Is Job Hopping Bad? An Interview with Chelsea Jay

Reviewed by Chris Leitch

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Job hopping has become the new norm in today’s workplace, with younger professionals, especially, choosing to switch roles and companies every few years rather than remain with a single employer throughout their career journey.

This trend is reshaping the modern workplace and changing the way most of us think and approach our career trajectory. However, there are still numerous sceptics who are questioning whether the benefits can outweigh the drawbacks associated with job hopping.

We spoke with Chelsea Jay, the founder of Seasoned and Growing, who offers her expert insights into the advantages of job hopping and how it can enhance your career journey.

Jay explains that job hopping is a great opportunity to explore different fields, especially if you’re interested in multiple sectors. She emphasises that it can be a great way get a better understanding of your passions but can also be equally great for seizing new job opportunities that can make you more marketable down the line.

Indeed, through job hopping, you have the chance to enhance your skillset by taking on different responsibilities and roles, which can ultimately help you increase your salary potential and climb the career ladder faster.

However, Jay mentions that many job hoppers switch jobs due to toxic work environments. In this case, leaving a job is the best choice as toxic work environments can be harmful to your self-esteem, mental health and career.

But rather than quitting your job in a blaze of glory, it’s best to create a plan and timeline that will help you move on to a new role. Meanwhile, using your network of professional contacts to get their perspective on the current job market and available opportunities is key to changing jobs.

Jay also notes that becoming complacent in your role could be another tell-tale sign that you should move on – the reason being that complacency can stunt your growth and professional development. In the long term, this could also harm your chances of getting a raise, landing a promotion or obtaining a new job. Job hopping can keep you interested in your industry and help you stay tuned in to its developments.

Even if you’re willing to work for the same company until retirement, you should still aim to stay on top of your industry, as employees are now outlasting the companies they work for – as seen during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, being marketable and continuously pursuing professional growth should still be a top priority for you.

When discussing the benefits of job hopping, Jay indicates that people have the potential to earn more in a shorter period of time. That’s because when you remain within the same position for years, you’re eligible for a 2%–5% annual raise. Meanwhile, as a job hopper, you would have a diverse portfolio of skills, knowledge and experience, which could also mean there’s a higher earning potential when embarking on a new role. As long as you’re familiar with the latest technologies, tools and processes, your new employer would be more inclined to negotiate your salary as a competitive and highly employable candidate.

A challenge you could face as a job hopper, Jay notes, is putting together an appealing CV. Just because you have diverse and extensive experience doesn’t mean that you should include everything within your document. Instead, consider what your objective is, and leverage your most relevant skills and past roles to your favour. Even more importantly, demonstrate the impact you had within each role.

And if you’re hoping to eventually land a more permanent role within a company, make sure to emphasise that to the employer and indicate how your presence could benefit that organisation.

As long as you have a positive mindset and take a proactive approach, job hopping can help you stand out to employers and help you take your career to the next level.

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