Best Jobs Where You Can Meet a Hot Rich Bachelor

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Being a single girl in her twenties differs a lot from being a single woman in her thirties. When you are twenty something, you have crushes all the time, and most things about your man don’t matter, because you just want to have fun. However, when you get to twenty-eight or twenty-nine, you realize why single women in their thirties search for hot rich bachelors. What they want is someone as successful as they are, or at least someone with the ambition to succeed, so that he can provide his woman everything she needs to live a happy and comfortable life. It is not expected from men in their twenties to be rich, because they are just starting their career, but when you hit thirty you should have figured it all out and accomplished your first career goal, but even when you are rich the trouble doesn’t stop.

If you are watching Bachelorette and wondering why you aren’t in the house with twenty mostly rich men, cursing your love life full of failures, maybe you are on the wrong market, i.e. you have a wrong job. Check out some professions where you will definitely meet your fair share of hot rich bachelors.

1. Public Relations


If you work in public relations, you will be meeting rich single entrepreneurs all the time. When you hit the clubs, don’t be afraid to give your business card to a man in a good suit, because if it turns out he is gay or married, you always have an excuse - it was just business related. And most importantly, you’ve got a new client.

2. Real Estate Agent

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When showing fancy houses and apartments, you will have the opportunity to see something for yourself, and that’s handsome men. You can immediately find out a lot about them such as how much they have in their bank account, if they’re single, and what taste they have. That’s enough for the first date. There are a lot of fancy houses to show, but know that there are a lot of hot rich bachelors on the market, too. Even Vince Vaughn chose the real estate agent over Jennifer Aniston. Never underestimate the power of a real estate agent, because she always knows how to close a good deal.

3. Bartender or Waitress

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Real estate agents show them houses, but girls who work in a café or a club can get the man drunk and singing TGIF. A few beers, some shots and he’ll be telling you his childhood stories. This way you can learn everything about them and even see how they behave when drunk. You have the unlimited power to find out everything, which gives you the possibility to decide whether you’ll discard them, or invite them to an afterparty after your shift. Matt Damon fell for a bartender, which only tells you that even celebrities aren’t untouchable and immune to charming bartender girls. Waitresses certainly know men who are on the menu, and they can keep every man coming back to the bar over and over again.

4. Journalist

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Working for a magazine enables you to arrange interviews with rich entrepreneurs and businessmen easily. You get their phone number, and you get the answers to all of your questions. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but in this case it will get you a hot rich boyfriend (besides, the whole saying actually goes “curiosity killed the cat, but  satisfaction brought it back”).

If you write a column that doesn’t really cover interviews, at least you can always get on a list for fabulous parties or fancy restaurants.

5. Fitness Center Employee

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Earning millions is stressful and tiring, so they’ll need to relax in a spa and take care of their health by exercising in a gym. As they are spoiled and hate working out with too many people, you can consider becoming a personal trainer. The advantage is you’ll have a great figure, and so will he, basically it’s like shaping your own future. After all you’ll be so much more than an attractive trophy wife, you made your man into a beefcake he is today. Remember to throw in a couple of yoga sessions, so that your new man can move like Jagger. Arrange private training sessions, get to know him, and enjoy the view.

6. Lawyer

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“Objection your honor. This man is too hot and rich to be convicted. He should do a community service at my house, of course.” Being a lawyer in a respected law firm will provide you with a lot of hot coworkers, however, don’t settle immediately for the first hot bachelor who walks into the office and says “Hi”. Play it smart, and be sure that those married millionaires will come crawling on their knees for your help when they want to get a divorce. Moreover, rich entrepreneurs and businessmen will certainly need you in order to successfully run their firm. Giving legal advice has just become much more fun for single women.

7. IT Company

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Working in an IT company is like signing up for a rich man buffet. While working there, you’ll be surrounded by hot rich bachelors, who may be shy at first, but that’s just because they spend their lives in front of computer screens. If you are biologically a female, these guys are easy pickings. Don’t be too hard on them for all “Make me a sandwich” jokes, they spend too much time online, so it’s the only thing they know. The plus side is that you’ll certainly get a smart man.

8. Shop Assistant at a Luxury Men’s Store

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“Do you want a hot date to go with that Rolex?” As a shop assistant, you will be able to talk to your customers all the time, and give them much needed fashion advice. Working in an expensive clothes department will certainly boost your chances of meeting one, or even dressing him for your first date.

Also, men love gadgets, video games and electronic devices. There is nothing hotter than a girl talking passionately about a brand new TV or an outstanding video game. Just don’t pick a side when it comes to which one you like more – PS4 or Xbox One. Women who are in sales can sell anything, and men are simply powerless to resist their charm.

9. Interior Designer

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“I do much more than interior design. I do weddings, too.” Rich men who don’t have wives or girlfriends to pick the color for their walls will certainly need your help. Being an interior designer provides you with a unique opportunity to redo someone’s house, which requires a lot of meetings and long discussions about his taste, likes and needs. Picking the furniture and materials isn’t fun for men, but if you make it fun they will be blown away. The best thing you can pull off while flirting is making something boring sound interesting. If you succeed in this, your millionaire will be calling you for every little detail, the smallest bit of space that needs to be decorated, until you end up in a fancy Italian restaurant discussing your private lives.

10. A First Class Flight Attendant

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“Too high. Can’t come down. Losing my head, spinning round and round. Do you feel me now? ” (Toxic, Britney Spears) Britney gave you a tutorial on how it’s done, and the rest is up to you. When it comes to this profession, you don’t even have to put much effort into finding the rich hot bachelors. They are around you, and you know if they are single immediately. It is like a plane with opportunities waiting to be grabbed by you. No man will reject a girl in a uniform, and that goes double for a flight attendant’s uniform. Enjoy your flight and choose carefully.

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