Top 10 Famous Gold Diggers of all Time

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Hollywood is an interesting and sometimes sinister place. While we are never short of news on Hollywood stars, we are bound to see the same stories over and over again, on one hand there are those celebrities that party all day (and night long) and on the other hand we have the celebrities consumed by scandal and drama. At times, it seems like we can’t even keep with who’s dating who, and inevitably stories come up of people dating people much older or much younger than them and we can’t help but wonder whether they are in it for the money. And that’s how gold digger stories have our undivided attention; we just can’t help but being curious. Below is a list with the top ten most famous gold diggers of all time.

1. Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren Celebitchy

Elin Nordegren’s adventures started off in Stockholm, Sweden where she worked in a clothing store called Champagne. She eventually became friends with Mia Parnevik who was the wife of a Swedish golfer by the name of Jesper Parnevik. Parnevik then hired Nordegren to be their nanny and that meant Nordegren had to move over to the United States. It was there she meet Tiger Woods during the 2001 Open Championship. After her relationship with Woods ended, Nordegren managed to nab herself a comfortable $100 million. She has since continued her dating-wealthy-men habits. Her other relationships include a billionaire’s son, another pro athlete and a 55 year old billionaire coal executive.

2. Ivana Trump

Ivana TrumpLifetime

Being Donald Trump’s former wife, Ivana got hit hard with the gold digger label both during and after the relationship. As soon as they got married Ivana made sure she used all the comforts Donald had to offer. These included his money, prestige and corporate offices. Ivana spent her time travelling between Donald’s numerous lavish estates, working as one of the members on his company’s board of directors and lapping up New York’s social scene. She is rumoured to have got her hands on $20 million and on a $14 million family estate in Connecticut as soon as their divorce was finalized. There was also a provision for a $350,000 annual alimony. She then went on to marry 35 year old Rossano Rubicondi, clearly the couple did not wish to cut back on anything as their wedding cost them a total of $3 million.

3. Amy Irving

Amy IrvingSuggest

Amy Irving started dating Steven Spielberg back in 1976 when she first began her acting career. They dated for a total of four years before Irving had a fling with Willie Nelson. She was co-starring alongside Nelson at the time in the film Honeysuckle Rose. Irving’s acting career eventually started to crumble and it was around this time she went crawling back to Spielberg. Spielberg forgave her and they got married in 1985. However their love affair ended in a divorce in 1989. Despite a makeshift pre-nap which was written on the back of a napkin Irving managed to get a sweet $100 million dollar settlement.

4. Kevin Federline

K-FedGalore Mag

People like to stereotype women as gold diggers but guys can get in on the action too. After dating Britney Spears for a short three months KFed got engaged to and then married the singer. Their romance lasted for only two short years, before the pair decided to call it quits. What followed was a nasty divorce settlement where KFed did not only get custody of the kids, but he also got a $20, 000 monthly child support.  

5. Heather Mills

heather millsThe Guardian

You know things are not good when your own publicist starts calling you a gold digger. This is what happened to the woman with the wooden leg. Heather Mills became a household name in 1993 after she was the victim in a motor vehicle accident. Colliding with a police motorcycle, her left leg had to be amputated just below the knee. She managed to receive £200,000 in compensation which she then used to set up the Heather Mills Health Trust. She hit headlines again when she married Paul McCartney in 2002. The pair managed to stay together for six years before things turned sour. During the settlement Mills fought in court to get $250 million claiming she suffered physical and emotional abuse during the relationship. In the end the judge decided the figure Mills was demanding was way too high and only gave her $50 million. Mills made sure that everyone knew she wasn’t please by throwing a tantrum, as well as a glass of water on McCartney’s lawyer.

6. Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimore LeePage Six

Kimora Lee Simmons married hip hop icon Russell Simmons. Russell is the founder of Def Jam Records, he is also the owner of several other companies. When the two eventually decided to call it quits Kimora may not have gotten a whole lot of his money but she still got plenty. Instead of cashing a fat cheque, Kimora took over Russell’s fashion label Phat Farm. She managed to make herself even more money by also putting together a reality show. She’s now married to an investment banker.

7. Gabriel Aubry

Gabriel AubryDaily Candid News

As the ex-husband of actress Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry was labeled a gold digger during the couple’s divorce settlement. This was probably because he demanded a $50,000 lawyer fee. On top of that he also wanted $20,000 a month from Berry to help support and raise their daughter. He claimed this amount was needed to keep up with the lavish lifestyle she was now used to.

8. Rachel Hunter

Rachel HunterGallery Tabloid

Ex-wife to rock star Rod Stewart, Rachel Hunter had both a successful marriage and divorce settlement. The two managed to stay together for a good sixteen years before she grabbed herself $66 million when it all came to an end. That was despite there being a pre-nup in place. She then quickly went off and got engaged to NHL player Jarret Stoll who was 13 years younger than her. That engagement didn’t last long but Hunter at least managed to get herself another decent settlement out of it.

9. Sarah Ferguson

Sarah FergusonInternational Business Times

This is one gold digging lady who took the high road, but still proved that even royals can’t be safe from gold diggers. Sarah Ferguson got married to Prince Andrew in 1986 after the two hit it off at the Royal Ascot. The pair got divorced just five years later in 1991 but Ferguson didn’t viciously go after Prince Andrew’s money in a settlement claim. In fact the two remained friends. However it turned out that Ferguson was using that friendship to make herself some money. She managed make money off Prince Andrew by being the intermediary between the Prince and anyone who wanted access to him. She ended up getting caught out by News of the World in 2010. They sent in an undercover reporter who posed as an Indian businessman. He was told that if he paid £500,000 then Ferguson would basically give him an all-access pass to the Prince.

10. Tameka Raymond

Tameka RaymondRolling Out

She’s the ex-wife of singer Usher who was labeled a gold digger by his fans after their divorce. The allegations started after news broke of how Usher was supporting Tameka’s lifestyle. It was revealed Usher was paying for her Saks card which she was using for her job as a stylist. Usher cancelled the card but was soon told by a judge he had to reinstate it. He then however pulled another pin on Tameka by putting the house he had owned since 2009 up for sale. It was then revealed Tameka had actually been living in it.

Drama and Hollywood go hand in hand. These people would do anything to get their hands on a few million. The big figures thrown around in this article might make the idea of gold digging sound appealing however keep in mind that money cannot buy happiness. What other Hollywood gold digging stories have you heard of?