5 Emerging Careers in the Wedding Industry

When two people decide to say ‘I Do’, it is to formalize a union and look forward to a happy future. However, behind them is a small army of wedding entrepreneurs and professionals looking to cash in on their union!

According to IBIS Word, a market research company, the U.S. wedding industry generated a whopping $55 billion in 2014 and is poised to create over 780,000 jobs through 2019. If you are looking to join this industry and grab a piece of the cash cake, then here are five emerging jobs that may interest you.

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1. Proposal Planner

Skydiving wedding proposal
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An engagement or marriage proposal is supposed to be a romantic event that will sweep the bride-to-be off her feet and leave her no choice but to say ‘yes’. Since it can be difficult to handle all the logistics of organizing a flawless proposal event, you may need the services of a proposal planner.

These planners interview clients to gather information about the likes and dislikes of their significant others, and then use that information to recommend personalized proposal ideas. Once the client accepts an idea, the planners embark on bringing the idea to life, ensuring the creation of a perfect proposal event. You can get started in this profession by completing wedding planning courses offered by industry organizations such as the Wedding Planning Institute. Indeed reports that proposal planners earn an average annual salary of $68,000.

2. Wedding Speech Coach

Man delivering speech

Wedding speeches no doubt add flavor to a wedding ceremony. Best men in particular should be able to give rocking speeches. Unfortunately, not many people have the gift of oration. And this is where wedding speech coaches step in.

They provide a number of services to clients, from writing custom speeches to training them on stage confidence and speech delivery. According to Indeed, speech coaches earn an average annual salary of $51,000. To become one, pursue a bachelor’s degree in communications.

3. Camera Drone Photographer

Wedding drone
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Drone photography is also another emerging job in the wedding industry. While traditional photographers are still prominently hired because of their low service costs, couples with big wedding budgets turn to camera drone photographers for surreal wedding photos.

As a camera drone photographer, your job will be to fly the drones and take aerial photos from various angles. The Rochester Institute of Technology and Maine Media Workshops are some of the few institutions that offer courses in drone photography. If you are interested in this job, Indeed says you should expect to earn about $128,000 a year.

4. Wedding Insurance Agents

Car breakdown wedding
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The unexpected can happen on your Big Day. A venue provider could suddenly close down his business, or the bridal salon could lose the wedding gown. Some couples iron out such fears by taking up wedding insurance policies.

If you have exceptional selling skills and an interest to work in this industry, you could pursue an associate degree in insurance services and seek employment as a wedding insurance agent. As per Indeed, wedding insurance agents earn an average annual salary of $20,000.

5. Printed Cake Designer

3D Wedding cake topper
All About 3D Printing

If you thought technology in the wedding industry ends with drone photography, you could be in for a huge surprise – 3D cake printing is in the offering! Some decorations – like having someone’s face on a cake – are almost impossible to create by human hand, so innovators have developed printers that can do the job.

As a printed cake designer, your job will be to come up with creative print layouts and designs for cakes, cookies, and other baked foods. To ready yourself for this job, pursue 3D printing and modeling courses, like the one offered at New York University. Indeed reports that printed cake designers earn an average annual salary of $33,000.

Do you work in the wedding industry? What are your thoughts about these emerging careers? Let us know in the comments section below!

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