How to Write a Sponsorship Letter (with Samples)

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Have you ever asked a stranger for money? It can be pretty intimidating, and asking for sponsorship is an equally daunting a task. If you’re going to write a letter requesting sponsorship, it’s important that it’s done correctly. After all, no one is just going to give you their money without a good reason, so writing a professional sponsorship letter is the key to your success.

Structure Your Letter Perfectly

First off, you’ll need to learn the proper layout for your sponsorship letter. Business letters should follow a very strict criteria and a business letter that doesn’t match the criteria makes you look unprofessional. If you want your sponsorship letter to be taken seriously, it’s essential that it’s written according to the layout specified in this link…

Once you have the proper letterhead, ensured that you have addressed it to the correct person (by name and organization), it’s time to introduce yourself. If you’re part of an organization, introduce the organization and its goals. If the sponsorship letter is for you, tell the reader all the important information they need to know about you

  • Background
  • History
  • Skills
  • Experience

All of this should be included in a sentence or two. You don’t want to bore the reader with too much irrelevant information.

Your Sponsorship Letter’s Purpose

Next, proceed to explain the reason for your letter. Describe the event you want to attend, the cause you want to help, or the campaign you are fundraising for. Make sure to spell out all of the details clearly, giving details of the date, location, purpose and other pertinent information relating to the event.

Explain Why They Should Help You

Follow this with an explanation of why you are writing for sponsorship. Whether it’s giving to a cause, raising funds for a political campaign, or asking for sponsorship to enable you to attend an event, explain WHY you can’t cover the cost yourself.


  • "As a non-profit organization…"
  • "We’d like to invite you to contribute to Mr. X’s political campaign…"
  • "I am requesting financial aid due to my current situation…"

Make sure to be polite when writing the letter. Don’t say, "I want your money" even though that’s really what you want to say. Instead, talk about how "grateful" you are for their support of the cause, event, or person.

If there are multiple sponsorship options, list them for the recipient of your letter. They may not be able to give ALL the money you need, but you can give them a way to help in some way by listing the various sponsorship options. If you give them options, you are more likely to get some of the money you are looking for. Lots of companies like to be associated with good causes and events even if they have a small PR budget.

Say Thank You

Close the letter with a heartfelt thank-you, particularly for the time they are spending reading your letter and considering your request. As a busy professional, it’s nice to be recognized that your time is valuable. By thanking the sponsor for their time, you endear yourself to them.

Note: You may be tempted to thank the person for their generosity in advance, but many people see that as presumption. Carefully consider if you want to thank them in advance, or stick with just thanking them for their time.

Proofread and Edit

Once you’ve finished the letter, just like anything you write, it’s time to proofread the sponsorship request and fix any errors, misspelt words, or typos. Nothing ruins an appeal for sponsorship faster than a poorly written letter, so make sure that it’s properly checked by multiple people in order to avoid mistakes!

Sample Letters

For more information on sponsorship letter and proposal writing, check out the information on this page...

Here are some sample letters you can mimic in style and content:

Have you ever written a sponsorship proposal letter? What methods did you use?

Let us know in the comments section below…

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