40 Cool Accessories to Completely Transform Your Cubicle

Take your cubicle from “blah” to “oh-my-gah”!

Cubicle accessories

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If you’re going to spend most of your waking day at your desk, you better make sure that your environment is inviting. And while you can’t redecorate the entire office and get rid of the clinical white walls, you can spruce up your workspace with a few cubicle accessories.

So, to up your décor and make your workspace more fun, read through our list of ideas below, and incorporate them into your new cubicle design.

1. Flexible mirror

A sure-fire way to make a tiny cubicle look bigger is by adding a mirror to your workspace. It will ensure that you look fabulous throughout the day and guarantee that you won’t be walking around with parts of your lunch stuck in your teeth ever again!

2. Inspirational wall art

Instead of covering your walls with the office phone list and any other formal or otherwise boring documents, make it worthwhile with this motivational wall art. It not only looks cool, but it’s uplifting, too!

3. Polished dyed blue agate bookends

Do you tend to have books thrown around your desk? If so, keep them in a neat and tidy place with these eye-catching bookends! Even if you don’t read them, you’ll add a cute accessory to your cubicle!

4. Rainbow tassel garland

Spruce up your cubicle walls with this colorful garland to give your desk some true festival vibes.

5. LED desk lamp with USB charging port

If the fluorescent lighting in your office is not only killing your mood but also straining your eyes, why not add some warmth back into your area with this multipurpose desk lamp?

6. Assorted decorative faux succulents

Experts say that plants increase happiness and productivity, but if you’re not a major plant lover, why not invest in these super cute faux succulents to get your green fingers underway?

7. French coffee press

Take your coffee game up a notch by investing in this fancy French press. It won’t only add character to your surroundings but also ensure that you always have freshly brewed beans.

8. Marble ceramic coffee mug

If you’ve invested in the French press, you’ll need a fancy mug to drink your coffee. Look no further than this modern marble design that will be the envy of the office!

9. PU leather coaster set

We all know that every great mug needs an accompanying coaster. And this leather coaster set with its elegant design will suit any cubicle setting.

10. Prisma picture frame

When you spend so much time confined to your cubicle walls, you’ll need something to remind you of home. This super stylish frame set will not only add a great feature to your desk but also keep you motivated by reminding yourself why you work so hard.

11. Mini USB refrigerator

We all have those moments when we’re too busy to step away from our desks and get a refreshing drink from the kitchen. Say “goodbye” to those days by investing in this super-cool USB fridge and say “hello” to always having a cool beverage at hand!

12. Over-the-cubicle storage hooks

If you happen to throw your handbag on the floor and your coat over the back of your chair, you may be in dire need of these useful organizer hooks. They’re perfect for hanging accessories or clothing to keep your clutter to a minimum.

13. Mesh hanging file storage

Tray stacks are annoying and stuffy and take up half your desk. To solve your space issues and store your important documents safely, invest in these file pockets that neatly hook over your cubicle wall.

14. Ergonomic footrest

This footrest fits discreetly under your desk and promotes good posture by forcing you to sit with your legs and knees straight to support your back.

15. Elephant phone stand with pencil holder

Keep your phone safe in one place with this nifty multipurpose holder. It won’t only act as a great decoration but also as a phone stand and stationery holder.

16. Metal desk monitor stand with organizer

Do you have a crooked neck from staring at your screen all day? Relieve some tension by bringing your monitor to eye level with this handy monitor stand. It also has compartments to store your most-used gadgets.

17. 5-piece desk organizer set

To really up your desk game, become the organization king or queen by investing in this must-have organizer set. You’ll not only have matching accessories but also add a hint of color into your gray surroundings.

18. Felt letter board

Up your note-taking antics by investing in this felt letter board. You can leave yourself reminders and inspirational quotes or just use it to make your desk feel ultra-cool.

19. Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser

For a mental getaway, invest in an essential oil diffuser that freshens the air and sprays a scent of your choice. It will be sure to cover up your cubicle mate’s fishy lunch and take you to a place full of petals and roses.

20. Aquarium plant pot fish bubble

If your office isn’t pet-friendly, consider investing in this small fish bubble to bring some joy into your dull days. Your boss won’t even notice that there’s a live fish inside!

