The 35 Best Student Apps You Shouldn’t Live Without

Reviewed by Chris Leitch

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Going to college is a big step; living on your own, managing finances, attending classes and making new friendships can be quite overwhelming at first.

As you start this new chapter of your life, you might need some help juggling all these new facets. Whether you need a little guidance with money management or a more efficient way to schedule your routine, we’ve got your back!

These 35 helpful student apps will make uni life a breeze.

Money and personal finance

1. Revolut

Available on Android and iOS (free)

Money management is one of the main things you’ll learn how to do when you’re in college. With Revolut, this becomes a lot easier. From spending analytics to money transfers and personal vaults, you will have complete control over your finances.

2. Mint

Available on Android and iOS (free)

Mint is another great budgeting app that allows you to track your bills, balances and credit score by keeping your finances all in one place. You’ll also receive custom tips and savings based on your lifestyle and goals.

3. Splitwise

Available on Android and iOS (free)

Splitting the bill on a night out with friends can be tricky. But fear not – this app allows you to track and split your shared expenses with others without any fuss. This will definitely come in handy when dealing with shared house bills with your flatmates, too.

4. Venmo

Available on Android and iOS (free)

Another quick solution for money transfers is Venmo. Your friends and family can easily send you money which you can then move to your bank account.

BONUS TIP: Consider doing homework for money by using sites like OneCLass and Chegg! 

Studying and learning

5. Studious

Available on Android and iOS (free)

If you need a little help with staying on top of your exams, homework and classes, Studious is a great option. You can easily add all your subjects for school and then organise your timetable to your liking! You can also set reminders and notifications so you won’t forget to hand in that Russian literature paper!

6. Chegg Study

Available on Android and iOS (free)

If you’re stuck in a rut with a difficult homework problem or a tricky assessment, you can instantly ask for help through this app. Chegg gives you access to a vast library of subject guides and grants you expert help on a 24/7 basis.

7. Mathway

Available on Android and iOS (free)

From algebra to trigonometry and statistics to calculus, you can rely on Mathway to solve any equation. All you’ll need to do is type in your math problem to receive an instant answer.

8. Evernote

Available on Android and iOS (free)

With Evernote, you can keep all your lecture notes, memos and lists in one place. Plus, you can easily sync the app with other devices, which means you’ll have access to everything on the go.

9. Brainscape

Available on Android and iOS (free)

Brainscape allows you to find and create smart flashcards which you can use during your revisions and easily share with your course mates. You can even customise the timing for each flashcard and use them to revise from any device you want!

10. Microsoft Office Lens

Available on Android and iOS (free)

This app allows users to photograph a whiteboard, convert it to a PDF, Word or PowerPoint file and store all the data via OneNote or OneDrive – perfect for your last-minute revision.

11. RefMe

Available on Android (free)

This clever app uses your device’s camera to scan a book’s barcode and create a citation in whichever format your university prefers. This will cut down the time spent on your bibliography in half.

12. Otter Voice Meeting Notes

Available on Android and iOS (free)

Notetaking during lectures can be quite stressful, and Otter Voice Meeting Notes helps to alleviate that stress. The app records and makes notes for you so you don’t have to frantically scribble down incomprehensible notes that you won’t be able to read once the class is over. You can also translate recorded text, share it with others and edit it for high accuracy.

13. SimpleMind Lite

Available on Android and iOS (free)

Mind mapping is an effective way to organise your thoughts and break down a complex subject. SimpleMind Lite is an intuitive app with an easy-to-use interface that will make mind mapping that much easier.

Team assessments and group projects

14. Trello

Available on Android and iOS (free)

Trello is great for organising and orchestrating tasks, especially among a group of people. You can easily collaborate with others and distribute tasks as well as track everyone’s progress with just one app.

15. Doodle

Available on Android and iOS (free)

As if working on a group project isn’t hard enough, organising group meet-ups is even harder. With Doodle, you can create a poll with different times and dates and invite others to vote for the ones that are most suitable for them. No more messy group chats and stressful planning for you!

Productivity and organisation

16. Alarmy

Available on Android and iOS (free)

In order to have a productive day, you first need to get out of bed. If you’re a snooze button warrior, this one’s for you. Dubbed as the most annoying alarm clock in the world, Alarmy comes with extremely loud alarm sounds and various missions that will demand your attention to switch it off.

17. Forest

Available on Android (free) and iOS ($1.99)

If you have trouble staying focused during your study sessions, consider giving Forest a go. Its main objective is to help you be in the moment and avoid common distractions (hint: your phone). You can do this by planting virtual trees and allowing them to grow in your chosen time span. The best part? By using the app, you actually help organisations plant real living trees across the globe!

