The 19 Best Career Websites

career website on laptop

Although there are thousands of career websites and blogs online, many people remain unconvinced of their true value. Many professionals visit these sites for their job boards and fail to take advantage of the wealth of information that you can find there. But, the resources provided on career websites will not only help you get a job, they will also help you develop and grow professionally.

To help you make the most of these online resources we’ve put together a list of the twenty best career sites ranked alphabetically.

1. Ask a Manager

Ask a Manager is run by Alison Green who started the blog when she was working as a manager at a medium-sized business. It was created to allow people to have a space to ask the sort of questions they’d like to ask their manager or a recruiter.

2. CareerAddict

Not to blow our own horn, but CareerAddict is one of the most comprehensive career websites available. We’ve recently reinvented ourselves and apart from a huge database of articles, videos and infographics, we now also offer a highly customisable job board and a scientifically-backed suite of career tests to ensure that you’ll be able to choose a path that matches your true potential. We also offer a cv-writing service and a tailored advice section to make sure that we answer all your questions.

3. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is a job search website with a dedicated resource section that includes articles, infographics and videos, all of which will help you get a leg up on the competition. The content on CareerBuilder is crafted to provide meaningful advice for your professional growth.

4. Career Contessa

Career Contessa is meant to help women in the corporate world make a difference. Driven by the fact that most sites neglect to tackle the gender wage gap and that women are more likely to take professional breaks it provides specialised advice to help them - Career Contessa is really a breath of fresh air.

5. CV-Library

CV-Library is a very popular job board with an extensive advice and tips section. The site also features a resource centre to help you build your CV and online courses provided via accredited universities.

6. Fish4 Jobs

Fish4 Jobs prides itself on helping recruiters reach out to the UK’s backbone. But, it’s not just there to help recruiters; it’s also an invaluable resource for professionals as well. One of the best features of this site is that it contains many specialised career advice webinars.

7. Idealist Careers

Idealist Careers is designed to help professionals find jobs that are socially impactful. To help you reach the maximum of you potential, it also features a section with advice articles. All of the articles on this site are dedicated to helping you make a positive change in your career.

8. Ivy Exec

Ivy Exec is determined to help you do one thing, and that is to get yourself to the executive suite. Through specialised articles it shows you how to get started on the path to success. Ivy Exec also has an online course section, as well as lists of companies in every industry.

9. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is such a diverse tool that it’s hard to place it in a single category. Of course, it can help you in every step of your career, but what LinkedIn is great at is helping professionals develop their career through allowing them to connect with other professionals and find out more about various opportunities in their fields.

10. Milkround

Milkround is one of the most popular student and graduate websites in the UK. The advice on this site is tailored to cater to the needs of new people entering the labour market and it has a lot of information on graduate employers and universities.

11. Monster

Monster is a leader in the professional world. It has helped connect thousands of people with their employers through a technologically advanced platform. Relying on Monster for advice means making the most of their experience in the sector, and as such, their blog should be one of your go-to places.

12. National Career Services

The National Career Services website provides advice to help you make the right decisions for your career. It features a massive directory of job profiles as well as different testing systems to test your skills and aptitude. It also provides information on course selection and CV and cover letter tips.

13. Quintessential

Quintessential has been around since 2005. Since then, it has built a massive database of articles that are not only extremely helpful but are also very well organised. The site will ask you to specify what you’re looking for based on whether you’re a student, career changer or a job seeker.

14. Prospects

Prospects is the go-to resource for millions of young people and career changers looking for inside information on the profession they are interested in pursuing. Apart from a huge database of detailed info on more than 400 professions, Prospects also offers career advice like interview and job search tips.

15.  Reed

Reed is the leading career website in the UK and with good reason as it’s one of the most useful resources available. Not only does Reed publish articles to help you get your dream job, raise or promotion, but it also has various tools that can show you which jobs are most in demand and how much each job pays.

16. The Balance

After it’s rebranding, The Balance focuses more on money matters than career advice, but this site still has a wealth of information. In fact, their articles are so informative and reliable that they almost always make their way to Google’s first results page for career-related searches.

17. The Muse

US-based The Muse, is one of the best career websites at the moment. The site features a massive advice section that can basically get you from getting your first job to retirement and it also offers a coaching service which includes professional CV writing. The best feature of The Muse, however, is its focus on company culture; the site features hundreds of pages dedicated to different employers that will help you learn everything about a company before you even apply for a job.

18. Totaljobs

Totaljobs is one of most popular career websites in the UK. It features a course section that will allow you to learn skills that can pivot your career, as well as a huge advice section that will help you achieve your professional goals. As of late, the site has also taken a special interest in helping professionals with job interviews and has a dedicated section to help you reinvent your elevator pitch.

19. Work It Daily

Work It Daily is a complete career resource equipped with everything you need to take your professional growth to the next level. Here you can find video tutorials and templates to learn how to become better at job hunting. Work It Daily also offers an email coaching service and live webinars.

Career websites can help you be more organised and evaluate situations that occur at work more objectively. They can also help you prepare for a successful job search, and inform you on the latest trends in your industry to make sure that you keep ahead of the competition.

Which career website is your favourite and why? Let us know in the comments section below.