How to Survive a 10-Hour Workday


If you work a 10-hour (or longer) workday, you’re probably getting stressed out from the long hours and accumulating daily responsibilities. Sometimes you’re likely ready to throw in the towel and cut back on your hours. However, if you’re working longer hours to make extra money, you need to find a way to bring some sense of balance back into your day so that you don’t go insane. Consider implementing some of the following tips into your daily routine so that you can survive and thrive in a 10-hour work ay environment.

1. Bring humor into your day

One important way to survive your day is to revive your sense of humour. Don’t allow your current work situation to bring you down. Find ways to bring humour back into your daily routine. Depending on your workplace environment and how laid-back (or not) that your boss is, you can decide to go big or go home. Live like it’s April Fool’s Day all year long. However, you don’t want to constantly annoy your coworkers or jeopardize your boss’s favour and lose your job. So, settling for bringing limited humour into your workday through telling a joke or simply laughing to relieve your stress can make all the difference in the world.

2. Treat your job like a gym

People who work long hours don’t always have the time to head over to the gym before or after work to exercise. However, exercising is important in maintaining your daily health and well-being. So, think outside the box and treat your job like a gym. Of course, you cannot waste the entire day doing lunges and squats all over the office. You’d lose your job and maybe be carried out in a straitjacket. Find ways to be smart about incorporating exercise into your day like choosing the stairs over the elevator or parking several blocks from your office so you can walk further.


3. Make a dream goal board

This may sound like a corny idea. However, visualizing where you want to be is extremely important in helping you to get there. Whether you use the old-fashioned poster board technique or a vision board app, you need to find a way to list your goals and dreams of where you want to be in the next few years. Of course, do not allow this to occupy all your time at work. Save any dream board editing for home or for when you are on your break. Remember to keep this step in balance with an acceptance of your current 10-hour workday situation. You don’t want to be so focused on your dream board that you lose sight of doing your daily work and adding more frustration and stress to your day. The goal of the dream board is to help you survive the monotony of the long workday. Just don’t go flashing your dream board app around the office or people will start to think you’re really losing it and bring you down.

4. Indulge in your passions

Now I’m not necessarily talking about your love life, but hey, if that’s your way to relieve stress then go to town. However, if you want to survive a 10-hour workday, you need to find a way to indulge your passions. Find a hobby that you can fit into your day or at least once in your weekly schedule. For example, if you’re working two separate jobs and can come home for an hour or two during the day, enter the Battlefield on your Xbox. If you work ten hours straight at one job, find a way to fulfil your passions before or after work or during your break time. If you absolutely have no time to play during the day, make sure you plan for a relaxing weekend, at least once or twice each month.

5. Balance your personal life

The final tip involves being determined to figure out how to balance your personal life so that it helps to relieve your stress and not add to it. If that means dating less than five girls, well…maybe some ladies need to go. Seriously though, if you want to survive a 10-hour workday and thrive, balancing your personal life is an important step to take. If you have a spouse, partner or children, work within your family dynamic to figure out ways that will help relieve your daily stress. Find a way to enjoy your personal life and the time that you spend with family and friends.

What steps have you taken to survive a 10-hour workday?