11 Ways to Calm Your Overactive Mind

Overactive Mind Yoga

The world we live in can over-stimulate the mind from the moment we wake up. Most people turn on the TV or radio or check their emails first thing in the morning. We are constantly bombarded with news and information from our social media accounts, news outlets and friends or colleagues throughout the day.

In addition to dealing with our personal responsibilities and distractions, we need to go to work each day and handle more responsibility. It is important to find a way to calm your overactive mind each day so that you can be a productive individual. This article will address 11 ways to calm your overactive mind.

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1. Develop a Filter System

One of the most important things that you can do to calm the overactive mind is to develop a filter system for your thought process. As the introduction alluded to, the main reason our minds are overactive is because they are over-stimulated in the media-based, instant-gratification world that we live in.

If you fall prey to becoming too focused on the news media, celebrity profiles on Twitter or simply the drama in your own life—then you will become unable to function at your optimal level. Changing your perspective to allow only the positive thoughts, ideas and information to take up residence, while the negativity is processed and then eliminated, will help you to calm your overactive mind.

2. Focus on the Present

Living in the past or pining for the future will make you lose out on the joys of the present. Another way to calm the overactive mind is to focus on the present. Make a decision to live moment by moment and enjoy each happy experience to the fullest, while learning (and moving on) from the negative ones. Focusing on the past limits your ability to grow and develop as a person. Living for the future, robs you of finding peace in your present.

3. Unplug Each Day

Being “plugged” into the Internet, with access to social media, the media outlets; as well as watching too much TV is a big factor in over-stimulating your mind. You must make a decision to unplug each day from your cell phone, watching TV, surfing online and checking emails.
The best time to unplug is 20 – 30 minutes before you go to sleep each night. Try doing some of these yoga poses during the time you unplug before bed, to help calm your overactive mind.

4. Organize Your Life

Many times an overactive mind can be calmed by simply decluttering and organizing your life. There are a wide variety of online organizational tools that you can utilize to organize your life and calm your overactive mind. Additionally, focus on your current living and workplace environments. Are they both clean and clutter-free or are you living and also working in disorganized chaos? You’d be surprised how well your overactive mind will be calmed once you de-clutter your living and working spaces so that you can operate in peaceful functioning areas.

5. Stay Physically Active

Exercising for thirty minutes at least three times each week will improve your physical, as well as mental health and well-being. Fitness Magazine published an interesting article on how to find time to exercise when your life is so busy. One of the ideas discussed was to “turn your commute into a workout”, by walking, jogging, running or biking to work. Of course, this would only work for people living close to their jobs. However, the important thing is to find a way to exercise so that you can relax your mind and get healthy at the same time.

6. Plan a Night Out

Whether you have a significant other and plan a monthly date night or simply want to hang out with friends or coworkers after work, find the time to get out and have fun. Spending time in a relaxed setting with friends or your significant other will definitely help you to unplug and calm your overactive mind. Just remember not to get sucked into focusing on any drama or negativity. Hang out with positive influences in your life.

7. Start a Hobby

Another way that you can calm an overactive mind is to start a new hobby. Try something new that will help you to focus on a positive and creative activity. As you work on craft projects, take up yoga, learn how to ski or start any number of other hobbies, you will find a sense of peace and accomplishment take over your mind.

8. Diary Your Daily Thoughts

Write down your thoughts, feelings and frustrations is a positive way to vent your negative emotions and calm an overactive mind. This step is especially good if you do not have any close friends whom you feel comfortable enough with to share your deepest thoughts and feelings. In line with this step, if you do have trusted friends or colleagues, use your “diary” time to speak with them as a venting option.

9. Lower Your Control Factor

The sooner you realize that you can never control everything that happens in your life, the easier it will be for you to focus on what matters. By lowering your control factor and “letting go,” you allow your mind to be freed to be at peace in your current circumstances, as well as to dream of a positive future. Obviously, this step needs to be completed in balance with “letting go” and not “giving up on life.” There is a difference.

10. Immerse Yourself in the Outdoors

Sometimes you simply need to take a walk outside or get out of the home or office for a breath of fresh air. “Bonding” with nature—for those individuals who actually make an effort to do so—will help you to unplug and calm your overactive mind. Walk barefoot in the grass or take in a sunset or sunrise. You can go for a walk on the beach or take a nature hike. Dance in the rain or stargaze at night.

11. See the Bigger Picture

This final step involves changing your perspective so that you see the bigger picture and realize that life does not solely revolve around you. Make an effort to help a friend in need. Do something nice (in secret) for someone. When you get yourself out of the way, you will calm your mind and be able to relax.

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What steps have you taken to find a life-balance and calm your own overactive mind?

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