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Lessons you can Learn from these Weird Celebrity Jobs

The moment you think of celebrities, you will also think of the rich life they lead, their fan following, popularity and the status they enjoy in the society. What you also need to know is most celebrities have experienced hard times in their past. They were not born celebrities. They were ordinary people who had to work hard for their living, just like anybody else. Some of these celebrities have had weird or undesirable working experiences.

If you are a working professional or a job seeker, you can learn great things from their lives. This article talks about few celebrities who have done weird jobs before they were crowned celebrities. 

Let’s kick off by knowing which celebrities did what and what you can learn from their lives...

  1.        Brad Pitt


Can you ever imagine that this handsome hunk, regarded by many as the world’s most handsome man, was a fast-food advertiser and a chicken mascot in El Pollo Loco? Surprising, but true. The Bollywood star would dress himself in a chicken suit every morning and nobody would recognise him. However, that was a short period in his life and only a handful of people ever knew about it.

  1.        Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum’s role as a stripper in Magic Mike was awesome. But no one knew that this heartthrob had prior experience in this sphere. Yes, Channing worked as a stripper before he became a celebrity. Today he is a heartthrob of women all over the world.

  1.        Whoopi Goldberg

The most shocking among them, Whoopi Goldberg chose to work as a mortuary beautician before she became a celebrity. Whether a matter of personal choice or circumstances that led her to work with the deceased, the fact remains the same.

  1.        Gene Simmons

Yet another surprise! Who would have thought that a great Kiss singer like Gene Simmons was an elementary school teacher in the past? His pupils must have had fun time with this heavy-metal musician. One thing is for sure; they (his pupils) must have been very proud of their teacher.    

  1.        George Clooney

How many of you were lucky enough to buy a pair of shoes from George Clooney?  Think it’s a joke? No. The great man served as a shoe salesman before his stardom. If you had bought one, you would be thinking of saving that precious footwear throughout your life. Isn’t it?

  1.        Matthew Mcconaughey

If Matthew Mcconaughey had continued his previous job as a chicken coop cleaner, the world would have missed a talented actor. He was a student who was in need of money during his life in Australia. To be fair to him, if you are a student with lack of financial resources, you would have very little to choose from.   

  1.        Christopher Walken

The celebrity’s strong will, charismatic and stubborn nature was derived from his past life as a lion tamer. There is no surprise that Christopher Walken was one of the toughest actors of his times. He was also recognised as a director and screenwriter and has appeared in more than 100 television shows and films.

  1.        Rob Stewart

Like Whoopi Goldberg, Rob Stewart had to work with the deceased before taking up a career in music. He was a gravedigger. You might be wondering where this unlikely transition came from. We are just as surprised as you.  

What professionals and job seekers can learn from the lives of these celebrities?

As you would have observed by now, many celebrities have done unordinary or undesirable jobs before they were on papers. The big leap or transition in their career did not happen overnight. There are lots of lessons young job seekers and hard working professionals can learn from their lives.

 Here are some of them:

1)      Life is not easy. Success comes only after challenges and hard times.

2)      No job in the world is inferior to another. A job is a job and it has to be done by someone. So never feel shy of your position.  

3)      Opportunities are common and open to one and all. So no matter whether you are a shoe seller or an elementary school teacher, you have big success coming your way. The challenge lies in finding them out.

4)      Like many of these celebrities, never forget your past. You should never get carried away by your success.

5)      Grab opportunities that come your way. You never know if it would ever come again. So never wait for a second invitation.

Well, there are lot more lessons you can learn from these celebrity lives. Share your views on what you have learnt from your favourite star. Give your comments on how it can influence others. 

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