How to Get an Internship with KPMG

Widely known as one of the “Big Four” accounting firms in the US, KPMG has consistently ranked as one of the top Fortune 100 companies for employee workplace satisfaction. The internship program at KPMG focuses on providing continual training as a foundation for the overall workplace learning experience. During the first week of internship, interns receive technical and soft skills training. Following the week-long training, interns then work on various projects within the structured programs which provide interns with a true feel of what KPMG employees do during daily tasks. Internships are offered in a wide variety of locations in the global community. If an intern decides to apply for the global internship program, he or she has the opportunity to spend four weeks in an international KPMG office working on a project.

This article will address the process of applying for an internship with KPMG and how such an internship can benefit your future career plans.

Benefits of Completing an Internship with KPMG

There are many benefits for interns who complete an internship with KPMG. The management at the firm believes that interns should experience an internship training experience that is more than just a “summer or semester job”. The following list details those benefits for interns.

  • Participate in a nationally developed training program
  • Receive real-life experience working with clients in a number of their industries
  • Abundance of networking opportunities with peers, clients and firm leaders are provided
  • Full-time employment with the firm is an option for interns completing successful training

KPMG also offers interns a notable hourly salary during their internship period. According to management, approximately 80% of the firm’s full-time employees have matriculated from their internship program. An added bonus is that interns have the chance to be part of the KPMG Interns for Literacy Program where books are donated to disadvantaged children.

Qualifications to Participate in the KPMG Internship Program

Before applying for an internship with KPMG, be certain that you qualify for the program. If you would like to complete an internship, check out the listing below to see what types of candidates that management is seeking.

  • Individuals who have proficient technical skills
  • Individuals with creative problem solving abilities
  • Individuals who have a commercial business focus
  • Excellent academic proficiency and extra-curricular activities
  • Language proficiency (needed for global internship programs)

About KPMG’s Global Internship Program

If you would like to apply for an internship with the KPMG Global Program, be prepared to stand out in an extremely competitive evaluation process. Management needs to locate candidates who have the capacity to work well in an international environment. If you have already completed time overseas—perhaps a semester abroad—you are a good candidate for this type of international internship. Be ready to share exactly why you are interested in completing such an international training experience. If you are approved to participate in the international internship, your lodging and airfare will be paid for by KPMG. The following are the three divisions which have international internships available.

  • Auditing
  • Advisory
  • Tax preparation

How to Apply for an Internship with KPMG

There are several ways that prospective interns can apply for an internship with KPMG. Candidates are recruited from a wide variety of university and college campuses every year. The best option is to contact the career services office at your campus to ascertain whether or not KPMG will be recruiting at your college or university. If your campus has any alumni working for KPMG, you can contact this person to schedule an interview with the firm. Another option is to contact the KPMG Recruiting Offices to schedule an interview with a recruiter. Check out this testimonial video to hear from some interns regarding their experiences completing an internship at KPMG.

Applying for an internship with KPMG will be beneficial for your future career goals. Management at the firm believes in providing consistent workplace training for their interns. The benefits are notable with an impressive hourly salary. Check through the qualification list to be sure you qualify then follow one of the options in the how to section for applying.