Top 10 Countries Where Women Have the Most Power


Did know that for every 100 women in the world, there are 101 men? Males outnumber females by 1%, which may not seem like a lot, but it really is considering that there are roughly 7 billion people in the world

When you think of the "most powerful people in the world", your first thought is probably Presidents, CEOs, billionaires, and moguls--most of which are men. But women are taking their rightful place in the world stage more and more every day. Take for example, the German chancellor Angela Merkel or the U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Here are some of the countries where women have the most power:

1. Rwanda


In the African nation of Rwanda, women rule in Parliament. Nearly 64% of the members of the Rwandan Parliament are female!

2. Andorra


The tiny country of Andorra--nestled in the Pyrenees, between Spain and France--has a Parliament made up of 50% women.

3. Cuba


It’s hard to believe that Communist Cuba is a place of female empowerment, but it’s true! Their Parliament is made up of 48.9% women--nearly half.

4. Sweden

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Sweden is rated as one of the top countries in the world for women. Though the country’s economic opportunities for women are slightly lower than the U.S, the chances for a woman to be politically empowered are much better. 45% of the leaders in the Swedish Parliament are female.

5. South Africa

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Women in South Africa receive equal educational opportunities as American women do, though they have fewer economic opportunities. However, nearly 45% of the legislative body in South Africa is comprised of women.

6. Seychelles


The East African island of Seychelles is more than just a beautiful place to live--it’s also a great place to be a female politician! Of the members of Parliament, 43.8% of them are women, meaning women have the power to make changes here.

7. Senegal


Senegal, a small country on the West Coast of Africa, is a country where women have a good deal of power. Men dominate 56.7% of Parliament. However, a remarkable 43.3% of the legislative body are women.

8. Finland


Women in Finland receive an education superior to American women, simply because of the higher standard of education in the country! They might enjoy the same standards of health and health care, but their political empowerment is far better. The Finnish Parliament is made up of 42.5% women.

9. Ecuador


The South American country--famous for its location on the equator--is a good place to be a woman. The Ecuadorian Parliament is made up of 41.6% female and 58.4% male, a pretty solid ratio considering the "macho" attitudes of many South and Latin American countries.

10. Belgium


While women in Belgium may not receive the same educational or economic opportunities as American women, they are a much stronger force for change in politics. The Belgian Parliament is only 58.7% male, with 41.3% of the members being female.

If you want to live in a country where women are empowered to do more, these are the countries for you! Where would you rather live if you were an aspiring woman of power?