How to Write an Email Asking for an Internship

How to Write an Email Asking for an Internship

There are many excellent internships--both paid and unpaid--around the country that you can apply to if you want to earn on-the-job experience. However, you’ll need to write an email in order to submit your application for the resume. Below are the steps to writing a good internship application email that will help you make a good impression.

Step 1: Open with the formal address -- When writing formal letters, always start with "Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss" along with the person’s name. The title always precedes the name, and it is followed by a comma. (Note: If you can get the name of the specific person who will receive the application, it can increase your chances of getting the internship. Spend time doing the research, or call and find out who will be receiving the email.)

Step 2: Introduce yourself -- You want to keep this introduction short and sweet, and only use a sentence or two to give the information that the person ABSOLUTELY needs to know. For example, say, "My name is XXX, and I am a (sophomore, junior, etc) at XXX College/University, with a major in (topic)."

Step 3: Mention something you admire/respect about the company -- This is the sort of "buttering up" that most people expect, but it says more about you than the company itself. Most hiring managers are looking to hear what it is that you admire or respect most, and it gives them an idea of what you consider important.

Step 4: List your experience and qualifications -- No doubt you are majoring in a subject that is relevant to the company where you are applying for the internship, so list those studies. Also, list any other experience or qualifications that will be relevant to the position, along with your GPA and any other areas in which you excel. This is all about proving that you can be an asset to their company.

Step 5: Mention the application follow-up -- The hiring manager has read all about you, but what’s to say that they’re going to accept you for the internship program? When you say, "I will contact you in the near future", it forces them to think carefully about what answer he/she will give you. Make sure to specify a time and date when you will contact them, as well as the method of communication (email, phone, visit in person, etc.). Leave it open for them to get in touch with you first, but they need to know that you are going to treat this application like a professional. Say something like, "I look forward to receiving your email/phone call, but I understand that you are very busy. I will call on (Date and time) to follow up on the application."

Step 6: Close the letter -- You’ve said what you need to say, so it’s time to close the letter with "Sincerely, (your name)", followed by your email address, cell phone number, and any other important contact information.

Before you send your application, make sure to ask HOW the company wants it to be sent. Some companies have strict policies about not opening any attachments, but will prefer the application sent in the body of an email. Some will prefer attachments, so your application should be sent as a PDF or Word document.


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