20 Amazing Apps for Creating Timelines

Want an easy way to create timelines? Check out these easy apps!

Reviewed by Hayley Ramsey

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Timelines are a great way to create projects, keep teams in sync and lay out information in chronological order. They’re also particularly useful if you want to capture milestones and present data in a visually appealing way. All in all, timelines are incredibly versatile and can be used in a myriad of ways.

If you’re looking for a good timeline app, the good news is that you are spoiled for choice! All you have to do is find the one that best fits your needs, your team or your organization.

So, without further ado, here are the best timeline tools for your consideration!

1. Preceden

Free on desktop (paid plans also available)

Preceden is a web-based timeline maker that allows users to create stunning timelines in minutes. Its simple, user-friendly design makes it perfect for students and professionals alike.

Whichever way you choose to use it, the perks of this app are plenty! In fact, Preceden is the app of choice by industry moguls such as Netflix, Slack and NASA. Its customizable appearance allows users to create, group and organize events within a timeline without fuss, and you can share it via PDF, unique links or an embed.

2. Toggl Plan

From $8 on Android, iOS and desktop (14-day free trial available)

Here’s another easy-to-use timeline software for the office.

Toggl Plan boasts many cool perks, including a Ghantt chart-like feature and a drag-and-drop format that will help you create visual project roadmaps.

Toggl Plan also allows you to access your timelines at any time, either through a browser or their mobile app. That way, you can easily monitor the progress of your projects without trouble.

3. Asana

Free on Android, iOS and desktop (paid plans also available)

Asana’s aesthetic visuals and simple interface are just a few of the features that make this app so great.

Its timeline allows users to collaborate, update tasks, arrange them by priority, identify any conflicting deadlines and keep everything automatically up to date. Plus, you can import files from other apps, connect with other useful tools and create custom rules so you can build the app to your needs.

4. Lucidchart

Free on Android, iOS and desktop (paid plans also available)

As an online diagram app, Lucidchart is great for timeline creation. It’s a highly versatile tool that lets you build attractive project roadmaps and combine flowcharts and timelines to visualize data better.

Plus, all this can be combined in a single viewer in order to make information more accessible. With over 500 templates to choose from, you’ll be able to get started in no time!

5. Office Timeline

Free on desktop (paid plans also available)

Office Timeline is an ideal option if you’re familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint, as it can be used either as an online tool or as a PowerPoint plugin. You can easily create powerful visuals by selecting one of their templates, or you can create your own timeline from scratch.

Its completion percentage tracker can be particularly useful if you want to keep track of ongoing projects, and its online collaboration option is ideal for business teams of any size.

6. iSpring Suite 

$470 for a year's access on desktop (free 14-day trial available)

The multi-faceted tool, iSpring Suite can be used for a number of different reasons; one being an easy timeline creation with SmartArt.

The eLearning tool can help you effortlessly create various interactive interactions, including a timeline, quickly and effortlessly. You can create and customize your timeline with unique art and animation at just a few clicks of a button.

7. Aeon Timeline

$64.99 for a lifetime license on iOS and desktop (free 14-day trial available)

Although it was originally meant for novelists and writers, Aeon Timeline has evolved into an essential timeline tool for every user.

This intuitive app allows you to plan multiple projects at once, edit and update plans, and track your progress through automatic completion percentages. Plus, you can keep your images and external links along with notes and external research in a single location.

8. SmartDraw

From $5.95 on desktop

SmartDraw is a diagram software that lets you create visual timelines, pie charts, Venn diagrams and line graphs.

Its timeline category is leaner than other apps, as you can’t insert detailed information for each event. Nonetheless, SmartDraw’s quick-start diagram templates and automatic formatting helps you set up your timelines in no time, which can also be easily inserted within other tools, including Microsoft Office, Trello and G Suite.

9. GanttPRO

From $7.99 on Android, iOS, desktop (free 14-day trial available)

Although its name gives it away, this online tool uses Gantt charts to create detailed timelines.

GanttPRO’s format is ideal for business teams in particular, as it allows you to coordinate your team and keep customers in the loop without hassle, making it perfect for team collaboration.

Plus, tasks, deadlines, comments and milestones can be easily added within your workspace while keeping everyone on the same page. Meanwhile, you can customize your timelines to your own liking and according to the specific project and team.

10. Tiki-Toki

Free on Android and desktop, $24.99 on iOS

This web-based timeline creator allows you to develop stylish 3D and multimedia timelines. These can then be shared with your team and integrated within your website.