21. Brushed copper desk fan

When the office reaches high temperatures, you need something to keep you cool and calm. And instead of fighting with the AC control all day, why not invest in this miniature USB fan to blow air directly on your face?

22. Rose gold rechargeable mouse

Got a thing for rose-gold office supplies? If you answered “yes”, this would fit nicely in your office cubicle. You’ll also never need to hunt out new batteries, as it’s rechargeable, too!

23. Ladybug mini desktop vacuum

If you happen to eat at your desk (no judging), then you’re bound to end up with crumbs in your keyboard. This mini desktop vacuum will suck up your lunch remains before anyone cottons on to your mess!

24. Magnetic marble paperclip holder

Sticking to the marble interiors, this elegant paper clip holder will be a great addition to your cubicle décor.

25. Bamboo 2-tier monitor stand

If you’re looking for a neutral décor, this two-tiered storage organizer is right up your alley. It even has individual space for your pen, mobile phone and stationery.

26. Photo clip string lights

Tackle bland walls by adding a string of familiar faces to your desk with these string clips. You could even add your favorite countries to remind you of your next holiday!

27. Indoor metal plant pots

Add some color into your life with this stylish metal stand plant holder. Certain office plants not only look good but also suck out the moisture from the air.

28. Sticky notes set with fine-line color pens

If you’re super organized, you’re going to love this nifty book of sticky notes. They’re both colorful and practical — making your day just that little bit better.

29. Memory foam lumbar cushion

No matter how comfortable your office chair is, you’re bound to slump into it by the end of the day. To help keep your back straight and your posture intact, consider investing in this memory foam cushion.

30. Large colorful notepad

Make note-taking fun with this large notepad. It will look great on your desk, and it might even encourage you to get organized!

31. Waterproof desk pad

Not only does this desk pad protect and brighten up your drab-looking office desk, it stops your keyboard from sliding around and looks stylish while doing so.

32. Weekly planner

If you need a little help organizing your week, this could be a game-changer for you. There’s a section for each day, so you can fill in any meetings, outings or other activities to keep track and, ultimately, be more productive!

33. Monitor memo board

If you’re short on desk space, why not utilize the space above your monitor? If you’re constantly writing reminders for yourself, this memo board is perfect for you. It sits on top of your monitor and meets your eyeline, meaning you’re less likely to forget the important stuff.

34. Cat sticky notes dispenser

Who doesn’t like writing sticky notes? This cute dispenser is perfect for the cat lovers out there, plus it’s only 3 inches tall, meaning it won’t take up too much valuable space (unlike a real cat that would be walking all over your keyboard).

35. Magnetic sculpture pen

Some people are constantly doodling or fiddling with something while they’re on the phone or working through a problem. If that’s you, this magnetic sculpture pen will be a great cubicle accessory. You can build a little figure man or write a report with it — just don’t try to do them at the same time.

36. Headphone holder

When you’re confined to a small cubicle, space is precious. This headphone mount fastens underneath your desk, meaning you can use up some dead space and keep your desk clear and organized.

37. Bulletin board

Add one of these hanging bulletin boards to your cubicle, and free your desk of photo frames and other scraps of paper. It will brighten up your day when you glance at the pictures of your loved ones or furry friends.

38. Acrylic name block

Don’t blend in, stand out! You’re not just a number or a butt on a seat. Get a personalized name plate that tells people your name and position. That way, when someone’s looking for you, they’ll know they’re in the right place.

39. Key hooks

These nifty little hooks help to keep your keys and lanyards in a safe place so you don’t spend 10 minutes hunting for them under piles of paper at the end of your shift. They’re self-adhesive and easy to remove if you have to shift cubicles, too.

40. Magnifying paperweight

This multipurpose glass dome keeps your papers in line and helps your failing eyes by magnifying small text at the same time. What’s not to like?

Final thoughts

There you have it! These are definitely some of the coolest cubicle accessories out there, and I’ll be heading off to get some for myself.

While your cubicle might be a small space, it doesn’t have to be boring. You just need to be savvy with your space, and you may need to get a little bit creative. Plus, jazzing up your workspace has been proven to increase productivity and energy levels, so get adding these to your basket will make your workday that little bit brighter. Just make sure your office allows you to personalize your workspace before forking out for any of these cool pieces!

Which of these accessories would make a great addition to your cubicle? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Originally published on April 25, 2019. Updated by Hayley Ramsey.