How to Get Hired by Cisco

How to Get Hired by Cisco

Cisco Systems Inc. offers software and hardware services to companies and organizations across the world to enable business networking and communication. Although its headquarters is in San Jose, California, the company has offices across the world that offer numerous job opportunities. Working at Cisco allows you to work with a global leader under the best minds and interact with new technology first. However, to maintain its position at the top, Cisco takes all its prospective employees through a rigorous interview process to ensure each candidate is up to the task. Getting a job at Cisco requires that you prepare thoroughly in advance.


Conduct an extensive background research on Cisco Systems Inc., its day-to-day operations, achievements and failures. The Internet will provide you with this information, however, if possible, talk to former and current employees for a first-hand account. Learn about the company’s interview process, the type of people it hires and the conditions it has for its employees. The information prepares you psychologically and boosts your confidence in the interview process.

Make a Decision

Decide the positions you are qualified for and apply directly to them. Cisco employs people from different professional backgrounds to help fulfill their mandate as a technology company and to help in the day-to-day running of the organization. Applying directly to your preferred position improves your chances of getting an interview as it shows the interviewers that you are sure of the career path you want to take.

Graduate and Intern Programs

Cisco runs a variety of graduate and intern programs to train young professionals and offer them practical experience in the job market. Enrolling into these programs improves your chances at getting employment, as they will often promote candidates from within before advertising externally. The programs also improve your understanding of the company and get you contacts within the company to alert you when there are available job offers. Additionally, the programs give you a platform to display your skills and talents, which can get you noticed and promoted into employment.

Register with a Recruiter

Register with a Cisco recruiter to get alerts on available job opportunities. A recruiter also helps you prepare your resume and for an interview when your application is successful. Your recruiter will also help you make a career plan to discuss your future with the company.

Apply Online

Make an online application to Cisco either directly or through a recruiter. Update your resume and package it to represent you, your strengths and capabilities fully. Your resume represents you before interviewers meet you

Prepare for the Job

Cisco’s hiring process cuts out unqualified candidates by taking them through a thorough screening process. To avoid this, prepare for the job by getting proper academic and professional qualifications. Apply for accreditation with relevant professional bodies to boost your CV. Additionally, prepare referees you know will give a positive testimony on your character and ethics.

Getting a job at Cisco is an exciting experience that sets you apart and advances your career. However, you must first pass the interview, a rigorous and exhausting experience. Prepare physically, psychologically and mentally and be realistic with your expectations.


Image source: Techspot