5 Indications That You Might Get Fired


In most workplaces, employees don’t usually receive an advanced warning that that they are about to lose their jobs. As a result, many people continue working as if everything is normal, only to be slapped with a dismissal letter when least expected. However, even when there is no official communication about impending job loss, there are ways of knowing if you are on the way out.

Here are some strong clues that you are about to lose your job:

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1. A vital role has been taken away

Every employee plays one or several roles within the company. These roles define your job and are the reason why you get paid at the end of the month. For instance, a HR manager could be in charge of functions such as recruitment, training and performance review. When one of these roles is taken away from you, it could be an indication that you employer finds you incompetent for handling that responsibility. It could also mean that they have found another person who can do the job better. Therefore, when you find yourself with less responsibilities, it would be appropriate to assume the worst.

2. The company has been bought out

When a larger company buys out your firm, it means that there will be a new management who might want to carry out some restructuring. The merging of two organizations usually involves the elimination of excess employees on one or both sides. Therefore, there is a high possibility that you and some of your colleagues will get fired. However, companies involved in mergers go out of their way to assure employees that their jobs are secure. Don’t be too sure about that. Keep your antenna up and be ready for anything.

3. You are out of the loop

It is normal for staff members to be excluded from some information in the workplace. However, if you find yourself increasingly being left out of private conversations and closed door meetings, there is a possibility that you are on your way out. This is especially true when these are meetings you have been involved in before. At times, the information exclusion could involve a whole department. That could be an indication that several people are about to be laid off.

4. You have been reassigned involuntarily

At times, employers reassign staff members to undesirable positions hoping that they would get dissatisfied and resign voluntarily. This is especially the case when the employer does not want to fire an employee directly. If you don’t like the new position, it would be advisable to leave. However, if you don’t mind the new position, let your employer know that you are comfortable and don’t harbor any ill feelings.

5. You have received a bad review

When you receive a poor performance review, it basically means that you have been put on probation. Your employer will be watching you, expecting to see some significant improvement soon. You should especially be concerned when a bad review is not justified or true. The employer could be using it as an excuse to get rid of you. It might therefore be time to start thinking about other options.

The events above don’t necessarily imply that you will lose your job. However, when you see any of the above happening, brace yourself for the worst case scenario.