Top 10 Employers in Spain


Spain has some of the biggest companies in Europe in terms of profitability and market share. A company which conducts surveys to establish the top employers in various countries is Great Place to Work. In a survey they conducted in 2014, which only covers participating companies and dwells on form professionalism, employee satisfaction, work environment and other commitments of firms to their employees, they discovered the Best Workplaces in Spain. Here is a list of these companies in ranked order.

1. Atento España

Atento Españavozpopuli

Atento was started in 1999, and it serves the telecommunication, insurance, and banking industries. The company has expanded and attracted vibrant employees; currently, the number of staff has surpassed 14,000, and it still continues to grow. Atento Espana is a regular top employer, and this is the third consecutive time it falls under the top ten Spanish employers. The company made a profit of €77 million ($83.7 million) in 2014.

2. Novartis Farmacéutica

Novartis Farmacéutica

Novartis Farmacutica Company has core business interest in vaccines, pharmaceuticals, generics, animal health and eye care. Novartis has six major business segments including Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines & Diagnostics, Alcon, Sandoz and Consumer Health. Novartis provides safe workplaces for its associates and cares for their well-being. It has more than 1645 employees, and the group recorded a net profit of €11.7 billion ($12.7 billion) in 2014 from its global presence.

3. Lilly


Colonel Eli Lilly founded Lilly in 1876. He was a chemist committed to manufacturing quality medicines to meet people’s needs. Lilly pharmaceutical company is spread over 125 countries and has continued the work started Colonel Eli to discover and produce life-changing medicines. The company had 1205 employees in Spain in 2014. Among all its subsidiaries, the company had revenues and net income of $19,615.6 (€ 18046.4) million and $2,390 (€2198.8) million respectively in 2014.

4. Makro


Makro is a global firm that deals in Cash and Carry Wholesale. It sells large volume food and non-food products to small and medium-sized retailers, the institutional market and caterers. Makro takes pride in caring for its workers and providing a safe and conducive workplace. It currently has more than 3000 employees.

5.  Brico Depôt Spain

 Brico Depôt Spain

Brico Depot is a French company that has extended its chain store to Spain. The Brico Depot Spain is a leading DIY and home improvement store in Europe. The Spanish retail stores based their format from the parent store in France. The store has close to 1500 employees trading 12,000 products. It operates in many countries and collectively its revenue is more than €2,740 ($2978.3) million.

6. Adecco

AdeccoYork Anarchist.

Adecco Company Group is a global leader in the provision of human resource services and solutions. Adecco is a human resource consulting company, offering a wide variety of services including talent development and temporary staffing to millions of customers. Hence, Adecco employs many employees to serve its broad customer base. It operates in many countries, but in Spain it has 1402 employees. Its global profit in 2013 was €557 ($605.4) million.


MAPFREArchy Daily

MAPFRE is an international firm offering services in insurance, reinsurance, and other related services. Started in 1989 in Madrid, Spain, the company has expanded to another 44 nations as well. MAPFRE was named as a safe place to work by the Great Place to Work Institute because of its commitment to caring for its employees. The company has more than 10705 employees and as of 2013, its sales, profits, and assets were $27.1 billion, $0.9 billion and $69.2 billion respectively.

8. ING Direct

ING Direct

The 8th spot is occupied by ING Direct, a multinational company that leads in the direct savings banking sector. Its primary operations include commercial banking, investment banking, retail banking, insurance services and asset management. In 2014, the company had 993 employees and recorded a net profit of € 1,181 ($1283.7) million.

9. Microsoft Ibérica

Microsoft IbéricaWindows Phone Apps

Great Place to Work Institute ranks Microsoft highly in almost every country that it operates. Therefore, Microsoft Iberica could not fail to make the top ten employers list in Spain. The company’s vast customer base and a variety of businesses give employees the opportunity to experience different jobs, meet talented people and learn interesting tech-related matters. In 2014, it had 627 employees. Microsoft Ibérica made a profit of €15 million ($16.3 million) in 2011 and due to its rapid expansion, this margin must have rose considerably.

10. EMC Computer Systems Spain

EMC Computer Systems Spaincnme

EMC Computer Systems Spain provides cloud computing, communications, entertainment, big data and media services. In addition, it also offers remote management, consulting, storage maintained and information technology services. By the time of the survey, EMC had 575 employees.

A top employer doesn’t only ensure good remunerations, but also a good working environment to enhance job satisfaction and peace of mind in the workplace. Employees will exhibit high productivity and output in such companies.