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JOB SEARCH / OCT. 21, 2015
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Top 9 Weirdest Jobs in Hotels

When you used to have nothing to do in the summer and thought of heading to your nearest hotel to see if you could pick up some work, you were probably thinking of the obvious; receptionist, administrator, tour guide or maid. What you might not have realized was that hotel jobs can go far beyond those boring things and following your passion might just lead you into a resort to work with social media, as a scuba diver, or even with animals.

If you really think about it, perhaps these jobs aren’t so weird; they’re simply all the behind-the-scenes stuff you never think about when you check in, see your room and start looking for things to take on Twitter to complain about. Someone has to be in charge of all the little things that make your stay comfortable;when was the last time you wondered what they call the person in charge of the elevator music?

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Take a look at these unusual jobs and who knows, maybe your dream job will be in this list.

1. Dog Surfing Instructor

Love dogs? Love surfing? Then get yourself to California, where you can teach your favourite four-legged friends to do your favourite sport. Teevan McManus at the Loews Coronado Bay is the reason behind this job. While he was taking his own dog to work with him every day, presumably to show the newcomers how it’s done, he noticed that his dog loved following him into the water, and thought others could enjoy it too. And because dogs are undoubtedly just like us when it comes to wanting to show off, they can even take part in their very own Surf Dog competition to raise funds for charity.

And hey, if dogs can surf - and there’s an entire movie about penguins surfing - then why can’t you start up your own business with other animals? Probably not cats, though if you could find the right ones that would actually do it, imagine the internet gold.

2. Proposal Concierge

That’s right. You already knew wedding planners exist, but did you know that you can also hire someone to help with the planning and execution of the proposal, if the only decision you’ve made is that you want to do it at a hotel while on vacation? Well, you can, and it’s their job to make every bit, as magical as you dreamed it would be - and they’ll even help you with your nerves.

In Vermont, they’ve gone one step further with a fairy godmother. She doesn’t turn you into Cinderella and send you off to the ball, but she does handle proposals as well as whatever else you’d like in order to create a once in a lifetime experience or lovely surprise, for a human or animal. Apparently the role was bestowed on her by the former owner of the hotel, Prince Hubertus Fugger of Bavaria, when he sat her on a very special rock in the gardens and gave her a crystal wand. Okay then. As long as the guests are happy?

3. Sunglasses Doctor

Doctor Shades (no, not Horatio Caine) is a sunglasses doctor who spends his days making himself available to fix your every sunglasses emergency. He carries around a medical bag filled with cloths, screwdrivers, spare parts and even complimentary spare pairs; he is prepared for every occasion. Never again will you have to suffer from too much sun in your eyes, or the effort of having to move to clean your own glasses!

4. Duckmaster

This one is both weird and adorable. As duckmaster, you will be dressed with a uniform of a red jacket with gold trim and a cane with a brass duck’s head. The most important part of your job is to lead five ducks along their red carpet every morning and afternoon, from their rooftop home down in the elevator and through to the lobby fountain and back again in the evening. Their optional theme tune is the King Cotton March.

Ducks have been a feature of The Peabody hotels in Memphis since 1933, when the general manager and his friend returned from a hunting trip empty handed and a little tipsy,  decided to put their live decoys in the hotel fountain, and a tradition was hatched.

5. Tanning Concierge

Do you want to make sure you go home with that natural sun kissed glow, but don’t want to make the effort of actually getting yourself downstairs and by the pool? If you stay at a hotel in Arizona, there won’t be a problem as there is a 24-hour tanning concierge service with people to either advise you on the right SPF to use or to simply help you cheat with an in-room airbrush tanning session.

6. Scuba Diving Pizza Delivery Person

scuba pizza delivery

Yes, you read that right. Florida has Jules’ Undersea Lodge, a two-bedroom hotel with guests that sometimes want a pizza, which means it has to be someone’s job to deliver that pizza. Rob Doyle is that person, who straps on scuba gear to dive 21ft with the pizza in a special watertight case and deliver it to an airlock. And you thought pizza delivery couldn’t be exciting - he risks getting held up by a shark with a taste for pepperoni!

7. Coconut Safety Engineer

Hopefully, it isn’t news to you if I tell you that Tom & Jerry’s fights are a lie, and you can’t drop anvils on peoples’ heads without causing some serious damage. It also isn’t acceptable to drop coconuts on people, as it will do more than just see the stars - it could kill them.

The US Virgin Islands could just have warning signs, but they choose to have coconut safety engineers. Or, in plain English, someone to climb up the coconut trees and pick off any that are ripe or loose to avoid the risk of anyone getting hit by one. Once they’re down, they can be cut and served to the guests who can now rest easy, knowing they’re completely safe.

8. Social Media Butler

You want to go on holiday. You want to tweet, post to Facebook and upload pictures to make your friends jealous, but you don’t want to spend your holiday glued to your device. Thankfully, someone has worked out how to solve this very serious first world problem with the position of a social media butler; someone who will post to your social media for you while you get away from your device but also ensure that you’re never off the internet for too long. It’s no longer true that if someone’s posting lots of pictures, they’re not actually enjoying the moment.

9. Vibe Manager

Remember I said that these jobs are simply jobs doing the things you never think about? Well, here’s another one: a vibe manager plans the parties and other social activities, looks after celebrities and, most importantly, is the person responsible for the hotel music. That’s the different music that you hear in each part of the hotel, from the lobby to the spa - and it takes more effort than making a playlist of your favourite tunes, as they’re expected to attend music showcases, keep up with local bands, and subscribe to Rolling Stone.

They also make sure that business people who go to their hotels for meetings have unforgettable experiences of their meetings, in any way possible- up to and including a DJ booth for use before and after the meeting.

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Many years ago, hotels could have simply been about choosing the least horrible place to spend your holiday. Now, as with everything else, there are so many to choose from. So now, each one has to find its own way to be unique and encourage people to choose them, whether it’s for a duck march that people want to see in real life or the opportunity to splash out on a proposal that they wouldn’t have been able to come up with themselves, or simply for what must be a great internet service.

What unique services have been provided at hotels you’ve been to? What service would you create if you were to run a hotel? Let us know in the comments section below.

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