Top 10 Employers in Norway


Norway has more to offer than just the museums, green spaces and 10th-century Viking ships. According to OECD Better Life Index, Norway ranks well above average in terms of employee work-life balance, personal security, housing and most importantly, jobs and salary. If you have been considering moving to Norway for greener pastures, you have no doubt made the correct decision. To get your job search started, here is a list of Norway’s top 10 employers.

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1. Statoil ASA


Statoil is a fully integrated petroleum company that engages in the exploration, production, transportation, refining and marketing of petroleum and petroleum-derived products. It is headquartered in Stavanger and has a market value of $58 billion. As of May 2015, it had a workforce of about 22,516 employees.

2. Aker Solutions

Although it operates in the oil and gas industry, Aker Solutions doesn’t directly engage in the production of oil. Rather, it designs, engineers and sells technologies for oil and gas exploration and production. With headquarters in Fornebu, Aker Solutions has a market value of about $1.6 billion and a workforce of over 17,000 people.

3. Norsk Hydro

Norsk Hydromultimedia

With about 12,922 employees, Norsk Hydro is the third largest employer in the Kingdom of Norway. It is located in Oslo and engages in the manufacture of aluminum products and the production and distribution of renewable energy. Norsk Hydro’s current market value is $11.1 billion.

4. Yara International

Yara Internationalkristalon

Yara International is one of the largest manufacturing companies in Norway. It manufactures, distributes and sells nitrogen chemicals, nitrates and other nitrogen-based products. Yara International is based in Oslo and has a market value of $14.5 billion and a workforce of about 12,073 employees.

5. DNB


DNB is the largest financial group in Norway with an asset base worth $352.4 billion. Headquartered in Oslo, DNB engages in the provision of banking and financial services. With a current market value of $27 billion and a workforce of 12,064 employees, DNB should be one of your top job hunting grounds.

6. Telenor

Mynamar Business Today

Plying its trade in the telecommunications industry, Telenor is a multinational company with headquarters in Fornebu. It provides telecommunications, data and media services to its customers. Telenor’s current market value and workforce stand at $30.9 billion and 5,774 employees, respectively.

7. Storebrand


If you are interested in working in the financial services industry, and you don’t fancy DNB, then Storebrand is the place to be. The company provides life insurance and pension savings services. It is headquartered in Lysaker, has a market value of $1.7 billion and boasts a workforce of about 2,232 employees.

8. Gjensidige Forsikring

Yet another insurance carrier makes it to this list. Headquartered in Oslo, Gjensidige Forsikring has a market value of $8.8 billion. To carry out its operations effectively, the company has engaged the services of about 3,634 employees, and there is no reason to think you can’t join them.

9. SpareBank 1 SR-Bank


SpareBank 1 SR-Bank is headquartered in Stavanger. It provides banking and other financial services to both private and corporate customers. The bank has a workforce of about 1,220 employees and has a market value of $1.9 billion.

10. KLP

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Also known as Kommunal Landspensjonskasse Gjensidig Forsikringsselskap, KLP is a mutual insurance company that manages municipal and county pensions and other public insurance services. It has corporate headquarters in Oslo, an asset value of about $65 billion, and employs over 900 employees.

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So, these are the top employers in Norway. If you are competent and lucky enough to work for any of these companies, you can rest assured that you will work in a great environment and also enjoy a fitting compensation package.

Do you want to live and work in Norway? Do you know of any other companies you believe should be on this list? If so, let us know in the comments section below.