With Tiki-Toki, you can create different categories for stories, add background images, embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo, and use custom colors. Its “group edit” feature, meanwhile, is also worth mentioning as it makes this app a perfect fit for people who want to collaborate on different timelines.

11. Timetoast

Free on desktop (paid plans available)

Timetoast makes timeline creation as simple as, well, making toast.

This interactive app focuses more on storytelling rather than planning, and it can be quite useful if you want to visualize milestones or key events. Timelines on Timetoast are highly customizable, and you can add your own images and color scale to match your taste.

As for the final creation, it can be easily embedded within websites and shared on social media.

12. Visme

Free on desktop (paid plans available)

As an online multipurpose tool, Visme is a useful asset for content creation.

You can create visually appealing timelines, personalize their content and collaborate with others if needed. Your timelines can then be integrated within presentations, slides or other documents, and they can also be shared across multiple platforms.

13. Float

From $6 on Android, iOS and desktop (free 30-day trial available)

Float is a great option for timeline creation. With it, you can schedule tasks, keep an eye on your workload, plan your ventures and track different timelines within one place.

Like many of the other apps on this list, you can access Float through a browser or your phone. That way, your plans can stay up to date no matter where you are.

14. Read Write Think Timeline

Free on desktop

Read Write Think Timeline is a much simpler option if you want to create a straightforward timeline.

This timeline creation tool allows you to arrange a sequence of events or processes on a line, and you can even add images, labels and text in order to make the final product visually appealing and informative. Once it’s ready, you can share it via email or add it within a report as a PDF document.

15. Timeline Maker Pro

From $149 for a lifetime license on desktop (free 14-day trial available)

If you’re familiar with Microsoft Office apps, using Timeline Maker Pro will be a piece of cake. Its spreadsheet-like interface allows you to import data from your existing Microsoft Project files and set up your timeline in just a few minutes. And with five timeline chart styles to choose from, you can model your timeline to your own preferences.

This offline app is particularly useful if you want to keep sensitive data on your local drive instead of the cloud.

16. Timepath

Free on desktop (paid plans available)

If you are looking for an easy way to create a timeline online, then Timepath is a great option.

With this timeline generator you are able to add a range of media such as YouTube videos, blog posts, Instagram posts and Tweets within your design. Timepath also offer numerous templates which you have the freedom to customize and make your vision come to life. Once your timeline is ready, you will be able to embed it within any webpage and share it with the world.

17. Sutori

Free on desktop (paid plans available)

Whilst originally designed for teachers, Sutori’s timeline tool has adapted to cater to a wider audience including marketing teams, content creators and journalists.

What’s great about this particular timeline maker is that you can collaborate with others in real-time as well as embed multimedia content within your presentation and measure the performance of your timeline, including number of views, once it has been published.

18. Venngage Timeline Maker

Free on desktop (paid plans available)

Venngage is a multi-faceted platform; their timeline maker is just one of the numerous products on offer which span from roadmaps to flyers to infographics to flowcharts.

You can simply start with a ready-made timeline infographic template ideal for projects, milestones, presentations and more. Plus, you can also invite your colleagues to edit and leave comments online as you work on your timeline. What’s great about this platform is that you also have the option to save private branded timeline templates and organize them into folders for future use.  

19. TimeGraphics

Free on desktop (paid plans available)

While mainly catering to students and educators, TimeGraphics can be easily utilized by business, too.

The tool is integrated with Google services, and you can import content from Google Analytics, Google Sheets and Google Calendar. You can also add statistics, data and APIs within your timeline. Once ready, you will have the option to export the final product as a PDF, image, document, XML, JSON, or text file.

20. SimpleMind

Free on Android and iOS (paid plans available)

While this is a mind mapping app, Simple Mind can be utilized to create timeline as well, thanks to its free-form layout. That said, you will also have your fair pick of templates, if you want a more structured approach.

You can access the free version of this app through your iPhone, iPad or Android device but if you want work on your timelines on your desktop, then you will need to upgrade to a pro plan, which will also give you access to additional benefits, including seamless syncing with cloud platforms and adding links, images and icons to your project.

Final thoughts

There are many timeline apps to choose from and finding the right one is essential. While they all have their own merits, you need to consider which of these options would be a better fit for your needs.

Undoubtedly, a good timeline software will transform your efficiency and change your process for the better. Whether that’s personal projects, business tasks or school assignments, the right tool will help you achieve great results!

Have you ever used any of these timeline apps? Which one was your favorite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!


This article is an updated version of an earlier article originally published on 5 November 2019.