5 Amazing Apps for Creating Timelines

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You might want to create a timeline for a number of reasons. For instance, you might want to track your career trajectory or create a chronological map showing the growth of your business or progress of a project. However, to create a proper timeline, you cannot just use a text document or a spreadsheet. Here are some great web-based and mobile apps that can help you create professional timelines:

1. RWT Timeline

This is a free timeline creation tool that works for both iOS and Android. RWT Timeline allows you to create a graphical image of a process or event by showing items arranged sequentially in a line. You can organize your timelines by event, date or time of day. This app also allows you to create a label with long or short descriptive text. You can even add images to your labels to make them more visually appealing. Items can be dragged, added and rearranged as required. Once the timeline is completed, it can then be shared via email as a PDF document.

2. Tiki-Toki

Tiki-Toki is an amazing tool which allows you to create interactive and stunning 2D and 3D timelines. Once you have signed up for the free account, you can then start creating your timelines without having to download anything. With Tiki-Toki, you can create different categories for stories, add background images, and even videos. You can integrate with services such as Vimeo and YouTube for videos. One of the most unique things about Tiki-Toki is the ‘group edit’ feature which allows your workmates or friends to contribute to the timeline.

3. Capzles

Capzles allows you to create timelines in a very creative and unique way. You can add background music, upload stacks of images, theme your Capzles, add multimedia, and even blog directly into your timelines. Besides being a timeline tool, Capzles can also serve as an interactive diary that can be shared out with others via an RSS feed, embedding, email or a link. However, despite its useful functionalities, Capzles does not come with advanced features such as collaboration.

4. myHistro

What stands out about myHistro is that it not only focuses on time, but also on location. You can tag all the events on your timeline with a location. When you play back the story, you will see a graphical map of the location along with the details about the event. myHistro allows you to export your timelines on DVD, PDF or CSV format. You can also add quizzes and link your events to Facebook. Once you have embedded the timeline on your site, visitors can leave comments on the events in your story.

5. Timeglider

Timeglider is a web-based app that enables you to create interactive and data-driven timelines. You can add video, audio, links, tags and descriptions to the events in your timeline. Timeglider also allows you to indicate the importance of events. Images can be easily dragged and dropped from your computer’s file manager. The paid version of this app comes with a legend which makes timeline navigation easier.

Are there any other timeline tools you know about? Please share with other readers in the comments section below.