24 Most Popular Apps Students Need to Succeed

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I remember my first day at university; it was the most daunting day ever! I didn’t know how to get to campus, what bus I should be take, or where I could go for lunch nearby (stress overload!). The idea of living on your own for the first time, managing your finances (urgh) and meeting strangers is a lot to take on board. You do not need to fret anymore – I have tried and tested all the apps on the market and have compiled a ride or die list so you can walk into student life without qualms.

Personal Finance

The idea of handling your own money is often daunting. If you’re like me, budgeting and money handling really isn’t your forte. Luckily for us, there are some really great apps that can help you keep your finances in check.

Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard aims to help you save money, budget effectively and make better decisions. It works by keeping tabs on your spending across all your accounts so you know exactly what your outgoings are.

Available on: Android & iOS - Free


Similar to Money Dashboard, Monzo keeps track of your expenses. You will need to link your card to the app and sign up for a pre-paid budget. Once your spending reaches this budget you will be notified; over time you will get more familiar with your shopping allowance which means less beans on toast for you.

Available on: Android & iOS - Free

ATM Hunter

Have you ever been in the situation where you have just come out of the nightclub, its 3 am, your tired, cold and hungry and are in the queue at the kebab shop but realise you have no cash and you don’t know how far the nearest ATM is? ATM Hunter is the solution to that dreadful problem. This genius app uses geolocation to find the nearest cash-points in your area and even tells you which one charges and which doesn’t – gift-send!

Available on: Android & iOS - Free


Payfriendz is used for lending and borrowing money. If you’re living in a house share and splitting the bills, this is the perfect way to keep those awkward money chats separate from your social ones. It’s also useful if you’re arranging a concert or another social event where you will need to split the bill. The only downside is that you need to connect your card to the application first.

Available on: Android & iOS - Free


Redlaser & Idealo

Have you ever bought something on an impulse and then seen it cheaper in another store a few days later? Annoying right? The helpful app Redlaser allows you to scan barcodes while shopping to see if your desired product is available for less elsewhere. Likewise, Idealo is also a popular price comparison app.

Available on: Android & iOS - Free (Redlaser)

Available on: Android & iOS - Free (Idealo)


MySupermarket is great for finding the best bargain with your food shopping; whether it’s online or in store, this app will make sure you’re always paying the lowest prices for every item on your shopping list.

Available on: Android & iOS - Free

Shpock & Paperclip

Shpock is the ultimate boot sale app; gone are the days where you have to wake up early and set up a stool in the pouring rain at the car boot sale. Now with this wonderful invention, you can buy and sell items in your neighbourhood and surrounding areas. Similarly, Paperclip follows the same concept with the added bonus of being able to swap your goods too.

Available on: Android & iOS - Free (Shpock)

Available on: Android & iOS - Free (Paperclip)


Although there are lots of voucher apps out there, this one is hands-down my favourite. The simplicity of the app is key, and the near me function allows you to find available deals in less than a second. Did anyone say half-price at Prezzo’s? count me in!

Available on: Android & iOS - Free



By now you surely must have heard or used the most popular travel app going. Just with one click, you can have a taxi-driver available at a low cost. An added bonus is that your journey is tracked on a map too if your friend has been dropped off and wants to know if you’ve reached your location yet, she can!

Available on: Android & iOS - Free


At this point in your life, you are probably spending a lot of your time travelling from University to see your friends and relatives back home. Trainline is one of the cheapest ways to find train tickets and save money with early purchases.

Available on: Android & iOS - Free


Do you have a car but don’t use it because you can’t afford the parking in London? This smart little saving gem is designed to help you locate all the free parking areas in your current location.

Available on: Android & iOS - Free

In-app purchases: £4.99

Food & Dining 


This application is great for finding the top restaurants and bars in your desired area. It also turns your visits into a check-in-game where you can compete against your friends and earn points for your check-ins. The points then result in freebies and discounts.

Available on: Android & iOS - Free

Big Oven

Do you find yourself having lots of leftovers and not knowing what to do with them? Big Oven lets you input all your ingredients and gives you a recipe suggestion. Who knew cooking could be so painless?!

Available on: Android & iOS - Free

Study & Learning 

When it comes to coursework and studying we often find ourselves procrastinating and not knowing where to begin or how to structure our essays. The apps below are really great in helping you get your act together.

Istudiez pro

If you’re a list person- this app was made for you. It manages your class schedule, tutor contacts, and upcoming assignments.

Available on: Android & iOS - £2.99

Office lens

This app allows users to photograph a whiteboard, convert it to a PDF, Word or PowerPoint file and store all the data via OneNote or OneDrive – perfect for your last minute revision.

Available on: Android & iOS - Free

Scanner Pro

This innovative app will help you increase your productivity as you will no longer have to worry about paperwork. It easily scans papers or receipts with your iPhone camera and converts it to a PDF which is then saved on iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive.

Available on: Android & iOS - £3.99


This clever app uses your device’s camera to scan a book’s barcode and create a citation in whichever format your University prefers. This will cut down the time spent on your Bibliography in half.

Available on: Android & iOS - Free



Weight-gain at University is inevitable with all the late nights, alcohol and junk-food. Fitwell will help you keep a track of your daily calorie intake and will provide coaching and personal training plans. It also connects to your TV so you will no longer be a couch potato.

Available on: Android & iOS - Free

In-app purchases: £4.99


If you are interested in relaxation and meditation this is a suitable app for you. It offers guides for you to be able to clear your thoughts and improve your focus to have a healthy mind and will reduce your stress levels. It’s best to meditate once you wake up to ensure that your day runs smoothly.

Available on: Android & iOS - Free

In-app purchases: from £4.99

Sleep Cycle

If you’re like me and find it hard to part with your bed in the morning, this game-changing app is a godsend. The app analyses your sleep and wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase in the 30-minute window that you have set. You will feel less tired and more rejuvenated when you wake up.

Available on: Android & iOS - Free

In-app purchases: from £0.99


Drunk Mode

Drunk Mode, will save you the blushing after realising you sent an embarrassing message the previous evening. You can block certain people for up to 12 hours and only be able to make contact with the chosen people by answering a math question. Of course, if you’re not ‘with it’ you might not even be able to remember your code let alone know the answer to 12x14.

Available on: Android & iOS - Free


This nifty app is perfect for student life; it assists in finding local events from concerts to comedy shows.

Available on: Android & iOS - Free

These canny apps can help make your student life a tad easier and less nerve-wracking with just a few taps on your smartphone.

Have you used any of these apps? If so drop us a line in the comment section below with your thoughts…