Top 10 Skills Needed for a Job in HR

HR department

According to best-selling author and Fortune 100 recruiter, Scott Vedder, “It’s critical for human resource professionals to develop relevant skills which will make them marketable as candidates for jobs.” In addition to the generally required Bachelor’s degree, HR professionals need to possess a specific skillset for their field. This article will address the top 10 skills needed for a job in HR.

1. Relationship-building Skills  

A business with a viable team-building culture will thrive. HR professionals who have a keen knowledge of discerning personality types and which people can work well together, will excel at their job. Truly understanding the dynamics of employee relations is vital for anyone interested in an HR job.

2. Employee management skills  

In addition to understanding the dynamics of employee relationships, HR professionals also must possess effective employee management skills. Management needs competent individuals in the HR Dept. who can deal with difficult employees and situations and create constructive solutions while cultivating a positive workplace environment.

3. Recruiting and hiring skills

Many HR professionals are required to recruit and initiate the hiring processes in a company. This individual will need to possess skills that help them to “read” people, communicate well, ascertain specific details and make genuine connections with others.

4. Organisational scheduling skills

Another important skillset that an HR professional needs is to be able to schedule tasks, appointments and meetings in an organized and effective manner. This individual must be able to ascertain priorities and cohesively work with various departments in planning the company calendar.

5. Administrative support skills

This skillset is dependent upon the size of the company and how much administrative support management will need from the HR Dept. When administrative support is needed, the individual will need to perform tasks such as managing staff activities, assessing and recording data and handling multiple office responsibilities.

6. Business administration skills

In addition to having organizational skills, an HR professional also needs to have a strong sense of business principles and operational acumen. Possessing these skills enables the individual to more completely understand how the business operates and how to positively impact the organization through employee placement and development.

7. Team placement skills  

An HR professional needs to be a team player and understand how to cultivate a workplace environment that is also focused on the success of the company rather than specific to individual accomplishments. It is vital that this person knows how to provide constructive criticism while promoting successful personal employee development.

8. Developmental placement skills

In addition to cultivating organizational development through correct employee placement, the HR professional also needs to understand the most effective developmental placement for employees. For example, employees are hired, but they also must be trained and developed so that they function to the highest capacity in order to add to the team company dynamic.

9. Finance and accounting skills

A HR professional needs to have some sense of effective handling of finances and proper accounting techniques. This individual may need to work with budgeting software and track department and employee performance.

10. Computer and technology skills

The last skill is as important as the rest in the list. HR professionals need to fully understand basic computer skills which will allow them to enter and track data input into Excel spreadsheets as well as into various company software data systems. These individuals also must organize and track employee data such as basic contact information, completed application forms, performance review reports, benefits information and attendance and vacation records.

HR professionals have to wear many hats and perform a wide variety of job tasks. This article addressed the top 10 skills that such individuals need to possess in order to effectively and successfully perform their jobs.