Top Jobs for Left/Right Brained People


Are you a left-brained or a right-brained person? If you have no idea, begin by listing some of the things you like or love doing. Do you, for instance, love singing or expressing emotions through art? ...Yes? Chances are high you are a right-brained person. On the other side, left-brained people are turned on by science and other technical stuff. Psychologists identify them as critical thinkers with a high problem-solving ability.

Read on to learn some of the common jobs for left-brained and right-brained people.

1. Left-Brained

Research Scientist

If the left hemisphere of your brain is dominant, then becoming a scientist will help you make the most of it. Since you are very good at critical thinking and analyzing data, the world needs you to make breakthrough discoveries that can solve problems such as HIV/AIDS and Ebola.

Salary: $75,705 (Payscale: $75,705 (Payscale).


Left-brained people have an aptitude for numbers. Combining this ability with their high levels of accuracy makes them ideal candidates for an accounting job. With such a person, employers can essentially forget about the consequences of accounting errors in business.

Salary: $73,670 (BLS)


To win a case in a court law, a lawyer must demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that his or her client is innocent. Because left-brained people are obsessed with facts and have a superior mastery of language, they no doubt make good lawyers. They can obtain facts with relative ease, and present them to judges in a convincing manner.

Salary: $76,781(Payscale)

Computer Programmer

Computer programmers are the professionals behind the software programs that have made our lives much easier. It takes a critical-thinker with excellent complex problem-solving skills to write code and develop software that, for instance, enables a rocket to land on the moon, or a car to self-drive.

Salary: $82,690 (BLS)

2. Right-Brained


When it comes to music, right-brained people have no match. Their high levels of creativity and imagination makes them perfect candidates for a songwriting career. They are also good at expressing their feelings and emotions, so you they can easily write songs for various moods.

Salary: $40,000 (

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are the masters of visual art. They create eye-catching images for magazines and other types of print and electronic media. So if you a right-brained person, your superior visualization and creative skills will come in handy in this profession.

Salary: $40,433 (Payscale)

Art Therapist

Right-brained folks can also pursue a career in mental health. Art therapists use their artistic, creative and imaginative skills to develop artwork that can help mental health patients explore their feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, reduce anxiety and increase self-esteem.

Salary: $40,369 (Payscale).

Motivational Speaker

According to Mental Math Schools, holistic thinking is another characteristic of right-brained people. If you want to become a motivational speaker, this is what you need. To give talks or speeches that can inform, motivate or inspire an audience, you must be able to take a holistic –rather than analytical – approach to various issues.

Salary: $61,000 (Indeed)

3. Whole-Brained?

What if your brain lacks a dominant side? While this is for psychologists to answer, it is safe to say people who exhibit both right-brain and left-brain patterns of thought have superior intellectual abilities. I mean, look at Leonardo da Vinci. He was a renowned painter, architect, sculptor, engineer, inventor, geologist, musician and mathematician!

With a whole brain, you could become a genius!

So take a brain test to determine if your right or left brain hemisphere is dominant, and discover the jobs that can bring out the best in you. Let us know which side of your brain is dominant in the comment section below...