How to Get an Internship With Hyatt Hotels

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The Hyatt Hotels Corporation is an American company that operates an international hotel chain. In 1957, the Hyatt Corporation was founded when it purchased the Hyatt House located at the LA International Airport. As of 2014, the Hyatt Corporation was ranked by Fortune magazine as the 95 best US company to work for. For undergraduates who are looking for practical workplace experience in the hospitality industry, Hyatt Hotels is an excellent place to complete an internship. This article will discuss how to get an internship with Hyatt Hotels.

Benefits of an internship at Hyatt Hotels

Hyatt Hotels offers excellent benefits to interns in their internship program. All interns will be introduced to the Hyatt Hotel’s workplace culture and specific management philosophy. It is important to remember that the compensation, benefits and work permits for each internship program varies by placement and location across the globe. Those benefits include the following.

  • Paid internship
  • Practical work experience
  • Tailor-made training programs
  • Mentorship during the internship
  • Project-based work experience
  • Attend leadership training sessions
  • Exposure to hotels through rotation internships
  • Accessibility to collaborate on operational processes

Types of internship programmes

Candidates interested in specializing in the hospitality field would greatly benefit from participating in an internship program through Hyatt Hotels. This corporation has a history of nearly 60 years of excellence in hospitality throughout all of their international hotel establishments. The internships vary by country with regard to the types of job-specific roles available. There are two types of internship programs available through Hyatt Hotels.

  • The Hyatt Internship Program: The main focus of this program is to develop undergraduates to become successful, professional members of the hospitality industry. Management values their interns and provides real-life work opportunities where these individuals can grow to their maximum potential. For the top performers, there is the opportunity to participate in the management program that focuses on developing managers.
  • The Hyatt Management Training Program: This program was designed for graduates who performed at a high-level of excellence and functionality in the regular internship program. Management is constantly seeking “tomorrow’s hospitality leaders” from among their regular internship program. The Hyatt Hotel has been operating under a philosophy of excellence for nearly six decades, and they want to keep that tradition going. The goal is for participants in this program to excel and then become part of the Hyatt Hotel management team.

Requirements for participating

Hyatt Hotels operates under the business philosophy of excellence first, and they expect this same dedication to excellence from their interns. The basic requirements for participating in the internship programs are detailed below.

  • Enthusiasm for working in the hotel industry
  • Willingness to be trained and learn new skills
  • Ability to work as a team player
  • Excellent communication skills and fluent in English
  • Localized language skills are required for international assignments
  • Work permits and visas (subject to international placements)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality or related field (for Leadership Program)
  • At least 1 years relevant work experience (for Leadership Program)

How to apply for an internship

There are three ways to apply for an internship at Hyatt Hotels. You can search for available positions by using the “where” and “position” buttons on the top of the website, and then apply directly for a specific internship. Additionally, if you do not find any available positions, you can create a profile to get notified regarding any new positions available. Interested candidates can email: [email protected] to send their resume and apply for an available internship position. The resume should be attached in document format. Applicants will receive an email confirming receipt of their resume, along with an invitation to review their preliminary profile and continue with the application process.

For more information on applying for an internship visit Hyatt Hotels Recruiting. Working as an intern for Hyatt Hotels can become an excellent career building experience for graduates who are seeking future work in the hospitality industry.