The 10 Best Travel Programs for Remote Workers

Itching to travel and earn money at the same time? Check out these awesome travel programs.

Reviewed by Hayley Ramsey

Person working remotely on one of the best travel programs

In recent years, as remote working has really taken off, a whole host of companies have started to offer remote working travel programs for people who have the freedom to be able to work from anywhere in the world. These so-called “digital nomads” need the time and resources to commit to their projects but are also keen to connect with like-minded people and to learn about where they are visiting.

There is no shortage of travel programs to help professionals navigate the sometimes complex world of remote working and to support people in these goals, and every one of them has different remote-working benefits. This article covers the ten best remote work travel programs; what makes them so good, and what the costs are if you wish to benefit from with them.

1. Remote Year

Remote Year specializes in four- and twelve-month itineraries but does offer much shorter trips as well. Their travel programs help digital nomads discover plenty of new places, from the Americas to South Africa and the Far East and sets up social and professional networking between tour members. Remote Year aims to make the travel experience as straightforward as possible, handling the planning and directly arranging networking opportunities, leaving the travelers to work and socialize as they please.

Costs vary depending on what kind of trip you are looking for. For example, a week in The Azores will cost around $2,100, compared to 12 months around the world, which will set you back $32,000. Costs are broken down into down payments and fees. The down payment is payable in advance of the trip, and fees are monthly payments that cover accommodation, travel between destinations, remote working spaces and some networking events.

2. Venture with Impact

Venture with Impact aims to allow digital nomads to be as productive as they can be while connecting them with local volunteering or community causes, allowing them to really immerse themselves with a destination's nuances. Participants can stay for a month or add on subsequent months at discounted rates. Current programs are focused on Mexico, Colombia, Thailand and Portugal.

Prices range from $2,000 per month (Thailand) to $2,600 (Lisbon) with a 10% discount on this for each additional month stayed. Venture with Impact offers a lot included in this, including orientations and tours, language and culture courses, co-working spaces, day trips, volunteering opportunities and high-speed internet.

3. Hacker Paradise

Hacker Paradise is similar to Remote Year, but with an emphasis on flexibility. The company encourages travelers to come and go as they please, with some travelers staying with them for a few days, others for months. Trips are usually centered on one destination at a time, with plenty of options ranging from classic European city breaks to far-flung retreats like Bali or Kenya. With plenty of places to stay and programs of varying length, Hacker Paradise is a great option for digital nomads starting their journey or looking to meet lots of new people.

Pricing starts from $1,650 for two weeks, or a month for $2,290 with opportunities to travel longer and pay less per month. Costs include accommodation, co-working space, socialization events and mentoring opportunities.

4. Nomad Train

As the name might suggest, Nomad Train offers rail journeys for digital nomads. Choosing this romantic means of travel is a sustainable option that can cover many different destinations while providing remote working space onboard. Currently, the service is focused on the Trans-Siberian Railway, visiting destinations like Moscow, Kazan, Novosibirsk and Vladivostok. The trips take about two weeks, but it should be noted that Nomad Train’s services might be suspended at present due to the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Costs start at $1,395 for the journey. This includes workspace and WiFi aboard the train, activities such as yoga and talks on the train, and field trips at the various stops.

5. Coworkations

Coworkstations also focuses on flexibility, with month-long programs in a variety of cities around the world, which currently comprise over seventy “digital nomad retreats”, including in the Norwegian fjords, Tuscany, Bali and Medellín. The aim of Coworkstations is to link up like-minded travelers — who have limited time to travel — and place them in retreats where they can live and work alongside each other. Consequently, you need to set up a travel profile and search for communities where you might feel more at home.

Trips start at $2,000 per month, depending on the retreat, and Coworkstations offer discounts if you stay on for longer than a month. The cost includes accommodation, co-working arrangements and other overheads. 

6. Behere

Behere caters to female digital nomads who are looking for accommodation, workspaces and gym memberships in sought-after destinations, such as London, Barcelona, Lisbon and Bali. The platform focuses more on the space provided rather than networking, and therefore might be more suited to female remote workers who are looking to travel and explore by themselves.

Behere annual membership starts at $990, with monthly accommodation starting at around $1,400. This includes a co-working space, utilities, gym facilities and access to a host who can show you around the city.

7. WiFi Tribe

WiFi Tribe aims to bring together digital nomads and immerse them in local cultures, not only allowing them to get to know each other, but the locations they are visiting. Building from a central, ‘original’ group, WiFi Tribe takes travelers through four-week chapters that travel the world, and the longer you travel with them, the cheaper it will be. There are no pre-set routes, and you can choose between shared rooms or solo rooms. Space is limited, so there is a regimented application process before you are selected. Upcoming locations include Turkey, Italy, Peru, the Canary Islands, Scotland and Bolivia.

Annual membership comes in at $500, and chapter costs start at $1,200. This cost includes WiFi, accommodation, utilities, cleaning and workspaces.

8. Unsettled

Unsettled offers one- or two-week adventures or month-long retreats, aimed at offering remote working professionals all the tools they need to work, while connecting people with others and local communities. The idea behind Unsettled is to empower these professionals and spur them on to achieve more. The company prides itself on attracting senior leaders from some of the largest and most respected remote companies around. Experiences are offered in many locations, the next ones up being Bali, Argentina, The British Virgin Islands and Colombia. 

Prices start at around $2022 for one week, and from around $2,379 for month-long retreats. Prices include curated local experiences and space and resources to work.

9. WiFly Nomads

WiFly Nomads is geared towards enabling travelers to find remote working opportunities. The company offers a signature five-day program which will train and empower professionals to find their dream remote working role. Each consists of workshops, training seminars, and networking breaks to help you plan out your remote working journey. Virtual sessions are held after the training course has finished, as well. The program is geared towards small groups and currently runs in Bali only.

There is a one-off cost of $3,997 to join the programme. This includes all training, workshops and materials, excursions, accommodation in private villas, all meals, airport transfers, a local SIM card and amenities.

10. Selina

Selina is a little different from the other travel programs featured in this article as it is more akin to a hotel company, allowing travelers to book experiences based on their own needs, availability and wants. The company offers accommodation and co-working spaces that can be booked for any time period, basically on a pay-as-you-go basis. Most working spaces are booked separately and are located nearby accommodations; the practicalities of this are all taken care of by Selina. In addition, travelers are expected to contribute to the local community in at least one way during their stay. Selina operates almost globally, with locations in most countries around the world.

These are completely dependent on where you are staying and for how long. You reserve your room like you would a hotel, and the rates are shown afterwards. There is flexible cancellation as an added bonus, too.

Final thoughts

With every travel program for remote working being so unique, and many of them costing a lot of money to participate in, it is important you shop around to find out which one might be best suited to your own needs and expectations. Think about what you want to know and learn when you are traveling, and how much space and time you need for work. You might want to travel with others, or by yourself. Whatever your needs, there's going to be a program right up your street to help you make the most out of your remote working experience — the world is your oyster.

Are you thinking of joining a travel program? Where would you like to visit and work? Let us know in the comments!