The 15 Best Career Aptitude Tests

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Aptitude tests look at your skills, interests and values to help you find your dream job. And if you don't know what your perfect match is, these test help you find out!

Career aptitude tests are designed to tell you what career(s) you are made for by examining factors such as personal interests and skills. They can help you become more self-aware, recognise your strengths and weaknesses and discover which environments you are best suited to.

While there are many career aptitude tests, it’s impossible to fit all of them into one single list. This article presents some of the best ones that you can use to find the ideal career – some of them are free while others come at a small cost.

1. Career Hunter

Career HunterCareer Hunter

Obviously, we had to include our own scientifically designed career test in first spot - there's nothing wrong with a little self-promotion, is there?!

Career Hunter is one of the most comprehensive career tests currently available and provides many analytical techniques to help you find a job that matches your unique talents and professional goals. It offers six self-assessment tools that explore your interests, abilities and how they relate to your professional aspirations and different industries to help you find the perfect career.

Once you've completed all six tests, you'll get a full career report that presents an analysis of your career interests, personality, motivation, abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning tests - ultimately, presenting the best careers for you with a detailed explanation of what the professions entails.

Time: Approx 30 minutes per test

Price: $24.99

2. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Instrument

Most career experts agree that the MBTI is one of the best psychometric tool and it’s currently being used by numerous career institutions and businesses. This is because the test allows you to explore many facets of your personality including your energy style, decision-making style, working style and values. The MBTI not only tells you which careers you are suited to but also helps you understand what your working preferences are and where you would like to work.

Time: 30 to 45 minutes

Price: $49.95 (free version also available)

3. John Holland’s SDS

The John Holland’s SDS test – Self-Directed Search is based on John Holland’s career theory that says there are overall six different personality types, the RIASEC: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional, and when three of these are combined, they can be matched to a number of careers. After completing this test, you will receive the three personality types that fit you the best according to your career aspirations, interests and hobbies as well as a list of career options that are most suitable for you.

Time: 20 minutes

Price: $9.95

4. Sokanu Career Test

Sokanu offers a career test that measures who you are and then matches your personality characteristics with a specific career model to help you find your dream job. The way it works is quite simple as it compares your test results with the characteristics of a career path looking at five dimensions: your interests, your personality, the workplace, your history and career goals.

Time: 30 minutes

Price: Free sample

5. O*Net Interest Profiler

The O*Net Profiler is provided by My Next Move and sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor. This test explores your personal interests and then matches these with a number of career paths. What’s great about this test is that it can help you decide which career you want to get into and allows you to search your options to find out more information about each one.

Time: 20 minutes

Price: Free

6. Career Fitter

Career Fitter's test helps you discover your work personality, ideal work environment, and the best careers and jobs that match your personality type while taking into account your strengths and management styles. Just like their description says, Career Fitter can help you find your career purpose and its report also provides links to career research, information and advice to help you get into the field of your interest.

Time: 20 minutes

Price: $11.90 (free version also available)

7. Psychology Today

Psychology Today has come up with their own career personality and aptitude test to help you explore your skills, interests, values and career preferences. After completing the test that contains 240 questions, you will receive one of your career matches. You then have the option to purchase the full results of the test with more career options.

Time: 40 minutes

Price: Free

8. StrengthsQuest

StrengthsQuest offers a range of psychometric tools to help you become better at your job and career. The test is different to the other aptitude tests and provides a customised report on five different strength categories. It can be particularly useful for students and educators who want to achieve academic, career and personal success.

Time: 35 to 45 minutes

Price: $9.99

9. CareerPlanner

CareerPlanner has a career test based on John Holland’s theory and can help you find out your unique career code. The test can help you look for career ideas, get a list of careers that match your interests and explore your options. When you finish the test and answer all 180 true or false questions, you get a detailed report that explains your career code further. Career Planner also offers sample career interest reports you can check out before your purchase.

Time: 18 minutes

Price: $49.95

10. MyPlan

MyPlan offers a range of assessment tools to help you out in your career. Apart from a personality test, it also provides an interest inventory, skills profile, values assessment, and a CareerMatch tool to help you find your dream job. The site also offers a service that takes your results and helps you search for a job that matches your profile.

Time: Unlimited

Price: $19.95 (free version also available)

11. The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review offers a career quiz that looks at your personal interests and career preferences. This test is relatively easy to complete since you are only required to answer 24 questions in total choosing the best answer or phrase that describe your career wants. To get it right, though, you have to be able to answer honestly and assume that all jobs are of equal pay and prestige.

Time: 10 minutes

Price: Free

12. The Big Five Personality Test

Truity offers a range of career tests you can try out. One of the best ones is the Big Five Personality Test that helps you explore your personality type using the five factor model that looks at characteristics such as openness, conscientiousness, agreeableness, extraversion and neuroticism. The Big Five model of personality it’s said to be the basis of most modern personality research and this questionnaire can evaluate your personality on each of these five factors. 

Time: 15 minutes

Price: Free

13. The MAPP Career Assessment Test

The MAPP career assessment test is another popular career test that is worth checking out. This one stands out because it gives you a narrative report of your test results. The test details what sorts of tasks you like doing the most, how you like to perform them, and how you deal with people and other aspects of work.

Time: Approx 20 minutes

Price: $89.95 for full report (free sample once registered)

14. Rasmussen College

career-aptitude-test-skillsRasmussen College

Rasmussen College helps you determine your career by examining your skills and interests. It measures your results against seven aspects of ability including artistic, interpersonal, communication, managerial, mathematics, mechanical and science. Depending on the scale you choose you get a number of careers that are suited to your skills. From there you can check which ones you score high in and find more information on them regarding salary, predicted growth and required education.

Time: Unlimited

Price: Free

15. What Career is Right for Me?

what career is right for meWhat career is right for me

What Career is Right for Me? offers a four-step online career test that you can complete in just 10 minutes. The test can be used to rate your skill level in attributes such as logic, management, people interaction, mechanics, communication, judgement, attention and more. If you think you know yourself you should answer with honesty deciding on the ranking from Low, Below Average, Average, Above Average and High and check what results you can get.

Price: Free

Time: Unlimited

To get the best results from an aptitude test you need to choose the right one for you. Do you want to find out more about your work personality type? Do you want to learn where you are most suited to work or how you can advance your career? Take a look at this list and choose the ones that will help you get the information you need!

Have you ever tried any of these out? Let me know what you think of them in the comments section below.


This article was originally published in July 2016.