Why Friends Make You More Productive

You love your friends. Of course you do, or you wouldn’t be friends with them. You treasure your friendships and the times spent laughing, sharing old stories, the weekly dinners and parties and planning for the future. But did you know that friends can be good for your career? Of course, flying solo will make you feel lonely, but it will also make you feel isolated and not part of the world. Here are five reasons why having friends can make you more productive. So, feel free to plan a girls night out this weekend- it’s good for your career, too.

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1. Friends Make You Healthier

It’s true- having a nice group of friends is believed to make you a healthier person. Having friends can even decrease heart disease and cancer. Your risk of death actually goes up if you stay solo, and the theory is that it’s because you are more likely to behave in an unhealthy manner and adapt habits like smoking without friends. If you have no friends and you also happen to be older, you can suffer from insomnia and experience anxiety. And if that’s not enough, if you are struggling to lose weight, having thinner friends can get you to finally lose those pounds.

Friends are good for you, and that definitely makes you more productive. When we’re healthier, we are more inspired to get stuff done at the office, and feel better about both ourselves and our current positions. We will also be more likely to take steps to change our situations if we are unhappy, such as finding another job or talking to a manager about taking on more interesting, challenging tasks.

2. Friends Can Inspire You

We all have that one friend who seems to have it all together. Her life seems perfect and she always goes after exactly what she wants. If she wants to quit her job and completely change careers, she does it.

Be inspired by that friend and follow your own dreams and work goals. If you want a promotion, ask your boss. If you want to switch fields, do it. Allow your friendships to inspire you and allow you to create the career of your dreams. Without inspiration, we avoid putt any effort into our jobs, so friends play a pretty important role in our work lives.

3. Friends Make You Feel Needed

It’s important to feel like others need you. If you have several close friendships, chances are that at least at one point during the course of your relationship, you will be needed for something. Whether it’s looking after their cat when they go on vacation or bringing them dinner when they’re moving apartments, being a good friend means putting the needs and interests of others above your own sometimes.

This feeling of being needed can translate to your success at work. Even if you feel like you’re being taken for granted by your manager and fellow employees, you are getting that validation elsewhere, from your close friendships, so you can still feel good about yourself and remain content at your job. Maybe not everyone at work needs you, but that’s cool, since your friends do.

4. Friends Are There When You Need to Talk

It’s hard not to talk about work problems when you go out with friends, even when you promise to keep things light and fun. Use that to your advantage and use your friends as a sounding board for what’s going on at the office. They can give you advice that will allow you to figure out what to do next, and they can give you a new, different perspective since they don’t work at the same place as you.

Friends are an incredible resource when you have issues at the office because you can’t exactly go to your boss with what’s bothering you all the time, especially if it involves another coworker or even them. Appreciate the advice that your friends can give you, and of this role that they play in your life. Being upset at work can be a definite time-waster because you will be anything but productive if you feel bad about your work situation.

5. Friends Can Get You a New Job

It’s a well-known fact that networking can do a lot for you when you’re unemployed and looking for a job or when you just want a change and are looking for a new position.

Take advantage of the friends you have in similar fields and ask if anyone knows of an opening. If you’re miserable at your job, you won’t be productive and you will start to feel hopeless. So make sure that you take advantage of your friends and their contacts.

Take these five reasons, that friends can make you more productive to heart and get inspired to be as successful as possible in your current position. Your friends can be there to listen to work problems, they can even help you switch positions even if you’re looking for something new, and they can make you as healthy as possible. Those are some definite reasons to raise a glass to your best friends- or better yet, buy them a drink tonight.

Do you agree with these points, or do you believe that flying solo makes you more productive? Let us know in the comments section below.