The 10 Best Software Engineer CV Examples and Templates

Browse through our list of the best software engineer CV examples for some inspiration when putting your own together.

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Whether you’re an aspiring software engineer or an experienced professional looking to progress in your career, putting together a software engineer CV is not without its challenges – and knowing where to start can be quite daunting.

Given that a software engineer role is quite technical, you will, of course, be required to highlight complex skills in technology, innovation and research, since this is what is required of you to develop and engineer both backend and frontend systems and programs. While there are many types of software engineer roles, ultimately, they all work towards the provision of seamless user experience of their application.

Not only should your CV address your technical capabilities, but it should also outline your experience, education and, where possible, some fact-based accomplishments that will set you apart from the competition.

To help you with the creation of an interview-winning CV, we’ve put together a list of the best software engineer résumé examples for your inspiration.

1. Graduate software engineer CV

If you’re a recent graduate, starting your career in the field, the first thing you will want to do is move your education details to the top of your CV, above any work experience or internships.

Ideally, your education details should include your degree and any national qualifications and diplomas. You might also want to think about including particular course modules, because what better way to incorporate some extra industry-relevant keywords for applicant tracking systems?

We fully understand that writing your first CV following graduation can be daunting, particularly if you lack working experience and are yet to find your first professional role.

Below is a résumé sample, based on one of our many professionally designed and ATS-friendly CV templates, for an entry-level software engineer which focuses on the candidate’s education details and course highlights.

Entry-level software engineer résumé example
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2. Mid-level software engineer CV

As a mid-level software engineer, you might be looking to take that next step in your career and move into a more senior role. If this is the case, then knowledge is key! If you demonstrate your knowledge of design patterns, architecture, automated testing, performance and security throughout your CV, you might just close the knowledge gap!

Mid-level engineers simply perform tasks, whereas senior engineers singlehandedly design solutions and develop applications. So, if you’re looking to sidestep into a mid-level role, focus on your ability to perform tasks. If you’re looking to move up, though, you’ll need to outline your ability to construct applications entirely on your own.

The résumé sample below is a glowing illustration of what yours could look like. This template is for a mid-level engineer, but the candidate has included mention of her ability to deliver next-generation applications and customisable solutions.

Mid-level software engineer résumé exampleMonster

3. Senior-level software engineer CV

As a senior-level software engineer, you will likely have a made a strong impact in your former positions, so aside from listing your main duties, skills and experience, you might want to highlight quantifiable information such as performance metrics and revenue.

Not only will you show yourself to be an achiever, but this will also illuminate the impact of your work and show employers just what you can do for them.

As a senior software engineer, you might have delivered pioneering technologies that increased annual revenue by 45%, or maybe you researched practical program developments which saved the company £300,000. If this is the case, highlight it. It could make all the difference and save your CV from landing in the reject pile.

The résumé sample below includes some key achievements such as the different awards that the candidate has received – this will set them apart from other applicants in the field.

Juan Huerta software developer résumé exampleVisualCV

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4. Career changer CV

Since the software development field covers a variety of job titles, from software engineer to computer scientist, it can be particularly challenging to outline your information in the most attractive way. If you’re looking to move into a role with a different job title, it might be good practice to blend both hard and soft skills with your most relevant experience and accomplishments.

If you’re looking to move into a position within the software and IT industry, you might want to focus on your transferrable skills relating to problem-solving, research and IT systems.

Below is an example of a skills-based CV, otherwise known as a functional CV, which focuses on transferable skills and certain aspects of the candidate’s experience.

Career changer CV exampleZety

5. Frontend engineer CV

Frontend software engineers typically specialise in the development of a user interface (UI), which comprises visual components such as presentation, aesthetics and interaction. Therefore, your CV will need to document your technical skills, rather than just a list of duties, in a way that will land an interview in IT.

The résumé sample below focuses on the candidate’s technical capabilities, including in developing user-facing functionality using various languages, scripts and frameworks. The professional profile explicitly mentions the candidate’s proficiency in the development and testing of UI frameworks, as well as marketable skills such as fluency in client-side languages such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS3 and XML.

