How To Use Flirting To Make Your Job Easier

If you take a group of adults and put them together in the same space for an extended period of time, those people will eventually form relationships. Most are innocent, friendly, platonic ones; others are of the banging boots in the supply room variety. Although frowned upon, flirtation amongst the hired help is going to happen, now if the flirting’s intent is to get one’s jollies off or to progress their career it is an entirely different story…and since careeraddict is a career orientated site, we might as well look at how you can use flirting to make your job easier.

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It’s Awkward For Everyone

OK, maybe not a how-to step, but a disclaimer, because I want to be a responsible internet writer. Here goes…flirting, especially of the overt type in the workplace is awkward as hell for everyone in proximity to hear or see. Try to be subtle, put a little sway in your hips as you pass Nancy’s desk or strategically drop something next to her desk and slowly bend over to pick it up, never breaking eye-contact.

Although all those scenarios are the embodiment of awkward at least they don’t make anyone but Nancy uncomfortable (also I’d like to point out that both those scenarios are unwelcome advances and constitute sexual harassment which could result in job termination).

The Nitty Gritty

If we really look at flirting in context, in a business context that is, it really boils down to presentation. It’s not like you would go into a meeting with senior members of the board or administration in flip-flops and a sarong would you. Also, if you knew that the person immediately above you hated a specific article of clothing that you wore, let’s be honest sequined lime green tuxedo shirts with nipple tassels aren’t for everyone, you’d actively avoid wearing it right.

Inversely if you noticed an article of clothing got you lots of compliments, would you actively pursue wearing it? Well, flirting with a higher up is a little like that, just not so much to boost your confidence and a lot more deviant.

It’s a Tool

When advancing your career, you use all tools available to you. Some of those tools are intellectual, experiential and others are well your bodacious bod. If you do it right, it can even remain in the realm of “platonic flirtation” as in a type of flirtation that has boundaries and just functions to boost the recipient’s confidence and feeling of attractiveness. It doesn’t necessary need to go into the realm of sexuality. So how do you “platonically flirt” with someone to help your career?

How To Platonically Flirt

According to Nicole Williams in this Forbes article, platonically flirting is easy, for example, a senior partner once sent an email of questionable appropriateness which read “nice shoes.” From that day on, Williams made a point to always wear heels when she had a meeting with the creepy “nice shoes” partner. She also says that it shoudn’t be considered dirty or unethical but an extension of networking…OK so with that conclusion if you have any problem with this article take it up with Mrs. Williams, not me.

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