Why Singing in the Office Is Good for You

Worker playing guitar singing in the office

There is plenty of evidence that listening to music at work can improve your performance, but what about singing? Does it work the same way? Many studies have shown that there are some similarities between the effects of listening to music and singing that can help you and the rest of the team be more productive. But, this, of course, depends on how you are planning to use singing to your benefit.   

A prime example where singing is allowed is at Inquisium. Even though singing here is done in the form of an amusing punishment, it is nevertheless effective. The company introduced singing as a penalty for arriving late to meetings. Whoever came in late, had to sing a song in front of the team. So far Inquisium’s employees have heard the national anthem, the happy birthday song and a couple of nursing rhymes. Why not right?

If you are curious to learn why singing at the office can be good for you, here is your proof.

1. It changes your mood


Singing is a sign of self-expression. The difference with producing music yourself as opposed to listening to music is that it gives you much greater satisfaction. So even though hearing an upbeat song will make you happy, the only way you are going to truly enjoy it is when you sign it out loud. As TIME magazine confirms, singing releases endorphins which are associated with feelings of pleasure. This allows you to further express yourself which is never a bad thing, although you might want to keep it down a notch to allow other people to work effectively.

2. It helps you bond with your peers


Getting everyone involved in the singing will allow you to connect with your coworkers in a deep and more profound way. So, instead of just sticking to the plain ‘good mornings’ and ‘goodbyes’ that you exchange with your work mates every day consider jazzing things up a little. It will help you create a more safe, relaxed and non-judgmental work environment. Many companies have identified the benefit of singing. Amongst those is PMBC Group, which organizes karaoke nights for its employees to helps them bond and develop a sense of trust.

3. It reduces stress

Did you know that singing can be a great stress reliever? When you are feeling too overwhelmed at work, sing a quiet hymn to find out if that works for you. While this might sound funny, singing out loud has been proven to decreases anxiety. This is due to the oxytocin hormone being released which is said to relieve stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness.

4. It can make you a leader


Singing out loud isn’t for the faint-hearted, it is for people who are willing to put themselves out there without the fear of being judged. If you are the office singer, it could mean that you are an initiator of ideas and a groundbreaker. So why not suggest singing become part of your company culture? Who knows, others might follow you too, and you could even become the choir conductor. On the plus side, this will make you look like a leader. Conductors are actually considered to be really good leaders

5. It makes you more creative

Music and especially singing makes you more relaxed and allows you to be yourself. This information becomes important when talking about workplace productivity. Singing has some amazing benefits to the way employees work as it allows them to think more creatively and be more open to differing opinions. PMBC Group’s accounting executive Andrew McCrea says that “singing in front of one another has allowed us to truly create an office culture where no idea is stupid or bad, which has led to a tonne of light bulb moments.”


As you can see, singing has so much more to offer than you think. So, next time you are at work, and you think of a tune that you want to sing, don’t be afraid to do it loud and clear and then encourage your colleagues to jump in!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sing while you work? What do you think? Let me know in the comments section below…