, strong functional and operational understanding and unparalleled leadership abilities, too.

Education: An undergraduate degree in a business program such as business management or other investment courses. Most people also have a postgraduate degree in finance and investment in order to boost their chances and several years of experience are a must.

1. Vice president

Salary: 1,800,000 SEK (£138,731)

Responsibilities: An organisation’s vice president is accountable for helping a company achieve financial goals and objectives, and to increase operating performance. They report and share information with the board to ensure they are up-to-date with regards to the condition of the organisation.

Key skills/traits: Vice presidents should be good at solving problems, self-assured, demonstrate strong leadership, and be able to translate policies into daily routine operations.

Education: A bachelor’s degree in business is the minimum requirement for this role, while an MBA or an advanced degree is highly sought after by employers. On an average, employers ask for 7-10 years’ experience with previous executive-level experience a plus.

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Sweden is an amazing country to live and work in, and if you think you have what it takes to pursue any of these jobs, then moving to Sweden could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made in your life!


This article was originally published in March 2015.