How to Get a Job Without a CV

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Did you know you could get a job without a CV? Whilst the majority of employers would want to see one, some find it a lot easier to test you directly rather than go over your credentials on a piece of paper. Others may only ask that you complete an application form or that you complete a task related to the job duties to figure out whether you are fit for the position.    

If you think about it, even during an interview, your CV works as a supplementary tool that helps you demonstrate your key strengths and suitability for the job. This means that your chances of success don’t merely rely on that document, but also your ability to convince the employers by finding the right words and taking the appropriate steps to get there.

So, let’s check some other ways of getting a job without needing a CV:

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1. Become an intern

Completing an internship is an excellent way of getting your foot in the door! Proving that you are of value while working alongside employers for a project can actually help them discover your potential and construct a positive image around your name, provided that you give your best and go the extra mile! If they get the chance to see you in action, they can get a lot more out of you than reading through your CV.

2. Demonstrate your interest

All that it takes to get hired is that you demonstrate your passion and interest for the job. If you manage to convince employers that you have the right dose of determination and motivation to work for their company, then you need no CV. Explain why you are interested in the position, focusing on the benefits for the employer and explain how your long-term career plans tie with your desire to work for them. Also, since you don’t have lots of experience, refer to the transferable skills you have developed while at school or university!


3. Take on projects

Another great way of getting a job without a CV is showing employers that you know what you are doing. Let them know that you got your hands dirty and have completed a project with your own initiative to prove that you love working in the particular industry and that you are a hardworking individual! Offer your help and get involved in a project to use this as a replacement for a CV when approaching potential employers.   

4. Be honest

Why don’t you have a CV? If the reason behind it is that you don’t have enough work experience, don’t worry. Just let the employers know, and be honest. Many are willing to hire recent graduates to help them develop the skills and knowledge needed for the job. This is a great way of cultivating new talents, so if you feel you don’t have what it takes in terms of work experience, explain why you want to work for them and show that you have the desire to learn!

5. Network your way up

Perhaps the best way of getting a job without a CV is to connect with professionals within your industry. If you know someone who is working at the company you are interested in, get in touch with them and see if they can recommend you to key professionals. You never know when you just might get a referral, so develop your network attending company events, getting on social media and staying up to date with industry trends.


Even though constructing a CV will increase your chances of getting a job, and it is advisable by many career professionals, there is a possibility you could still get hired by just demonstrating your passion and interest in the company effectively!

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