Frontend UI developer résumé exampleQwikResume

6. Backend engineer CV

Since backend engineers often work closely with frontend engineers to enable the functionality of web applications and to create a faultless, functional experience for the end-user, it goes without saying that their résumé will closely resemble that of a frontend developer.

Indeed, your résumé should reflect the qualities of a backend engineer, such as your attention to detail, your ability to design and implement core logic, and your experience in the use of APIs to integrate data systems, caches and email systems.

The résumé template below illustrates the candidate’s key offerings at a glance, which is vital since recruiters are busy people and seldom have time to read lengthy, technical skills sections.

Backend developer résumé exampleWozber

7. Full stack engineer CV

Since full stack engineers oversee both frontend and backend efforts, they’re generally fully conversant in all aspects or ‘stacks’ required to develop a fully functional web application. This can make it difficult to showcase all your technical skills on a two-page CV.

As a full stack engineer, your résumé should demonstrate that you’re skilled in a range of technologies including server-side scripting languages, databases, client-side support, and servers and systems engineering, all of which are required for project completion.

The example below uses a template that not only demonstrates that the candidate has mastered at least one scripting language but also mentions the candidate’s technical capabilities in creating multiple highly scalable applications using different tech stacks.

Full stack JavaScript developer résumé exampleHiration

The summary section here is also noteworthy, which is used to outline the applicant’s technical capabilities and experience while avoiding soft skills and cliché expressions. While there are numerous ways to highlight your primary expertise when writing your CV, you will want to be sure that you start with an engaging yet punchy professional profile, since this is generally what recruiters will see first.

8. QA engineer CV

A QA engineer is usually responsible for overseeing the product development process, from inception to completion. Therefore, a good QA engineer CV is likely to outline knowledge of quality validation purposes and the ability to automate tests, tools and techniques to ensure the optimum functionality of products and processes.

As a QA engineer, you’ll be required to present relevant skills and knowledge for the jobs that you’re applying for, so it’s crucial to outline these early on. Responsibilities such as evaluating source code, testing product functionality, conducting tests, identifying bugs and returning the product to developers for modification are just some of the things you may do, so you will want to be sure to include these items.

Below is a sample of a good CV which outlines the duties of a QA engineer in a clear and concise bullet point format.

Software QA engineer résumé exampleQwikResume

9. DevOps engineer CV

DevOps engineers usually work alongside software engineers and IT teams and cover both development and operations functions. Therefore, your CV should focus on the primary function of a DevOps professional, which is to manage the application infrastructure and to oversee code releases and deployments.

With most engineers being primarily focused on deployment and network operations, this CV should highlight a candidate’s familiarity with the software development lifecycle, various automation tools and technologies used to construct systems for the construction, deployment, integration and administration of backend software and distributed systems.

The DevOps CV sample below incorporates all the elements that make up an impressive CV and provides an intense amount of detail on the technical duties that are expected of a DevOps engineer.

DevOps engineer résumé exampleKickresume

10. Security engineer CV

A security engineer specialises in the creation of systems, techniques and tools to test software security. Since they’re fundamentally concerned with all security aspects of system design, it goes without saying that this should be the focus on their CV. It’s also crucial to include mention of experience in the exploitation and fixing of any security imperfections that might compromise company systems and software. After all, you will be hired on your ability to provide seamless engineering solutions to satisfy functionality and user requirements.

Below is a CV template which outlines the candidate’s experience in solving security issues, testing systems for vulnerabilities, managing VPNs and security programmes, and in the creation of virus detection systems.

Network security engineer résumé exampleQwikResume

What next?

The next step is to compile your CV. If you’re not sure how to go about this or don’t feel quite up to challenge, the good news is that we have a team of professional CV writers at hand to help you create a job-winning CV!

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How did you go about putting your software engineer CV together? Have any of these examples inspired you to create yours? Let us know in the comments section below.