5 Benefits of Career Counselling

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Are you anxious about your career? Does the uncertainty of the future scare you? Relax, career counselling can help you address these fears. A career counsellor offers objective advice helping you make sense of the present and plan your future.

#1 Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

Career counsellors will take you through a series of tests, for example, personality, IQ and aptitude tests, to help evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Information on your strengths and weaknesses plays a role in helping you choose a suitable career path. Tests also help you understand yourself more as you advance through your career and help you identify areas you need to improve. A career counsellor will further advise you on steps you can take to work on your weaknesses.

#2 Set Goals

Your career counsellor plays a great role in giving guidance to help you set short-and long-term goals, and create an action plan with appropriate advice at each stage. Setting goals helps you create a career path with set measures to assess your progress at specific stages. Working with a counsellor also ensures you have an accountability partner you can consult and report to along the way. Goals further help you anticipate challenges and prepare for changes in advance. They also guide your decisions as you progress in your career.

#3 Explore Options

A career counsellor understands careers options and advancement options widely. She will spend time with you; assess your interests and present options that you can explore. She will also offer insight into the options you present and guide you in pursuing a suitable path. Your career counsellor also provides you with advice appropriate for the stage you are at. Her professional perspective gives you the confidence to explore various options and settle for a choice that suits you best.

#4 Career Opportunities

Once you select a career path, your counsellor helps you identify available opportunities and follow up on them according. This may include sending applications, creating business plans or finding a school. They also help you prepare for interviews and find the right people to help you with your choice, for example, financial advisors for entrepreneurs or college advisors in case you choose to further your education. Your counsellor further offers follow-up advice to help you settle in your choice and pursue it fully, holding you accountable to the goals you set.

#5 Self-Branding

Successful professionals present themselves to the market as brands. Your career counsellor helps you create a brand that employers and other professionals appreciate and respect. He will take advantage of your strengths and use them to strengthen your brand. For example, if you are a good artist, he can help you identify ways you can use your artistic skills to solve problems in the corporate world. This sets you aside as unique and open-minded, traits that can help you advance your the professional brand. Your career counsellor guides you into making yourself marketable.
A career counsellor offers invaluable advice and support to help you at each stage of your career. Take advantage of the opportunity to get guidance and mentorship. Approach the process with an open mind to benefit fully.