How to Make Money When You’re Unemployed!

Few of us enjoy being out of work, unless it is for a valid reason like to raise a child, but sadly in the current economic climate, so many people are out of work. Given the huge increase in unemployment and the decreasing benefits given out by the government, many people are looking to make money on the side. While some may question how morally correct it is to make money while also collecting unemployment benefits, it is certainly something worth considering. As such, here is a list of the best ways to make a bit of extra cash if you are unemployed.

Setting up an eBay Shop

Sites such as eBay, or Etsy allow people an easy and essentially cost free way of setting up an online shop. It is also quite an anonymous way of doing business, so you could always keep it going once you have landed a new job. Usually people sell old possessions they no longer need, but many expand to becoming suppliers of many different or specialist first hand products. It is not guaranteed to make you a huge amount of money, but some people have made tremendous amounts of money from eBay, so it is definitely worth considering.

Dog Walking

It may sound quite menial and in many ways it is, but it can actually be relatively well paid. Many busy career workers have little time at the end of their day to take their precious prize pups for a walk. Because of this they might pay you £10 - £30, to take their dog for a walk, depending on where you live and how much money they earn of course.

Freelance Writing

Writing content for blogging websites can actually get you remarkably well paid. That is as long as you have talent. You can write for individual sites, work for an agency or both, whichever you choose, the money generally depends on the quality of the articles. The money varies hugely; it can be from as little as $5 - $80 per article. Many people have managed to make a career out of blogging, but don’t be fooled; it is not an easy option. If you aren’t a talented writer, then you aren’t going to make a living out of writing.


Babysitting is a more complicated way of making money as although it can be £10 per hour or more, you need to know how to handle children. Many parents may also require you to work for a registered agency, which means you could possibly lose your unemployment benefits if you work more than 16 hours a week. Of course, you can also become a live in nanny, but that is a full time job and the pay is only about £80 per week. All your eating and living costs are paid for though, so it balances out.


If you are particularly gifted at a subject and studied it at university, or just happen to be good at a subject such as Maths; tutoring is a great option. Maths, Sciences and foreign languages at secondary school level are particularly in demand. Even if you don’t speak another language you might be able to give people English lessons, if you know how to teach. Tutoring can be very well paid, especially if you are an out of work teacher, or graduate in that particular subject. Parents always want their children to do well and will pay good money to make sure that happens. Just put up your contact information on Social Media and print flyers, you are sure to get some clients, even more so when it is approaching exam season.

Writing Assignments for Students

If you did well at university and are capable of pumping out essays fast in your field of expertise, then you can make money anonymously, writing assignments for lazy university students. It is of course questionable how morally correct this line of work may be, but if they are too lazy to do their own work and it earns you a bit of cash while you are in need, then why not use your talent.

Wedding Photographer

If you like photography and have a talent for it then wedding photography could be a good option for making a bit of money on the side. Wedding photography is usually very well paid, it can cost hundreds or thousands, but a lot of people who think they are talented photographers are not. The rise of digital photography has made photography a lot easier, but it still requires a talented photographer to take quality wedding pictures.

Promote Other Peoples’ Products

If you have a personal blog, or website, then selling advertising space is a great way to make some cash. Services such as ClickbankAmazon Associates and Red Lemon Club are just a few examples of affiliate programs to sell, or promote other peoples products. The more popular your blog, the more money you make as well so it can be a good incentive to get you promoting your blog. Amazon Associates gives you up to 10% in qualifying purchases. Red Lemon Club resellers get 60% commission of products. This could be pretty good money if you get enough visitors to your website.

Online Surveys

It may seem strange but there are many companies, who will pay you money to give your opinion online. These companies can pay anything from $1 - $50 per survey. It is a form of marketing for them and a way for them to see how popular their products are or will be. Most of them pay through PayPal. The only thing that you have to watch out for is fake companies who will not pay you. Make sure you check out companies before you take surveys to ensure you don’t become a victim of fraud.

Baking and Selling cakes

It’s a bit old fashioned, but people still love homemade freshly baked cakes and buns. It probably won’t make you a huge amount of money, but it can be a supplement to your benefits. It is also all cash in hand so no chance of losing your benefits. Many people also take great pleasure in baking, so you may finally enjoy your work, if you were in a job that you particularly hated before.

While the concept of making money on the side is somewhat questionable to many people; if you are unemployed, the prospect of a bit of extra cash is fantastic. So even though some of the ideas mentioned above raise some moral questions, they can be quite lucrative.