Top 5 Jobs You Can Get With an Accounting Degree

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People with bachelor’s degrees are less likely to be unemployed and also enjoy higher salaries than those with no degrees. A report authored by the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that new graduates are increasing in the pool of Finance and Information Sciences. Having a Bachelor’s degree in accounting opens up multiple career options; therefore, comprehensive decision making is required when choosing these careers.

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Financial Analysts

Financial Analysts’ job involves assisting clients, both individual and corporate, to make decisions when investing. This job is very lucrative with an average salary of $58,000 a year as of 2012. It also comes with benefits and bonuses which increase the gross salary by $15,000 bringing the median annual wage to a total sum of $73,000. A financial analyst’s job description entails collecting, monitoring and analyzing data and recommending actions.

Personal Financial Advisors

A personal financial advisor uses their knowledge of tax laws, insurance and investments to give their clients best-suited options in their financial portfolio. These financial decisions help the clients reach both short-and long-term goals. This job requires good communication skills. A personal financial advisor wrecks in a salary of approximately $66,000 and when the benefits are added this sums up to $85,000 annually as of the year 2012. This is a full time job and may include meeting up with clients even on the weekend.


Auditing involves examining and analyzing accounts records and preparation of financial reports for clients. An auditor’s responsibility is to protect assets by ensuring that clients comply with internal control regulations and procedures. An auditor’s annual wage inclusive of benefits and bonuses is about $68,000 as of 2012. This job is often full time and requires precision and great efficiency. After an audit report is prepared, an auditor is required to communicate findings in the report with their clients. The job needs compliance to all legal requirements and enforcing clients’ adherence to the same.


Accountants deal with analyzing, planning, evaluating and advising on financial matters. One needs to have a good mathematical acumen to thrive in this industry. Preparation of reports, recommending financial actions and maintaining accounting controls defines this job. An accountant’s gross pay lies at about $52, 000 annually inclusive of bonuses and benefits as of 2012.


Treasurers are responsible for directing an organization’s financial objectives, goals, and budgets. Their duties entail overseeing execution of strategies to raise capital and investment of funds. A treasurer’s annual wages as of the year 2012 is averaged at $130,000. This is inclusive of bonuses and benefits with the salary alone lying at $97,000. Corporate liquidity and risk management for a company define the basic function of a treasurer. For this position, however, a wealth of experience is also required.

Technological advancement has taken over many of the repetitive tradition roles of an accountant. As an accountant, you need a myriad of skills and attributes including mathematical acumen, ability to pay close attention to details and unquestionable integrity to tap the top-notch jobs. A bachelor’s degree in accounting is also a key to various career paths.