How to Get an Internship with Four Seasons Hotels

If you’re considering a career in hotel management or hospitality, The Four Seasons Hotels offers a wealth of excellent opportunities. This world renowned hotel chain offers internships for students or recent graduates at one of their 92 resorts in 38 countries. With a proven track record in exceptional customer service, The Four Seasons Hotels promises interns an in-depth look into the fast-paced, customer-centered, five star hotel environment; here’s how to land your dream internship with this famous hotel chain...

Plan ahead

If you play your cards right, The Four Seasons offers interns first pick for permanent positions. This means you need to be absolutely 100% on top of your game before submitting your internship application. The Four Seasons will accept internship requests for a wide expanse of expertise, including hotel management, culinary arts, spa services, food and beverage service and management, hotel administration, and much more. Set specific educational goals and make contact with The Four Seasons Human Resources to find out how they select interns, what are desired skills they look for, and when is the best time to apply.

Get educated

In order to secure an internship with The Four Seasons Hotels, you must be attending university or have recently graduated. Universities that offer degrees in the food service and hospitality industries are the London School of Hospitality and Tourism, Le Cordon Bleu London, and The Event School London. The better your GPA the more likely you are to land an internship with The Four Seasons, but make sure to include career-related extracurricular activities as well. Join career-specific groups, special interest groups, or charity groups. Participate in events they show your drive and passion for your career choice. 

Build up your resume

Your resume will create the first impression about you to the organisation's HR. Keep your resume short, sweet, and concise. Target your audience with by using specific special skills, scholastic achievements, and community activities. Make sure your resume is polished and holistic; a one sided resume could get passed up. The key here is to keep your resume well balanced and informative.

Know your stuff

Once you apply, you should hear back within a few weeks. At which point a representative with The Four Seasons will contact you for an interview. Do yourself a favour and read up on the history and any positive new developments regarding this particular hotel chain. When appropriate, support your work experience and internship goals with how your skills will align perfectly specifically with The Four Seasons business culture.

Securing an internship with The Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts provides you with the opportunity to not only learn through experience, it also could end in a permanent position at a reputable hotel chain. Though careful planning and a well balanced resume could help you get to the point of interview, it’s your passion and drive that will essentially land you your dream gig. So, be sure to let your personality as well as your skill shine through.