10 Stylish Fashion CV/Résumé Examples and Templates

Reviewed by Melina Theodorou

Fashion Résumé Example with fashion designers working in background

The world of fashion is fierce and competitive, and to get noticed, you're going to need to have a long list of skills, work experience and professionalism to get the job. 

This all then needs to be documented in a creative résumé template, that will clearly show your educational background, work history and technical skills. But, if like many others, you're wondering where to start - then fret not! 

Within this article, we will walk you through 10 great fashion résumé templates where you can gather inspiration from to create your own job-winning document! That said, if you're still not confident, you can consult our professional résumé writers who can do the hard work for you. 

Here are the 10 best fashion résumé examples

1. Fashion designer 

A fashion designer must have all the fundamental components on their résumé: a well-designed template with clear formatting and layout, a professional portfolio link included and a skills chart. 

Fashion Designer Resume ExampleTemplate.net

As you can see, this particular résumé template ticks all the boxes. Although it's not lengthy, it has all the personal information the hiring manager will require at the top of the page, along with a link to the candidate's website (which will consist of examples of her work). It then lists all essential information such as work experience, education, skills and a short personal profile. 

Since the candidate is applying for a role that involves designing and styling, she also included a mid-length photo of herself to showcase her style, which is likely to attract businesses with a similar fashion sense. 

2. Stylist 

Similar to a fashion designer, a fashion stylist will also need a creative résumé to impress the hiring panel. An infographic style résumé template is an excellent choice for these types of roles. This particular résumé has great sections, mixing graphics with written text to highlight the candidates most essential skills and experience. 

Fashion Stylist Résumé SampleRealtime CV

Although it's simple in design, it ticks all the right boxes with short bullets to describe job duties and different chart lines to enhance the candidate's skills. There's even space at the bottom to list hobbies and interests, which isn't entirely necessary for someone with over 10 years of experience in the field. However, since there's space on the document, it's a nice addition that gives insight into the applicant's personality. 

3. Creative director

At this point in your career, after rising through the ranks from an assistant creative director, you're going to need a more straightforward template that gives you the necessary space to list all of your skills and achievements. As with any senior or executive résumé, your experience is what is going to make you stand out from the crowd. 

Creative Director Résumé SampleVelvet Jobs

This particular résumé example follows a very minimalistic layout to ensure that they get all the vital information. They've even skipped the personal profile and dived straight into the experience, detailing what they've achieved in each role throughout their career. 

In addition, plenty of focus is also given to the skills area of the résumé, to ensure that ATS-systems can pick up on crucial keywords used throughout the document.

4. Fashion Writer

This creative template is ideal for a mid-level professional who is looking to advance their career. Although it's not lengthy in size, it covers all critical areas and is enclosed within a pretty border that will surely catch the recruiter's eye. 

Fashion Writer Résumé ExampleCareerAddict

The candidate has chosen to highlight their skills before their work experience to demonstrate that they have the necessary knowledge to perform well in a creative working environment. 

They then dive into their work experience, which is paired with short and precise bullet points on their job role and achievements before listing additional information such as the languages that they can speak. 

The use of white space throughout the document also allows the reader to take a breather and review the information provided properly without navigating large chunks of text. 

5. Makeup artist 

As a makeup artist, your career can vary depending on your goals. For example, you could work independently as a freelancer, as a film and TV makeup artist, or within the fashion industry. 

Makeup Artist Resume Example TemplateResume Genius

This colourful template is a great résumé example to follow if you're looking to branch into the fashion field. The subtle lilac colour is a great attention grabber and clearly separates the header from the rest of the document. The sidebar also makes great use of the space on this one-page résumé by listing all key information in clear sections. Also, your eyes are drawn to the key skills section, which is an essential aspect of this job - without creative skills, you won't succeed as a makeup artist. 

6. Fashion photographer 

A uniquely designed résumé template comes with the creative territory of being a photographer. As seen in this example, you need to think outside of the box to illustrate your creative skills and abilities to impress the hiring manager. 

Fashion Photographer Résumé ExampleOnedesblog

This candidate cleverly uses one of their images as the header, before diving into the written words used to sell his skills and experience. There is no need for lengthy descriptions and job duties when writing a résumé for a photographer. What is important here is to link to your portfolio and social profiles, including further evidence of your work and what you have accomplished throughout your career so far. 

7. Visual merchandiser 

If you are a visual merchandiser, you'll need to demonstrate expertise, qualifications and experience in this field. Since it's an extremely competitive role, you'll need essential information to show why you differ from other candidates. 

Visual Merchandising Resume Example Zety

As in the example below, you'll need a brief personal profile that explains your goals and achievements, before diving straight into your valuable work experience. Don't be afraid to separate your critical achievements as this candidate has done to show tangible results of your efforts. 

In addition, this applicant has also listed extracurricular activities that directly relate to the role. For example, while her area of expertise is visual merchandising, the candidate also spends her free time writing about fashion - enforcing that she has a passion for the industry. 

8. Brand manager 

This captivating résumé uses the space on the page quite effectively, circulating the large mannequin that instantly draws you into the page. The document lists all essential information with simple formatting, including personal details, work experience, education, key skills, and references. 

Brand Manager Résumé ExampleCV Template Master

As a brand manager, your role is to ensure great publicity and fluidity surrounding the brand itself, and by using this creative résumé format, the candidate has done just that for herself through the visual elements used. It shows her creativity to push a brand forward and lists examples of how she has done just that in her previous roles. 

9. Retail buyer 

Retail Buyer Résumé ExampleKick Resume

By taking a glance at this résumé, it's clear that the applicant has excellent attention to detail - a necessary skill when you're a retail buyer. They have taken a two-column approach, allowing them to fully utilise the space of the page, while also listing all key information and activities that they have obtained throughout their career. 

We can see that they have a clear understanding of how to build and maintain relationships with suppliers, and have proved efforts of negotiating the best prices for the brand. With clear-cut skills and valuable work experience, we can tell that this is an experienced professional ready to advance within their career and move on to bigger and better opportunities. 

10. Digital marketing manager 

When it comes to a professional role such as that of a digital marketing manager, you're going to need a detailed document showcasing what you have achieved throughout your most recent years. It's integral for any digital marketer résumé to show all key software, skills and relevant experience in a modern format, like in the example below. 

Digital Marketing Manager Resume Sample ModernVisual CV

This particular example does just that! It focuses on the candidates experiencing by providing evidence of their achievements. It also ensures that popular keywords terms are mentioned throughout include' web optimisation' and 'SEO'. 

The skills section also reinforces the applicant's knowledge and confirms that they know all the latest industry trends. Meanwhile, the template's simple design allows the reader to easily navigate through the various sections. 

Hopefully, these samples have inspired you to create your own unique fashion résumé temlpate and have given you guidance on what vital information to include. When it comes to creative fields like these, feel free to think outside of the box and create something that will grab the hiring manager's attention! 

Just remember to ensure common industry terms are included throughout your document. 

Are you in any of these roles? What tips would you give to other candidates creating their résumé? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below.