18. Freedom

Available on Android and iOS (free)

It’s easy to get sucked into the social media wormhole, especially when you’re at the library ignoring that paper that’s due on Monday. Freedom will enable you to break away from this bad habit by temporarily blocking apps and websites on your phone and computer. It’s crunch time!

19. Class Timetable

Available on Android and iOS (free)

This is an easy and reliable app that will keep you on track with all your scheduled classes throughout the week and in the upcoming months. You can also opt to get notifications before each class to ensure you’re there on time.


Available on Android and iOS (free)

From to-do lists and planners to checklists and calendars to reminders, offers you anything you might need to stay organised. You can sync your phone calendar with the app, integrate it with numerous other apps such as Gmail, Asana and WhatsApp, share your lists with others, and use voice reminders.

Food and dining

21. Too Good To Go

Available on Android and iOS (free)

Too Good To Go is too good for many reasons. With this app, you can buy high-quality food from local restaurants for as little as £2, which would have otherwise gone to waste. So, you can prevent food waste while also enjoying tasty meals. As a busy student on a budget, this is a win-win! The app is currently available only in European countries, but it’s expected to soon be available in the US too.

22. OLIO

Available on Android and iOS (free)

Another great app for the starving student! You can use it to browse listings by your neighbours and local shops with a surplus of food or other products. When you come across an item you’re interested in, be it an unopened jar of sauce or a bag of carrots, you can arrange to pick it up from them for free!

23. BigOven

Available on Android and iOS (free)

Do you find yourself with lots of leftovers and not knowing what to do with them? BigOven lets you input up to three ingredients and gives you a recipe suggestion. You can also create a shared grocery list with your housemates and mark off items when bought.


24. Depop

Available on Android and iOS (free)

If you love fashion and can’t resist a good bargain, Depop is the app for you. You can use this app to purchase vintage pieces, sneakers and streetwear brands you love at a good price. You could even use this platform to set up your own business by selling your unwanted clothes and accessories.


Available on Android and iOS (free)

You can find the best student offers and exclusive discounts on hundreds of brands with UNiDAYS. All you need to do to get started is confirm your student status through your university email.

26. Shpock

Available on Android and iOS (free)

Shpock is the ultimate boot sale app. Gone are the days where you have to wake up early and set up a stool in the pouring rain at the car boot sale. Now with this wonderful invention, you can buy and sell items in your neighbourhood and surrounding areas.


27. Fitbit

Available on Android and iOS (free)

Inevitably, your diet will undergo some changes at college with all the late nights, alcohol and junk food. Fitbit will help you keep track of your daily calorie intake and will you with personalised guidance and health programmes so you can stay healthy, or at least healthy-ish.

28. Headspace

Available on Android and iOS (free)

If you’re interested in relaxation and meditation, this is a suitable app for you. Headspace helps you clear your thoughts and improve your focus. It’s also great for reducing stress levels and maintaining a healthy mind.

29. Sleep Cycle

Available on Android and iOS (free)

The app analyses your sleep patterns and wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase in the 30-minute window that you set. You will feel less tired and more rejuvenated when you wake up.

Social and safety

30. Eventbrite

Available on Android and iOS (free)

This nifty app is perfect for student life. It helps with finding local events from concerts and comedy shows to festivals and even networking events. So, whether you want to boost your extracurricular activities or enhance your professional connections, this app is a definite must.

31. SmartWatcher

Available on Android and iOS (free)

Whether you’re on a night out with friends or walking home after pulling a late night at the library, it’s important to stay safe. SmartWatcher acts as a personal safety solution for any emergency, as you can notify selected people at the click of a button and share your location with them.

32. bSafe

Available on Android and iOS (free)

Another great safety app to give a try is bSafe. You can send an SOS message to your chosen contacts by just clicking a button or by saying a key phrase. Your friends can also access your location and receive an emergency video from you, if needed.

33. Wise Drinking

Available on Android and iOS (free)

I know, I know… tracking your alcohol consumption on a night out might seem like a buzzkill but hear me out. Not only can you keep track of your alcohol intake, but you can also use this app to find various means of transportation depending on your location.


34. Trainline

Available on Android and iOS (free)

At this point in your life, you’re probably spending a lot of your time travelling from university to see your friends and relatives back home. Trainline is one of the cheapest ways to find train tickets and save money with early purchases.

35. Couchsurfing

Available on Android and iOS (free)

Use this app to meet up with locals and find accommodation during your travels. You can also opt in host other travellers when they visit your college town, but be sure to practise good housemate etiquette and ask your roommates first.

With a whole catalogue of apps to choose from, life at college can be a breeze – well, if you subtract the exams, deadlines and midterms ahead! Still, with just a handful of these apps, student life will be a tad easier.

Which of these apps are your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below!

This article is an updated version of an earlier article originally published on 11 August 2017.