10 Assets You Can Bring to Your Company

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You may not have a wealth of financial assets, but you have a variety of professional assets that you can bring to your company. If you can’t think of anything valuable that you have to offer, you need to stop reading right now and write a list. Seriously, go grab that pen and paper. We all have something special to offer our employer. Maybe it’s your high standards; maybe you are so ethical that your colleagues confuse you for a priest! Perhaps you have a knack of finding the silver lining in any situation, no matter how bad you feel. Your optimistic attitude has even made some of your colleagues nauseous (yes, optimism is an invaluable asset that you can bring to the table).

So, how’s your list coming? Not so good yet? Then check out the ten assets discussed below. You may find one that fits you. Ok, so maybe not every one of them fits you like a glove. Yet you may find that a few of them are professional assets you possess. At the very least, hopefully this listing can spark your mind to figure out what makes you so special and what you specifically have that you can bring to your company. Yes, you are special. Just don’t get too full of yourself because that can quickly become a negative asset!

1. High standards

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Ok, so you don’t have to be a saint, but try to keep your sinner ways in check. Having high standards can be an asset for your company because it means you’re ethical. Your boss doesn’t have to worry that you plan on robbing him blind and bankrupting his company. You know that you’re being paid to do a job and you do it well. Sure, you take the occasional extra break and check your emails or scroll through your social media newsfeeds. Yet, you are dedicated to getting your work done. You even come to work fifteen minutes early each day and never pack up to leave until it’s closing time. It’s ok, you can pat yourself on the back now! You deserve it.

2. Proactive networking

Being a proactive networker is important. Your boss can rely on you to be charming and charismatic while you wine and dine the clients. He knows you know how to show them a good time. Just don’t get too personal and familiar with the clients. You need to be professional after all. You know how to network in a manner that draws people in rather than scaring them away. This networking ability can be carried over to positive interactions with your team members.

3. Flexible mindset

yoga flexbernerzeitung

You’re not rigid like a dead stick that breaks under too much pressure. Instead you have the flexibility of a yoga master and can twist your body in all types of poses. Ok, so maybe you’re really not that flexible. Yet, your mindset is. You don’t break under pressure and know how to lead the pack when a crisis happens. You’re the first person that people turn to, to get them to a safe place when all hell breaks loose and sh*t hits the fan.

4. Thirst for knowledge

Just because you don’t have to attend school anymore doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a thirst for knowledge. Your employer will love this asset because it means you don’t think you’re a know-it-all. You know that you need to continually learn new things. After all, you want to excel in your job. If you’re too smart for your own good, you’ll be kicking yourself later when the “stupid” people pass you by. They’ll be getting all the promotions because they knew they had more to learn.

5. Tolerant attitude

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Tolerance is a key asset that can take you far in your company. Do you think your boss loves everyone in his company? Not really. Most likely there are some employees that he can’t stand. Yet, they are good workers and he needs them on the team. You need to mimic that sentiment. Being tolerant means that you accept people for who they are and don’t get easily annoyed. True, that can be difficult when you’re working with ignorant people. Though, that doesn’t mean you have to be ignorant as well.

6. Results oriented

This asset seems like a no-brainer. You go to work and you should produce results. Yet, many people think that they don’t need to be results oriented. Going to work to slack off all day, and eating junk food while playing video games, is not the way to your boss’s heart. Well, if you want to be stagnant and never become valuable to the company, then by all means, do the minimal work just to get by. If you want to go somewhere in the company, being results oriented matters. It shows that you value your part in increasing productivity in the workplace. That mentality will get noticed by management in a positive way. You won’t have to fear one day being escorted out by security because you got fired for not doing your job.

7. Effective communication


If you’re not an effective communicator, you’d better get busy learning how to speak to others. That means you don’t start yelling when you’re upset. You’re not in kindergarten anymore. You have to actively listen. Don’t stare at people with a glazed expression, wishing you could vanish from the conversation. Effective communicators can express ideas verbally, non-verbally and in writing in a manner that enables the receiver to understand the precise point of the communication. That means, stop mumbling, start listening and look alive while talking. People will pick up on your non-verbal message. They’ll know if you don’t really want to talk to them.

8. Chasing silver linings

Most bosses don’t like to surround themselves with pessimists. Unless of course, they are pessimists themselves and live by the adage that misery loves company. Start chasing after the silver linings. Embrace your positive side and see that as a valuable asset that you can bring to the company. When things go wrong, look for the silver lining. Even in a catastrophe you can find something positive to hang on to. You know, like when someone accidentally sets the building on fire and you’re all running out fearing for your lives –well, at least you’re all still alive.

9. Creative thinking

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You may not be a naturally creative person, but you can develop the art of thinking outside the box. That mindset is a valuable asset that your employer will love. When you experience a problem in your job, you know how to figure out a positive solution. You don’t knock on your boss’s door to drop your problem in his lap. You’re not near tears because you can’t figure out what to do. By the time you enter his office to explain the problem, your mind has already been getting creative to find possible solutions. Your boss has come to enjoy when you go to his office with a problem because he knows you’re not wimping out on finding a solution. He won’t have to waste valuable time consoling you like a baby and wiping away your tears.

10. Professional persona

Bosses like professional people. Even if you work in an office environment where every day is Casual Friday, you still need to have a professional persona. This means that you dress professionally even if you are wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Don’t go a week without showering. Make sure your hair is presentable and you don’t come to work with bedhead hair and coffee stains on your shirt. Look presentable at all times. This includes having a professional attitude when you’re speaking with colleagues and dealing with clients.  

Maybe you still don’t know yet what your assets are. Keep searching. Once you figure it out, you can then work on developing them and making them work to your advantage. When your manager realizes that you are an invaluable asset to the company, you can secure your position. True, nothing is ever certain except for death and taxes. Yet, cultivating your assets will set you on a course toward a brighter future.

Have you finished your list yet? Do any of these assets fit you like a glove? Let us know in the comments below!