Top 5 Companies to Work for in Singapore

Singapore Airlines

Singapore is the place to be if you are planning on working abroad; it is as simple as that. The tiny Asian city-state is an economic powerhouse which attracts talented professionals from all across the world to work in its multinational corporations, as well as in the Singaporean companies, that are always in demand of skilled labour. According to World Bank data from 2014, Singapore recorded an impressive $56,296 GDP per capita that makes it one of the richest countries in the world and to put it in perspective; the GDP per capita in the United States the same year was $54,629. So, the ‘economic powerhouse’ bit is indisputable and there are jobs for the right people, in fact there are plenty of them. Additionally, in a Expat Explorer survey that was conducted by HSBC Expat in 2018 in order to ascertain the best places to work for as an expat, Singapore was ranked fifth among 39 countries. People are paid well and the standard of living is right up there with the very best cities in the world.

If you are wondering what the best companies to work for are in Singapore, look no further. We’ve compiled a list for you with the very top companies in Singapore, so take your pick and bon voyage.

1. Singapore Google


This tech giant seems to be one of the best places to work for across the world. Also, unsurprisingly it’s among the companies which are high on the wish list of skilled professionals who wish to make it in Singapore. The state of the art office, located at Asia Square, is the nerve centre of the company’s business interests in the Asia-Pacific region and it is not a surprise that the company makes sure that their employees in the city are well looked after, although it would be a disservice to the company to deduce that they do not treat employees in other offices as well. Google does not only offer great salaries, incentives and other benefits to all its employees but it also provides an environment in which the employees can shine. Singapore Google handles the work of some of the biggest names in media, publishing and other businesses which certainly makes it a rewarding experience for any professional. The company has been particularly successful in immersing itself in the local culture that makes the experience of being a ‘Singagoogler’ particularly attractive for anyone. The famed Google microkitchens do not look like any other microkitchen in any other Google office, but like a typical South Asian food stall for instance. Talk about a company that likes to spoil their employees!

2. Shell Singapore

Shell NY Daily News

The Anglo-Dutch oil and gas behemoth has offices all across the world, which is why it is not a surprise that it has offices in Singapore as well, as Singapore is often regarded as one of the most important centres for corporations in the South-East Asian region. Shell has consistently been one of the most sought after organisations for people in Singapore and expats for many years, not only due to its stature as a company (which incidentally is a big thing in Singapore), but also because of the fact that employees are well taken care of in the organisation. Shell Singapore offers solid salaries to all its employees and considering the cost of living in Singapore, that is a huge plus. In addition to that, there are huge career developments programmes that are offered to fresh graduates who are employed by the organisation. Shell Singapore employs a wide variety of professionals starting from those involved in engineering to those specialising in accountancy; which is why it is possible for you to get a job that best suits your qualifications. The 2014 Ranstad Award that placed Shell Singapore as the second best place to work in the city-state, noted that it is an organisation where ‘great people, great values and great opportunities’ find a place.

3. Singapore Airlines

Singapore AirlinesLifo

Singapore’s gift to the world of airlines is consistently ranked among the best airlines in the world and for two decades the airline has been regarded as the best international carrier. An organisation committed to such excellence needs to hire the best people and treat them well. So it won’t come as a surprise to you that it has always been ranked among the best companies to work for. In addition to the best possible salary in the industry, Singapore Airlines offers a fun environment that is essential for employees to keep their wits about themselves when they go to work for a company that prides itself on providing outstanding value to its customers. The scholarship programs for fresh graduates are also incredibly vital in terms of career development and all on board staff are taken through a rigorous four month training schedule that prepares them for life.

4. Keppel Corporation

Keppel CorporationBloomberg

The Singaporean shipping and engineering giant is next on this list of companies who not only rake in huge revenues year on year, but also remain among the most desirable employers for people who wish to work in Singapore. Keppel hires some of the brightest talents for its myriad divisions and makes sure that they take good care of them. Wouldn’t you like to work for a company which allows you to continually improve your skills through management trainee and management associate programs? That sort of a program sets the employee on course of a fulfilling career for life. Although it cannot be denied that employees are in a high pressure environment at such a corporation; it is also undeniable that the company makes sure that fun and amusement are also a big part of the experience. Employees at the Singapore offices are often taken on overseas trips and there is a Keppelite Recreation Club as well which enables the ‘Keppelites’ to indulge in a range of recreational activities.

5. ExxonMobil Singapore

Exxon Mobil Yahoo

Another global giant for you in the form of US based oil and natural gas company: ExxonMobil. It is located in the Harbourfront area in Singapore and has been one of the top employers in the city-state for a long time. ExxonMobil is not listed at number five because it’s not equal to the four listed above, this is a ranking of equals, so don’t hesitate to look for work at ExxonMobil. The benefits, salaries, employee welfare and development schemes at ExxonMobil are right up there with the other big players who are among the most attractive destinations for professionals of different ilk. ExxonMobil will provide with one of the best possible opportunities in Singapore not only for career development, but also in terms of job satisfaction and it is not a surprise that getting into the organisation is almost always a highly competitive endeavour.

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These companies have consistently provided their employees with the opportunity to work at the very pinnacle of their respective industries, which in itself is a huge bonus, but at the same time they have made sure that their employees are equally well looked after. At the end of the day, happy and highly trained employees will continue to make these companies the leaders in their own industries. If you decide to work in Singapore then these five companies should be at the top of your list. You will hardly ever have a bad day at office; that’s for sure.