4 Careers for Motorcycle Lovers

man sitting on a bike

Motorbikes can give you an amazing a sense of freedom! But, would like to mix business with your personal passion? Here are some of the career options!

A love of motorcycles seems to be in your DNA and if you are one of the people who finds your pulse-quickening every time you fire up the engine and put on your helmet, a career on two wheels might be just what you need.

There are dangers attached to riding your motorbike, like any vehicle. 

If you like nothing more than riding your motorbike, here is a look at some of the ways that you could get paid to do something you have a real passion for.

1. Courier/Delivery driver

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Loading your saddlebags with pizzas that need delivering might be one way to earn some money while riding your bike, but there are plenty of viable alternatives when it comes to providing a fast delivery option.

A motorcycle courier is often used to deliver important and time-critical documents safely and securely. A time-sensitive original court document is not usually going to be put into the mailbox, which is why being a courier could be a good career move as there is always a strong demand for this service in big cities.

If you like the idea of riding your bike through city streets and wider areas where you can beat the traffic, being a motorcycle courier could be an ideal job.

2. Security work

Security guards and police officers on motorbikes are often needed to provide the level of policing required at large public events where mobility and a fast response are sometimes needed when there is a problem.

If you already have some security training or want to get the certificates and skills needed to qualify for this type of work, there are plenty of opportunities to combine your love of bikes with a job that often plays an important role at many outdoor events.

3. Mechanic

Mechanic building vintage style cafe-racer motorcycle in custom garageShutterstock

A love of motorbikes for some of us is not just the thrill of riding them, but the passion for getting your hands dirty and enjoying the mechanics of what makes these magnificent machines tick.

A career based on your passion for motorbikes doesn’t have to mean riding all day, as you could be more hands-on when it comes to your love of two-wheels, which is why becoming a motorbike mechanic might tick all of your boxes.

4. Salesperson

If you are a comfortable conversationalist and have a bit of a knack for selling to people, a career in motorbike sales could be a great fit.

Being able to share your passion for motorbikes and earning money from selling them to others, will definitely be easier if you have a genuine understanding of what makes bikers tick and what they are looking for in a bike, which shouldn’t be too hard if you love motorbikes.

If all you want to do is ride your motorbike, a career that is tailor-made for a motorbike enthusiast would seem like a match made in heaven.

Joseph Gibson got his first motorbike when he was 18, and he's been hooked ever since. There's nothing better than being alone on the open road.

Do you like motorbikes? Would you like to mix your passion and your job. Let me know in the comments section.