5 Common Types of Job Interview You Should be Familiar With

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When being invited to attend a job interview, the first thing you need to do is to confirm who you are meeting with and where you will be meeting. Along with that though, you also need to get as much information as possible on what to expect on the day as far as it concerns the interview format. For example, is there any chance you can find out if this is going to be a one-to-one interview? A group interview or even an assessment centre interview?

While the majority of employers will let you know beforehand – although this mostly applies to assessment centres – sometimes it’s just difficult to predict what the interview is going to be like. Having said that, you will never know exactly what to expect either. This is the reason why gaining an understanding of the different types of job interviews is important. It will help you be more prepared and ultimately ace your next job interview!

So, here are the 5 types of job interviews you should be familiar with:

#1 Structured Interview

The structured interview is widely used by business hiring managers across different industries. It describes an interview that is preplanned and is presented with the same questions in the same order. With this being said, everything in this type of interview is planned, from the time given to you to the information that they collect from you. The interviewer usually asks close-ended questions - although open-ended questions are not rare, and they are accurate, directed questions. Such questions make it easier for the employers to make comparisons between you and other candidates.

#2 Unstructured Interview

On the contrary, an unstructured interview is not planned in much detail. This interview is more flexible in contrast to the structured one, a fact that encourages you to be more relaxed. Also, it gives you the opportunity to express yourself better and expand on your hobbies, interests and overall background. In this way, the interviewer focuses on assessing your personality, qualities, strengths and weaknesses rather technical knowledge.

#3 Panel Interview

For a panel interview, you are being interviewed by an interview committee which decides whether you are suitable for the job. The panel may consist of three to five interviewers who ask questions on various aspects. Since it is a formal type of interview, it is often used in academic and managerial positions. In the panel interview, the decision is taken by all members collectively.

#4 Assessment Centre Interview

An assessment centre interview is much more common in graduate recruiting and may be varied in format. It usually consists of a series of activities that could take place in one or up to three days. They may comprise one-to-one interviewers, in-tray exercises, presentations, group exercises or even social events with potential coworkers. To succeed, you just have to be friendly and approachable and at the same time demonstrate those qualities that are essential to the job focusing on your interpersonal skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership.

#5 Stress Interview

This type of interview is quite interesting. Interviewers conduct a stress interview to assess how you behave in a stressful situation. For example, they want to know if you are going to get angry, frightened or confused or if you have the ability to remain calm under pressure. During this interview the employer will probably criticise your answers, ask you quick questions and interrupt you repeatedly.

Being as prepared as possible to meet potential employers requires that you also become familiar with the different types of interviews recruits use. Having an idea of what to expect will increase your chances of getting hired!

Which types of interview are you familiar with out of these 5? Let us know in the comment section below.


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